The Blessed Sacrament

I visited the Blessed Sacrament today.  It’s been a few weeks since my last visit and I’ve missed going.  Since I started watching my 5-month-old nephew, Simon, during the weekdays while his parents are at work, I’m pretty much tied to my house until my brother (his father) comes to pick him up around 3:15 pm.  The church where I visit the Blessed Sacrament is 20 minutes from my house.  Also, at 4:00 pm the ladies in the church office leave for the day and that’s when they lock the doors to the Perpetual Adoration chapel.  By the time my brother actually takes off with Simon (usually about 10 or 15 minutes after he arrives to pick him up) I really don’t have enough time left to get to the church before they lock up.  I feel really bad about that but I’m in a stuck position and there’s really nothing I can do about it.  (It isn’t available for visits on the weekends, only Monday – Friday.)

I actually just discovered Perpetual Adoration at some point last spring.  My mom told me about it and she said that when a person is trying to make a serious decision about something they will often visit the Blessed Sacrament.  Also, since I’ve been dealing with a disturbing presence in my home on and off for months now, it seemed like a good idea to get as close to Jesus as possible.  I’m ashamed to say that throughout all these years of being a Catholic I never knew about this wonderful opportunity to be close to Christ and open myself up to what His will is in my life.  I mean, maybe I did know about it at one point; maybe I was taught about it way back in Catholic school, but I can’t remember.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to drop all the stress and frustrations of the day, hand it all over to Jesus and just sit quietly, taking in His whole presence.

There is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the corner of the room, opposite from the tabernacle.  After I light the candles and open the tabernacle door, I always pay a visit to Our Lady.  Today I did something for the first time; I prayed the Holy Rosary.  Usually I pray the Rosary in the privacy of my own home.  But today I wanted to say it in front of the Blessed Sacrament because I felt especially sensitive and irritable today and I needed all the graces I could get!

Visiting the Blessed Sacrament Adds Time to Your Day!

I still can’t believe how accessible Jesus is!  I mean, think about it!  He’s right there in front of us when we decide to take the time to pay Him a visit.  I think faith is the key to this mystery.  Isn’t it always?  If we truly believe that Jesus is present in that tabernacle, why on earth wouldn’t we want to take part in such a wonderful opportunity to sit and spend some time with Him?  Do you know (and I’ve heard this from several people) that when we give Jesus a little slice of our time and sit with Him in Perpetual Adoration, He actually multiplies our time?  It’s true!  Every single time I visit the Blessed Sacrament I find that I seem to get so much more done that day than I otherwise would!

I always love hearing about other people’s experiences and I hope you will share yours, too, if you have one.  We should pray for those people who are missing out on this wonderful gift from God.  Do you know that when Our Lady finds favor with a soul the Holy Spirit flies to that soul and showers it with graces?  What better way to please Mary than to visit her Son!  I went into the chapel today all nervous and agitated, but I left in peace and with a new, clear resolve.

Give God a few minutes of your time and He’ll give you a lifetime of joy.

Photo by: Joe the WOP


  1. I think I’d like to try adoration, but that also means 4 miles of bike riding as a round-trip to church. I’m in college and have no car. Which comparitively, spending time with Jesus seems worth it, I also have my own laziness and tendency to procrastinate to deal with. Pray for me? I could use some time, not to mention a little TLC from Jesus and Mom.

  2. @Megan -Megan, I think the fact that you would even consider going and are trying to figure out the logistics is a huge plus. I will certainly pray for you and I feel certain that your intention alone (even if the logistics can’t be worked out) goes a long, long way!

  3. Alot of apparitions of our Blessed Mother include her desire for us to visit her son in church because he waits for us there, on the Alter (St. Faustina among other saints). I can appreciate the effort it takes to get to church. We recently and, unintentionally, moved next to, I mean within a five minute walk to, the Marian Shrine in Stony Point NY. I like to believe that our Mother wanted us close to her and her son not just prayerfully, but physically. I am grateful for the peace I find going there and highly reccomend it to everyone. When one cannot make it to church, remember to pray continuosly. As Mother Angelica says, “Those who pray are never alone. They are surrounded by Angels

  4. @Walt – Walt, what interesting and inspiring things you said! First of all, I am so happy to know that you are familiar with St. Faustina. When I had my house blessed the first time the priest who gave the blessing brought her picture along. He came to this country from Poland and, well, she is a favorite in Poland. I would love to live so close to a Shrine of the Blessed Mother! And what you said about Mother Angelica – what an uplifting, happy thought about the angels surrounding us! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will continue sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  5. Hi Margo: After reading your great post on Moral Decay in America, I clicked the link to this post. When I worked part time, I was scheduled for Adoration on Fridays 2:30-3:30 PM. I prayed, meditated or just sat in His Presence. I made the effort to NOT ask for anything in the way of petitions. This was my “tea-time” with Jesus. Now working full time, I’ve been unable to schedule a time slot. I’m ashamed of myself for not making more of an effort. I’ve recently located a church close to work that has Adoration each Friday and I will make the effort to visit on my lunch hour…even if I can’t stay the whole hour. Yes, Margo, this is so very important. Our world is in a sorry state and we need to be close to Our Lord. Did you know…only 2.5% of Catholics practice their faith (ie attend Mass) in Holland?! Thank you for the reminder, Margo…I know God appreciates it. My favorite story: An old man was asked what he did during his hour of Adoration…he responded, “Nothing. I stare at Him and He stares back at me.” We need not do more. N

  6. I visited the blessed Sacrament for the first time yesterday.I had mixed feelings extremely happy and shacking at the same time.I was knilling very close to the Blessed Sacrament I felt like I was sitting with Jesus next to me.It was a wonderfull experience,I pray that I may create time for myself to continue with this adoration and also invite others.

  7. Eileen fahy says:

    My beautiful Jesus my dearest friend my every heartbeat. Thankyou

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