Signal Graces

Signal graces are the unique graces promised to us by the Virgin Mary when we faithfully recite the Rosary.  They are the “signs” given to us after we’ve prayed for something; signs that indicate that our prayer was heard.  The word “signal” in this case refers to special, beyond the ordinary.  These graces are different than what God already gives us on a daily basis.

Our Lady made fifteen promises to those who faithfully recite the Rosary.  The first promise speaks of signal graces.  When I researched the sentence “What are Signal Graces?” I found very little in terms of an actual definition or a thorough explanation of what exactly they are.  However, what I did discover is that throughout history many, many great saints were given these signal graces as they went about their lives, striving to do God’s will.  Many of these saints were also very attached to the Blessed Virgin Mary, as was the case with Saint Catherine Laboure and Saint Therese Lisieux.

In my own life I can cite numerous examples of times in which I’ve received these graces after reciting the Rosary on a regular basis.  I recall one evening this past March.

The Bluebird of Happiness

It was an unusually warm spring evening.  I was walking my dog through the cemetery.  Besides being a wonderful form of exercise, I use those walks as occasions to think or pray.  Usually I end up doing both.  And when I pray I always talk out loud.  People could easily assume that I’m talking to myself!  But God knows better, and  I usually reserve my walks for time spent with Him.

The night before I had been praying the Rosary, but I also said a special prayer to Saint Joseph, the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus.  I had been plagued with a disturbing issue that involved a certain person who was having great difficulty in his life.  He was never close to his own father and I knew during this painful and challenging time in his life a father (or father figure) was exactly what he needed.  I asked Saint Joseph to look after him and protect him against evil and adversity and lead him toward peace, health and happiness.

There is a particular place in this cemetery where I like to walk.  It’s the older part that’s kind of set off in a section all by itself.  It doesn’t get the same amount of traffic that the other areas seem to attract (aside from stray joggers or an occasional dog walker) and it’s in a serene setting; quiet and undisturbed.

I was heading back toward where I’d parked my car when all of a sudden I saw a flash of blue on the ground several feet ahead of me.  I noticed that it was a bird and yet it was one that I had never seen before.  The bird flew up to a branch on a nearby tree and from there flew past me to another branch on another tree.  I tried to follow it with my eyes but moments later it had flown away and out of my sight.  I had noticed a rusty brown color on its breast and made a mental note to check with my mother about it later one.  She’s always been fascinated with birds and often knows a bird just by the mere description of it.

Pray the Holy Rosary for Signal Graces

As it turned out, according to my mother, the bird I had seen was a bluebird.  When she heard my description she knew right away and immediately went to her computer to look up photos and various articles to find out if that in fact was what I saw.  Sure enough, she was right!  And she told me with a sigh that all her life she’d longed to see a bluebird but never had.  She also told me how rare it is to spot one in our area and that they are particular about where they nest.

Later on that night I did a little more research on bluebirds and found that they are the symbol of happiness.  I also found them mentioned in various songs and immediately thought of an old goofy 1987 hit that I (reluctantly now admit with an embarrassed chuckle) used to love called “Come As You Are.” And then I remembered a song from a long, long time ago that has gone down in history as one of the all-time favorites: “Over the Rainbow.”

I suppose critics, naysayers and cynics would scoff at my linkage with the bluebird to my Saint Joseph prayer the night before.  But I know without a doubt that he heard me and that he sent the bluebird as a sign of hope and better days to come.  And it’s so obvious to me that because I had the faith in the intercession of Saint Joseph coming to my aid, the Blessed Virgin Mary was all the more ready to ask God to send me the grace I needed to know that I was on the right track in my prayers.  And the grace came in the form of the bluebird.

I believe that the stronger our faith in the power of the Rosary, the more signal graces we will receive.  All of us are called to greatness.  But we have to be open to reception; we have to answer the call.

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  1. Kim in Martinez, CA says:

    My Mom went home to our good Lord on Jan 6th 2010. One of my brothers and I prayed the Rosary at her bed several times before she passed. I am so grateful to have the Rosary as my Dear Mom was unable to talk the last few days of her life. Well, this past week, I traveled to Maui and spent every morning walking the beach. I thought of my Mom often and God while walking the beach. One of the mornings I came across Rosary Beads, they must have just been washed ashore, once I spotted them I picked them up before the next wave took them away. I feel my Mom was saying Hi! And another message I felt in my heart was continue to pray the Rosary. I would never dreamed I would stumble upon Rosary Beads on the beach, this was a gift and for me a Signal of Grace.

  2. @Kim in Martinez, CA – Kim, thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother and I’m sure that must have been a very difficult experience for you to have to go through. But I find it fascinating that you found Rosary beads washed up on the beach and I truly believe that your mom WAS saying Hi! If that isn’t a Signal Grace, I don’t know what is!

  3. Dawn in Cumming_GA says:

    I was born & raised Roman Catholic, but never really felt compelled to pray the Rosary, even though my faith has always been strong. Over the several years I’ve been struggling with some family issues and about three weeks ago, I felt something (probably the Holy Spirit!) drawing me to pray the Rosary. I have now prayed the Rosary every day, sometimes multiple times a day, as well as the Divine Chaplet of Mercy, and I have begun to have signal graces, as promised by the Blessed Virgin Mary. Each of the two or three that I have received in the past week has been specifically tailored to the struggles and burdens I face and pray about. From a new song sung at mass with the exact words that I prayed about, to a change in me that needed to take place (and that I asked to happen) in order to assist my mother-in-law who suffers from dementia. I have also begun receiving some of the other 15 gifts promised by Our Lady! I cannot tell you how devoted I am to praying the Rosary now – it has changed my life and my outlook on things – and it has changed me for the better!

  4. I am currently pregnant with my second baby and am longing for a baby boy. I was told in an unltrasound a few weeks back that it is a girl. I then started praying the rosary in an immense belief that my baby is a boy and I begged mother mary to send me a signal grace so that I would have some consolation. i asked her for a rose. The next day when I was at my brother in laws house he made a rose out of tissue paper and my first born son came and gave me that rose. This brother in law of mine hates flowers. i belive it was a signal grace from my mother and that she is praying fervently for me to her son. Thank you mother

  5. The Holy Rosary changed my life. I am in complete despair but our Mother intervened with Jesus’ blessings, I obtained answers to my prayers. One should know that journey has just begun when we received signal graces. In the process of my praying and praying the rosary daily, even waking up at 3 AM and feeling the urge to pray multiple times during the day, the graces of our Lord arrived subtly one by one. I asked for a rose, then I received the signals thrice. One that is posted in a sign, one is from the car when I am getting a tissue paper and seeing my cousin holding three roses in FB. Also the number “8” keeps appearing. I can’t resist to get the Polo dress from one of the outlet stores that have the number “8”. These all happens when I am praying and praying. I felt so weak but my spirit is getting stronger! While waiting for the miracle to happen, I am reading posts about answered prayers and miracles encountered by individuals who are devoted to praying the rosary. It makes my heart humble and offer thanksgiving to the Lord and the Holy Mother. During the process, I am also attacked by Satan. Knew it was happening when I can’t pray the rosary well always have to repeat the “I believe in God” thrice before I get it right! A heaviness also descended upon me when I woke up this morning and I fought it but kneeling down beside the bed and prayed until I can get up and down to drink my coffee. We both know well, how satan really really likes to kill me for learning how to beat him down and I am also beaten back. I felt the retaliation e.g. Back pains, stomach ache and drowsiness every time I wake up…and how Mother Mary will appear to me and hold me up before I surrender to the whiles of Lucifer. Note it was Lucifer showing me all sorts of cunning vision, even when I tried to shower, I know he is trying to harass me. The more I get closer to Mary the more I hear screams in my head. I knew better that Lucifer is in pain trying his best to get me out of this loving relationship with the Triune and Mother Mary. When I felt so weak, unable to eat, I call out to Jesus and Mary to help me and faces of the saints appeared before me. I see the face of Padre Pio first. He smiled at me and told me, “don’t worry” we all get through this. He showed me How himself was attacked by Lucifer himself. Oh how cunning this dark angel was and forever He is! Thank God He, by his grace and light taught me how to deliver and cleanse my self. Resources are everywhere. I tell you, even in the absence of the Holy Bible in your presence circumstances, where you are at odds, you will hear yourself call on the Lord to save you and He arrives in time! Let the Holy Scripture be our food and water. I believe, the more we obtain graces and blessings, the more the darkness will try us. Do not despair as God allows this to happen. To test our faith. He (Lucifer) will try to spot your weakness, especially your relationships that we all cherished so much. The pain is so intense that I have to ask Mother Mary to bless my relationship and surrendered to God. His will not mine is at work. I do all the praying, I only have to believe and stand in my faith. As to this writing, the Mother has revealed to me how my testimonials can save those who are drowning in Human catastrophe. Jesus Christ repeatedly tells me that His Cross should always be a reminder and must be repetitively reminded to all Christians to take it. It’s something we have to carry gracefully, as He himself carried it to wash us away from our sins. Our problems we should surrendered to the Lord. Our part is to surrender and pray. He will do all the battle. It’s His war.
    I love you in Christ’s name. Amen.

  6. Amadi Joseph says:

    I’m from Nigeria, i’m very happy about ur tesmoniey. infact u have made me to turn back to my rosary in pray knowing that with God all thing are possible may The Almighty God continue to be ur strighnt now and for ever amen.

  7. Carol mwanzia says:

    Am a Kenyan.after reading most testimonies i realised that Mother Mary has blessed me more than once.and for the times i did not notice and say thanks.i say now.keep praying the Holy blessed

  8. Am Kenyan and not a Roman catholic.But of late av been praying using my friends Rosary.Reason i just feel compelled to do so.Today av seen a signal grace.Somepeople wanted to take my money in some weird way.I asked mother Mary if they are real they should come three of them.Instead they come two.thankyou Mother.

  9. Esther Ventura Ferencz says:

    Very interesting posting about signal graces. As I am in my 60s…ITS hard to imagine most of my life has now been passed.BUT thus is life. I have from a very small little girl growing up in a very ..ummm how shall I say, enclave of a city neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. It was the late 40s when I was able to recognnize certain things in a way I NEVER fully grasped but yet KNEW. Now you must know the ‘enclave’ in which I spent the first 6 yrs of my life was filled w/many immagrants and first generation Americans, as my grandparents on both sides and my parents as first generation. The area was infused w/Catholisity. We had within a 3 block area, 4 Catholic Churches, masterpieces of the craftsmen of the Irish, Polish, German, Italians, Russian Orthodox and other Slavs. AS I were to find out later many of the priests in formation HAD TO VISIT OUR ENCLAVE as to learn and see the masterpieces of glory created by mans hands to the Glory OF GOD. OHHHHHHHH I forgot to mention the “Little Sisters Of The Poor”, they lived right at our street corner. My point is THIS is what IKNEW from a tiny infant on up…..GOD….HE was everywhere, NOT only in the churchs and schools BUT homes, in the people. We had ALL these churchs and ALL walked to their respective churchs. I was influenced GREATLY by my parents, my MOTHER and Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, NEIGHBORS, The “stadas’ as was called the old women dressed in housedresses, they all had buns at the back of their heads. I KNEW so many and I was a spirited child and went off on my own often and visited my “stadas’ ….Mom knew them all as well Gram, BUT I NEVER SAW ONE WITHOUT HER ROSARY dangleing from her waist. SO many would say sit a awhile Esther and I would and pray a bit w/them and be on my way. AS time passed I came to see and recognize THINGS of a Godly nature even at the age of six. I will expound on this another time, but for now suffice it to say, I KNEW MARY, I knew her well even at 6. She came unto me at nite as I would lay next to my ‘stada,’ my gram, who never slept w/out her rosary. She has tended to me in so many ways ALWAYS, I could write a very long book. I will return w/what I think were signal graces. SOME as clear as this page is now, and they are many years old. I will return and share my happenings, THEY ARE REAL and never let anyone TELL YOU OTHERWISE! Blessings Margo, Esther

  10. Esther Ventura Ferencz says:

    My life began October 24, 1945 in Cleveland, Ohio. I was born at ‘Grace Hospital’, and some years later I would look at that as being a signal grace, the name of the hospital. IT was NOT CATHOLIC oddly, simply Grace. Which we know means ‘gifts from/of God’. I nearly did not make my grand entrance into the world, as my mother, who was a woman who had much difficulty conceiving, and bearing of babies PLUS giving birth. At about 5 to 6 months into her pregnancy I settled myself direct on her kidneys, causing her to be in extreme pain, and persistent state of kidney infection, passing blood. w/many other symtoms that could advance and do untold damage. As told by mom I was given exactly 2 weeks to MOVE from my moms kidneys or else they would have to do an induced abortion, AND this is one issue w/the church along w/several others, as moms was a Uremic Poison issue, which is essentially a death sentence to the mother that is ALLOWED. There are many such happenings that are very very sad, and the church recognizes the life of the mother in peril is utmost, if it is essentially KILLING HER. At 2 DAYS to my death sentence I MOVED. So God spared me and my mother, later to which I would attribute this to divine providence. NOT that I was anyone special, JUST that believe I WAS meant to BE, in that as years passed and life events unfolded, I KNEW I WAS MEANT TO BE AT THAT PLACE, THAT TIME, and doing and being w/whomever I was. I just ‘KNEW’. I had one brother, Michael, he was just aboyt 4.5 yrs older, I called him doodee and soon Mikey. He was a wonderful big brother , doted on me, mostly very protective. Michael and Anna or ANN as she liked beig called were my parents. Dad was Sicilian w/a dash of Spanish, as one of his grandfathers was a Spaniard. Mom was at FIRST as Gram and Gramp said ‘White Russian’, this was a term used for the lower class Russian. Later it was found out that my grandparents homeland was called ‘Rusyn’. Yes such a place exists. At the time of my grandparents being there it was under Austria/Hungary rule. It is located at the base of the Caprpathian Mountains near Transylvania. Its very near the upper section of Poland, a shepherds people they were, considered I suspect to be on the lower rung of NATIONS, as it still claims its offical language, and identy. In actuality they were a people of many varieties of nationalites, Hungarians, Poles, Slovaks, Russians. and I am sure I missed a few. But my grandpraents Baptsism Certificates show them to be Polish, as the Priest wrote in Polish and thus the church was Polish. Oddy they were Byzantine at that time BUT on arriving in Philly, Pa. They practiced Russian Orthodox, or at least Gram did. After they married, they moved to Clevleand as work was to be there in greater abundance. I learned so much from them………..I cannot imagine CHILDREN not knowing their grandparents, nowadays so many DONT EVEN KNOW THEIR PARENTS SO SADLY. They were uneducated in the formal sense, BUT had the knowledge of MASTERS in so many other ways. My Italian Grandparents were different,only in MANNERISMS, grandpa John was from a rather upper crust family, genteel as I was to find out, my grandmother , was from a lower station, none the less they married. They were educated to a degree of 8th grade..I have concluded there are 2 types of Italians, the LOUD, OVERBEARING, BUT still loving type, also those that give what I heard was the ‘evil eye’, NOT to be taken lighty I may add. Grandpa was dear, sweet, soft spoken and kind, PLUS the most fabulous chef. My grandmother on the other hand was the other type..controlling, LOUD, demanding, and even frightening as to her fits of rage. My maternal grandparents were basic and loving, grampa was a ‘drunk’ as many a newcomer to this land was. Gram worked hard and shared living w/her 3 daughters and visiting her son. She LUCKY for me spent the first 6 years of my life living exclusive w.US. Gramps would drop in now and again, but spent lots of time away, he was a wordworker and could prouduce some good stuff : ). HE also enjoyed his liquor LOTS“`I never felt any shame or embarrasment at ANY of my family, even grandpa when he was drunk. Life was as it was ..I knew NO DIFFERENT. I really loved it. I was surrounded by loads of ext family, friends, neighbors as family. Life was GOOD! Even though dad was a Truck Driver and mom a homemaker IT was ALL FINE BY ME. I guess one would say we were lower blue class. AH WELL…thats life. During the course of my formative years, ages birth to 6 is as I stated before I became awares of God, Our Lady, The Saints and Angels, I was instructed in school, GOSH I was 4 and in kindergarten! The sisters at St. Joes were kind but I WAS not ready for the school adventure at 4! My grandmother had a way about her when I would be away on my return to pull me close and touch her thumb and pointer finger to her lips, moisten them and make the sign of the cross on my forehead and whisper the words ‘In The Name Of The Father And The Son and The Holy Spirit’ AMEM. w/great piety she did this in her broken English, later I was to leran this was a solemn way to keep satan away as well any curses or bad people who may have been in league w/satan in some way that came into my sphere. My mother did the same on occasions w/her 5 grandchildren, and I HAVE CARRIED ON to this day w/mine. Signal Graces come in many forms, they can be seen, sensed, touched, internally recognized, as in a small voice within the heart, where the soul is said to be near, and heard in the spoken word. They can come in forms of other people, Gods creatures, as the bluebird you saw, the intuit nature that lives in us and is recognized, especially when in silence. IN GODS HOME ..the Church, at adoration of THE LORDS REAL PRESENSE. They are TOUCHABLE at times. I add now that about 20 years back I realized I have a MALE GUARDIAN ANGEL, I came about this knowledge as I thought on certain situations that a strange man was present to prevent me from harm. AS stated was a spirited child, and IF given a chance off I was to see the world and make friends, some experiences at my own peril. When I was 5 we belonged to the Italian Parish St. Anthony and Bridget, my father being Italian, the way then was the wife followed the husbands faith, he being of the Latin Rite, even though she was of the Byzantine. There were feast day celebrations seemingly at every other week, recognizing saints feast days w/processions and masses. At one of these Feasts, I did my usual escape routine, and ended up tripping on the curb and falling into the street, as I was about to hit the pavement, a man I DID NOT KNOW grasped my body up and away from the car that came whooshing by. He said I was a lucky little girl and to find my daddy and mommy. That nite as the feast went on my mother won the most beautiful statue of Our Lady Of Grace in a raffle. She saw my delight at her beauty and after we got home she was given as a gift to me to forever keep on my dresser. She is about 18 inches tall, made of sturdy cement material and painted ever so lovely. To this day she rests upon my dresser and that was 60 years ago. I always looked upon her w/this awe of great love, and felt this ‘I am with you’ unspoken words as I passed her at times and smiled at delight SHE WAS MINE. It was at this time I think my first signal grace was imparted to me and Ihad yet to

    • Esther,
      If you ever get back to this site and read this will you please contact me. I am Kelly at I am from Cleveland. I would like to talk to you . Many loving blessings to you in Christ through Mary, Kelly

      • Hi Kelly, would you like me to email you at the address you used to post your comment? Thank you for stopping by.

        • Hi Kelly and Ester – Funny I just happened to stumble upon this! I am Mary and I am from Cleveland. I might try to email you Kelly.

  11. Esther Ventura Ferencz says:

    I have incuded here a lengthy info statement as to my beginnings of what I KNOW to have been my start of ‘Signal Graces’.

  12. Stuart Coleman says:

    I was baptised Catholic but never raised in the faith. I recently (around 2/3 months) began attending Mass daily and started following several devotions including the Rosary. Excluding a 3 day non-attendance around a month ago, I missed going to Mass on Thursday and I was unsure whether I was going to go this morning or not (Friday) – Why?: I don’t know… My Rosary praying had also slipped in the last week or so. I left the house with my wife this morning and in our path on the ground in the middle of the pavement (US: sidewalk) I came across a set of rosary beads. I have never before found rosary beads and more curiously I was in the middle of a sentence talking about a 10-bead rosary chaplet I had bought our son who is to be baptised a week on Sunday. I believe it was a sign to show that my rosary prayers had been heard but I was to keep up this devotion and it was noticed above that I had missed attending Mass. I went immediately to the Cathedral in Glasgow (Scotland) and I prayed the Joyous, Sorrowful & Glorious mysteries followed by the stations of the cross, attended Mass and everything feels ‘normal’ again. A very humbling experience and a clear sign that our prayers are heard and that it is noticed if we begin to faulter.

  13. Esther Ventura Ferencz says:

    This was just a BEAUTIFUL and telling story, as we know through God all things are possible. God Bless YOU sweet young Andrea , mother, wife and daughter and beloved by many. I am so happy you no longer fear satan, he loves to instill fear. AS you know one of his trademarks. He has done plenty to me, BUT I am a powerful presense , NOT my words, family and friends saying, mom did from a small child say I was ‘strong’, as I querried her in my late teens she would just say I had this fearless nature and she was PROUD and knew it would serve me to the good in dealing w.others who might wish harm on me, and to not back down BUT always confront evil w.aid from my Jesus and Mary and the Good SAINTS and ANGELS especially my guardian angel.
    Your experience w. the image of the Sacred Heart is one I MOST CERTAIN believe..ITS actually BEAUTIFUL and such a BLESSING……I think the Lord has picked you as he is picking many in this era we are now pasaging through to be prepared at ALL times to do battle. May YOU be adoroned w.his brillant white light as you walk your lifes journey.
    Some day too I will share my experinces w/satan, and as well a vision I had as I closed my eyes to sleep one Lent…..I was STARTLED so and told a priest exact what I saw after I fished the doxology, ‘Praise God from whom all good things flow, Praise Him all creatures here below, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost Praise All above ye heavenly host’ I had been saying that ESPECIALLY that LENT in a most JOYOUS way as I KNEW CHRIST wanted me, US JOYOUS. I will say more as to what happened after I shut my eyes, and as quickly as I saw in living color he sensed my SADNESS ..that has been unmatched.
    The priest I told acted like I was an alien from a spaceship and said NOT TO SAY ONE WORD! I asked why. he said people might think me quite mad. I laughed …I did know him since I was 15 and we were both well seasoned in age. What I saw….and it was moving and in brillant color. It was initally away at a distance but drew close rather fast, IT was Christ on the cross, he was dripping in sweat and blood, the face was turned away from my view ..BUT he turned and I looked at his face. IT was so FILLED w AGONY, UNSPEAKABLE PAIN I HAVE EVER SEEN BODY MIND nd SPIRIT, and his body was ever slowly moving as to get comfort as best he could. The colors were vibrant and I was so horrified and scared, WHY am I seeing this? My eyes opned wide as I wanted HIM to stop being in agony. I awoke my husband and said YOU wont believe what I just saw, I told him how Joyfilled I was on popping in bed and as soon as I shut my eyes ‘THIS” happned. I said, ‘you do believe me YES?’ he said yes I do. I also told my children, my son being educated and impressed by secular college profs told me to hush about it and NOT be so prideful. I said well MAYBE you ought to pray for such an experience IT might KNOCK some sense into that doubting THOMAS thick skull. I have to say this man was an admirable youngboy, altar sever and quite impressed w.learning of Christ and Mary, AND all the SAINTS and ANGELS. My other late 20s child a girl said ‘oh yeah mom sure wy NOT God can do anything.’
    So Andrea KNOW you hold avery special PLACE within the HEART of CHRIST and open its door and walk in any and all times. He is waiting to simply LOVE YOU~~
    God Bless YOU and Mary Keep You,
    Thanks Margo for sharing. and INDEED we must offer up father John UP in PRAYER non stop

    2011/7/21 Esther Ferencz

  14. Esther Ventura Ferencz says:

    P,S. I MUST add as I think its important as to the above personal vision….. I would SING the Doxology this to me is important as its said we are praying twice when we sing in prasie.

    I do a 1am to 2a m adoration hour Mondays. Just this day I was pulling into the church lot and on the radio was the news and a ‘audio’ of Mayor Bloomberg speaking the marriage vows to a John and Jonathan and they responded. I thought at that moment, devil…..he never ceases and he comes especially the closer we get to God and he laothes it, so he wishes to anger and frustrate us. he was trying to interfere peace and visit but was unsussessful, NOT a coincidince I would hear this scandal as I pulled into the church lot. I just said ineteriorly ‘such a sick world dear Lord and I am very sorry, its in your hands and do as you will ‘ P. S. and make IT FAST!

  15. Saw a Blue Bird last weekend when I drove to the Graveyard to visit my Dear Moms grave (May the Lord Rest her Soul she would have turned 74 years on April 24th). Thought of your post. Thank you again — this was the post that brought me to your site. Blessings to you. -Kim

  16. to all! I have prayed the rosary and felt so at peace each time, no matter how many times i always feel happy after the rosary. every time I’ve asked mother Mary for help, what ever it is she has always granted my request.
    recently i was faced with a very big family/ financial issue. and i had no job and no one to turned to but i knew as always i can depend on my heavenly mother and my heavenly Father, so i prayed to God and started my 9 day novena to mother Mary, it took only 3 days, my prayers was answered. I was called for work and my creditors gave me more time to pay and the family issue was solved as well.but the biggest of all, unexpectedly a large sum of money came to me which was more than enough to pay my debts and do so much more i know if you ask and if it a sincerer request it will be given. she is our heavenly mother and she loves us and wants us to be happy. i can not live with out her.

  17. catherine says:

    i have been praying the rosary for a while now i have problems with my son my daughter was with me when she was overcome with a strong smell she described it to smell like mass could it b possible that i received a signal grace through her

  18. I too have received signal graces..they are upon my is only known to me what they mean and how to use other cases I receive other signal graces that I cannot tell you what they are…my Dear Mom told me to keep Gods’ secrets and the miracles that happen to, with that I can say yes, they are real…just pray the rosary devoutly…and expect nothing and accept what God allows…through the Virgin Mary.

    She is real… and so is the prayers she offers through the holy rosary.

  19. desi hunter says:

    Jonah, very well said. i also had the same attacks.i pray the rosary and chaplet of devine
    mercy every day.please pray for me at this difficult time in my life.
    take care and keep safe.merry christmas to you and you,r family.

  20. Douglas says:

    I had been praying the Novena to St. Jude three times in a row three times daily and after a couple of weeks so what looked like St. Jude appear in my building one day and just disappear. I took that to mean something obviously. As if that wasn’t enough I continued to pray and about a month or so later my wife and I got a purse at a food basket/food pantry place and in the purse was a rosary in its own case. Thank you St. Jude for hearing my prayers!

  21. Douglas says:

    I wanted to add that I now say the rosary daily since that wonder gift and signal grace and since then feel more at peace and know that what I am praying for is being heard. I have since also seemed to cure a porn addiction although I was reluctant to say it, but the power of God, Mother Mary and St. Jude is strong. Thank You!

  22. A few years ago, I started praying the Rosary. Like many people, I had trouble with it in the beginning. My mind would wander while I said the prayers and I found that I would often say an entire decade of the Rosary without having spent much time meditating about the particular mystery that I should have been thinking about.

    I became discouraged and I started to think that the Rosary was not the devotion for me. Just before I made my final decision to quit praying the Rosary each day, I decided to pray and ask for guidance. For some reason, I made this prayer while I was driving my car on the Garden State Parkway, a major highway with at least 3 lanes of traffic headed in each direction. At the time, I rarely prayed while driving. As I drove and prayed, I told Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord that I was thinking of giving up the Rosary. “It’s just not for me. I’m not getting anything out of it. I think I should quit praying the Rosary. I’m sorry.” Just as I was saying these words, a car passed me on the left and then pulled into my lane of traffic, directly in front of me. This car then slowed down so that I was close enough to be able to read the one bumper sticker on this person’s car. The bumper sticker contained only three words: PRAY THE ROSARY.

    I had received a signal grace. I’ve been praying the Rosary ever since.

  23. Catherine Makena says:

    It was around 2010 when I felt an urge of praying the rosary especially for my family and myself because I felt I am not living my christian live fully. I devotedly said the rosary, and Our Lady guided me on what exactly I should stop doing that was spoiling my relationship with God. I particularly prayed for the grace in sanctifying my 10 year old marriage through the sacrament of matrimony and believe you me, by December 2011, I and my husband were grace with this sacrament. It was not easy all this years to organize this given that my husband come from another religion. Deep down within me, I know it is the work of our Lady who intervened my case to her son.

  24. charlie blandford says:

    what does it mean when a cardinal appears while I am saying my rosary??. It stayed for many minutes while I prayed for direction in my life. All I know is that the Lord knows what I need. All things are possible through Him. Lead me Lord. I am yours. cb

  25. allison says:

    What an amazing story ! Going to print it & keep it on my fridge for everyone to read !

  26. June 18th, 2013
    My Signal Graces as identified by my Confessor, Fr. Dan

    May 8th 2013: I awoke and heard the word, “Paraclete”.

    May 10th, 2013: I awoke, and heard the word, “animals”, which led to
    St. Francis of Assisi, which led to Pope Francis and I then began
    praying for the Pope’s intentions.

    May 16th, 2013: I missed daily Holy Mass. I began to pray the Our Father.
    When I got to, “ give us today thy daily bread”, I heard the word
    “Who?” As in, who shall I give my daily bread to? You are not at
    Holy Mass. (This gave me a new insight on the Our Father’s

    May 18th, 2013: I heard, “Thank you for your love.”

    May, 2013: On my Birthday, I awoke and heard, in my father’s voice say,
    “Happy Birthday Rob.” After his passing of 20 years.

    June 13th, 2013 After several days of yard work at my deceased Mother
    and Father’s home, which is for sale,
    and, after praying for the deceased at St. John’s Cemetery, while
    driving with the windows open, I smelled a strong scent of a
    lady’s perfume for about three full breaths. It came and went just
    as soon as it had appeared.

    Again, I have been praying quite a bit, attending daily Holy Mass, Communion and daily Holy Rosary and praying from the heart, my Confessor told me that what I am experiencing is called, “Signal Grace”. I had never heard of the term before. I encourage you to find time for daily recitation of the Holy Rosary. I believe that my Grace will grow with each Rosary, which I now will definitely continue.

  27. i had been praying the rossary dailly from the day i asked God to show and teach me on how to pray despite the common” sala”and i was introduced to the rossary,i praise God.since then a year and three months now i had been praying the rossary dailly.Unfortunately, in march 2013 my husband and i divorced after 15yrs of marriage, now i am crying out for my mother mary to enterceed for me to her son on my familly through the holly rossary i pray dailly as i expect a signal grace.Amen.

  28. My mom prayed the rosary every night for many many years. I tried to pray the rosary starting in 2006, 2007, and most of 2008 but just could not sit still enough and concentrate enough. Finally in Sept of 2008 I told my mom I am going to try again to pray the Rosary and will pray it no matter what for a 2 week period even if I can’t concentrate. Well sure enough the Blessed Mother took over for me and I now cannot go without praying the rosary each and every day. My life has truly changed and I have never experienced such a strong connection with Jesus. And Yes, I receive signal graces from the Blessed Mother all the time. The Blessed Mother just shows up in my life and shows herself to me and I am so grateful. I believe in the 15 Promises of the Rosary with all my heart and soul.

    My dear mom (the love of my life) just passed away on Weds. June 12th, 2013 at 10:30 PM
    Mom had a lung condition, ulcerative colitis, fast heart beat and kidney problem. She went into the hospital on May 17th was diagnosed with lung cancer. Mom did not want a biopsy
    because she did not want to go thru chemo and radiation as she was so weak from her colistis. So we took Mom home on May 21st and we showered her with love. She was able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was able to take my vacation time to help care for mom along with my three other sisters. We were there round the clock with mom just loving and loving her. Mom was doing so good – her nurses were ready to have her graduate from hospice care to regular nursing care – but then on Weds. 6/12/13 at approximately 7:20PM she had congestive heart failure. When the hospice nurse arrived she was unable to find a pulse, so mom’s 4 girls had to make a decision to take her to the hospital or leave her at home – it was painful 2 of us wanted the hospital and the other 2 did not want the hospital taking her and poking and giving her more tests. My sister Patty immediately knelt down and asked Jesus “”What should we do help us with our decision Dear Jesus” . Jesus then told my sister “Go ask you mom”. Mom was unresponsive so my sister got right in my mom’s face and said” Mom do you want to go to the hospital please let us know”.

    At that point my mom eyes opened very wide and my sister said to the nurse my mom is waking up now all is good. Then my sister saw a white light and mom’s eyes were wide open looking at the light and at that point my sister knew and she said to my mom “Mom, do you see Jesus? Take hold of His Hand Mom, Take His Hand” My mom’s eyes closed and breathing stopped and the nurse told my sister she had never ever seen anything like this. Remember the 15 promises because they come true.

    We prayed the Rosary around mom’s bed while we were waiting for the nurse and in all of the confusion we just kept praying the Rosary. God was so gracious to let us shower our mom with love for those three weeks before she went home to Jesus. Mom had a beautiful peaceful death no pain very fast. Mom was 82 years old. My mom touched everyone she met – she was just amazing. As I mourn this terrible loss, I praise Jesus and thank the Blessed Mother for being there with my dear mom and me. I cannot tell you how much the Rosary means to me. Pray the Rosary – it is a powerful weapon to get us through and arm us to say No to the things of this world and Yes to the things that bring glory and honor to our God.

  29. Hi I came across your blog while searching for the why the blessed mother had appeared to me recently again (the last time I was 6 years old- I am now 57) in the sky when I looked through some pictures I took. I have been praying the rosary every day for months now since Jesus and Mary led me to Carmel! During this particular week I was praying for a very special intention. After reading your post I was more aware that it was a special grace given to me that my prayers were indeed heard. Thanks for your post and may our gracious God continue to bless us with His and Mother Mary’s company all our days! Blessings, Myra

  30. Am I ever happy I have found this site. Wonderful site….thank you and I pray you are able to continue with it. So very needed especially in the day we live in.

    The Rosary literally saved my life and the lives of my family. The signal graces I received were so miraculous that indeed people around me took notice that something “out of the realm of the ordinary” was happening. This was back in 2006 and I have been praying it daily ever since.

    The Rosary is truly THE WEAPON as referred to by Padre Pio. Lives can be changed, wars can be stopped, and evil can be trampled under. What a GIFT we have been given by the Holy Rosary. Thank you Blessed Mother for a life saving gift.

  31. The father of my girlfriend had just passed away, she was having a rough time dealing with it. so i devoted a rosary to her and asked mary to personally comfort her and help her to have a good day the next day. that day she went to work still upset. so i said another prayer asking for mother mary to help her out. well when she returned i asked her how her day was and she said a lady came into the restaurant where she works and gave her a beautifull rosary. then she said she was having a “spiritual day” and smiled. i could hardly believe it. i was so thankful that mary answered my prayers. the rosary is a truely powerful instrument of our faith

  32. @Jordan
    Jordan, I will keep your girlfriend in my prayers. I lost my Dad in October of last year, and I know how hard it can be.
    Your post has made me smile though, it gives me comfort to know that our Lady does so much to make her children happy.
    Just today, I was cleaning out my basement. I thought that I would also say a rosary while I worked and was keeping track of the rosary in my head since all my rosaries are broken and in need of repair.
    Of all things, I came across a Ouija board in the clutter. I have no idea where it might have come from, but I certainly did not feel right having it in my home. Since I couldn’t in good conscience give it to someone else, I decided to throw it away.
    Something told me to open the box to make sure that nothing else was in there. I opened the box and there, laying on top of the board, was a beautiful rosary.
    I laughed out loud and thanked God and our Lady for the wonderful signal grace and happy moment.
    I hope that your girlfriend (and you too) has many more “Spiritual Days” and happy moments .

  33. This is a True experience…I had a powerful conversion to the RCC almost 9 years ago (2005). 2 years later I craved more. My RCIA taught the Marian Doctrines but just gave a brief explanation of the Holy Rosary. Subsequently I sought the Rosary and taught myself via the internet.
    When I started this devotion, I made a promise to Pray it daily. 2 weeks into my devotion I was awakening from an afternoon nap. As I was still half-asleep, I saw in my minds eye an orb that eventually took shape into a profile of a female figure, the figure slowly faded as I reached full consciousness. I knew it was significant but didn’t know what or why this happened.
    A few days later I was reciting and mediating the Rosary. I noticed the exact same profile that was on my Rosary of the Blessed Mother (the figurine after the 3 Hail Mary beads).
    Everytime my Faith falters a bit, I recall this special grace and the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother ‘rightsize’ me right away…peace and God Bless. Meditate the Most Holy Rosary daily, this way you will be of the world not in it….think eternally…

  34. I started praying the rosary daily on a travel rosary ring as I drive to work. Although I am often distracted with the morning rush hour traffic, my prayers have been answered in such beautiful, profound ways and I constantly receive amazing signal graces — too many to list here, but I will note just one: one day, I noticed that my inexpensive silver-plated rosary ring had turned a beautiful rose color. Pray the rosary — it will change your life.

  35. @bets
    Bets, you should be thankful of what you have, and of what you are going to have.
    A child is a gift from the Almighty One. Not all couples around the world can have a child.
    Just think this way, what if you know someday that your mother want to have a baby boy but when she goes to a doctor, it was said that it was a girl and it is you. Do you think it doesn’t hurt you?
    or just think that a person you love the most has a birthday. Of course, you gave your birthday present to him/her. And later on, he/she goes to his/her room to open your gift, then you watch him/her opened it secretly, then he/she doesn’t like it. Do you feel happy?
    The same to our Lord God. He is giving you a gift, a baby girl, but you don’t like it.
    I hope and pray that you may analyze God’s plan for each and everyone for us.
    Accept it.. 😀
    Don’t doubt. Receive it and be thankful for it.

  36. @p
    P; BEAUTIFULLY stated. The gifts that God graces our own personal souls with, we should …as Our Lady did in Sacred Scripture …. treasure them in our hearts. (Lk 2: 51)
    If you wonder what a particular signal grace “means” for your own faith journey, instead of asking for opinions, try quieting your heart and your mind and TRULY listen to God. He will show you His message. Believe me, I have been blessed with many signal graces; and may I be so bold as to say once I was graced with a miracle, yet I have never spoken of them, I keep them in my heart and treasure them as a secret only The Lord and I share. That feeling is 100 x’s more fulfilling than telling the world! I pray every day that if the Good Lord wants me to share them, that He will let me know. By keeping them in my heart, The Lord is teaching me the way to perfect humility. It is easy to feel a sense of pride (even if we say we feel blessed) when God gives us a vision, a special sign or even a miracle …then we want to go and shout it to the world.
    I pray asking for nothing in return…..just that His Will shall be done for my life.
    I don’t mean to dismiss all of your beautiful posts… Just another way to look at the graces Our Good Lord and Our Lady bestow on us.
    Blessings to you all

  37. @Jessie – I completely agree with you, Jessie. I, too, have had several spiritual experiences that I feel I should keep private, but that I would be happy to share with the world if I am inspired to do so by the Holy Spirit. But sometimes it takes one shared experience to get the conversation going, so to speak. And I’m thankful to see that it has, based on the numerous comments that have been posted since I wrote this piece nearly four years ago.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  38. Ikechukwu Nwuzoh says:

    I was in school having problems here and there.I prayed the Rosary to graduate with the 2013 set which is my graduation set.When the names of graduates were released,my name was the 13th on the list.It is known that the no 13 is Our Lady’s since she herself has asked us to honor the 13th Day for her as Our Lady of Fatima.This is a sign that she heard my prayer.I advise everyone reading this to join the Rosary Confraternity for St LouisMarieDeMontfort has said,’to pray a rosary alone one gains a single merit,to pray the Rosary in union with the confraternity,one gains multiple merits.’Thanks to Our Lady of the Rosary

  39. Sandra Seneca says:

    Last Spring while visiting a local basilica, I prayed the Rosary at the lower level, behind a new Mother Teresa altar. As I got towards the end of the Rosary, I heard a new Mass starting on the upper level. I raced up in time to finish singing the first hymn. Then the priest said an opening prayer. I bowed my head and closed my eyes when boom, I was hit with a vision of open arms. The arms were in a light-colored robe. The feeling in the vision was pure love. The purity and joy and peace so overwhelmed me threw me off balance and I almost tumbled over into the pew. It was God’s love welcoming me. I have had such peace and joy since that moment but never knew what to call it. I knew it was from the Divine. I am not yet Catholic because I have been away every time the education program starts. In my heart I am Catholic.

  40. @RHCC – I agree with you. Although, I can understand desiring a different gender than what one already has; it is not good to have such a desire rule over our hearts, as the Lord has His own reasons for giving us the children He chooses.

  41. Dawn Cormier-Bourn says:

    I receive signal graces all the time, but my favorite one is a signal grace my mother received. My mother, unlike myself, was a devout Catholic her entire life and prayed the rosary daily. One of her neighbors was sick with cancer, and my mom was constantly by her side doing whatever she could for her. One day the lady gave my mother a small azalea bush. My mother thanked her and told her that she would think of her every time it blooms. The azalea bush never bloomed until the day she died. Thereafter, it bloomed YEAR ROUND. It always had at least one bloom on it, but usually three, except of course during the azalea season where it was covered. My mom died several years later and I was curious as to whether this little bush (it never grew much in size) was going to continue to bloom, but my dad inadvertently had all the bushes removed to be re-landscaped and so now I’ll never know.. Bummer.

    But I must add that that little azalea bush blooms in my heart.

  42. I have been saying the Rosary faithfully and have only recently learned of the great importance of the Blessed Mother in the church. I went to religious instructions for 12 years but not once was the rosary ever mentioned nor was it prayed nor were the mysteries ever brought up.Yet the nuns all had a rosary hanging from their habit. I have noticed that three times I have picked up the most wonderful scent and when I try to breathe more of it in , it fades. I cannot compare it to any known scent but If i could only breathe that scent for the rest of my life it is all I would ever want or need. It would be enough. I would rather breathe this scent (which is different each time) that have anything in the world. I did not know what it was until someone I mentioned it to told it was a signal grace, to which I asked “whats that”? They then had me look at a card of the 15 promises that our lady of the Rosary says she will give those who faithfully say the rosary.

  43. Ive been praying so much so that my dream comes true. I was dissapointed July 30th but i havent given . I believe it was Gods will. Im gonna continue praying hard

  44. I have had many signal graces over the last couple of years, one that sticks out most is when I had our premature child and we were very concerned for his life. He was born 3 months early. I promised Our Lady I would say the Rosary every day for the rest of his life if he pulled through it. My sister in law called me in the hospital to say she could not believe I had the baby in March when he was due in June and told me she was in Fatima the day he was born and bought little blue rosary beads for him. He was born on the 25th of March, the Feast of the Annunciation, another coincidence and his Doctor was Dr. Gerard, St. Gerard is the patron saint of pregnant women and Dr. Gerard told me he celebrated his birthday also on the 25th of March, another coincidence. My Mother in Law also brought a book into the maternity hospital to me and it was How to pray the Rosary. The Rosary is very powerful, say it every day. It bring peace to your family but I do believe that you may experience a battle with negativity. Lower energies do not want you to pray the Rosary.

  45. I Started believing in mother mary from the age of 16 and have
    got many miracles and blessings sometimes i used to pray the rosary
    but i did not know about mother marys promises until i visited the website this
    year jan 16,

    i was friendly with a person but everytime he is facing problems and moreover
    our relationship is distance as i am in one country and he is in another
    i had seen the mary of undoer knots novena in this website but i thought novena
    is too time consuming so i did not pray but recently my rosary got knotted i tried to remove it
    but could not so i left it then this friend of mine started facing more problems
    and our communication was totally cut i tried so many ways to contact my friend
    but nothing worked out then with pain/tension/frustration i started checking the website again
    and typed in google mother mary what should i do ? and aftersometime i saw this
    novena of undoer of knots then i remembered the knots in my rosary
    so i decided i will do this novena and checked for the days
    it was only 9 days so i started the novena the first day i could remove
    the knots from the rosary which i could not do earlier and every day
    i started seeing so many signal graces but i was not sure of them,
    one day during the novena days as i was praying and trying to fix something mother
    marys photo which was hung touched my head as a blessing which i cannot explain,
    but otherwise it is not possible so many years it has not happened even when i stood in the
    same place and earlier i had made chits asking when my friend will come
    back giving different dates and one paper contained within i month i found that paper
    miraculously but still i had doubts, and i usual i was askign mother mary to show me more signs
    one day i asked for rose and suddenly in TV I white and red rose, finally the 9 days novena was over on 12th of this month
    but no news from my friend,then on 14th again i got one more paper showing within
    one mnth in my old pocket which again i cant explain it was like a big signal for me
    only the person experiencing knows that it was not possible to get that..then 15th morning
    i went to church knelt at grotto and prayed after coming home i just checked my wats up
    and that person was online who had sold his phone due to acute financial problem and was
    not at all in a position to get new phone because of which i could not contact him, but he did
    not message me, 16th also he was online but did not message me,
    then on 17th i sent a message asking whats wrong then he replied he was
    scared to message because i might be very angry with him and yes we were not in touch for
    one month and exactly as the paper stated within one month we are friends again..
    thank you mother mary of undoer knots and rosary for removing this biggest knot of my life
    the main thing i want to say is the signs which i saw was really surprising because
    the situations in which i saw and how i saw is unexplainable so kindly continue to pray the
    rosary and look for signals..thankyou mother Mary and Jesus and God..Amen i am very
    very happy no words to explain what i went through and how it got solved and putting and
    end to my negative thinking.

  46. I was facing some problem in office and the other department was trying to cover their
    mistake and put it on me I started praying to mother mary and miraculously it got solved
    in the way I wanted after 7 months of prayer and novena of undoer knots otherwise it would have taken more time and the best thing is it got solved before 13/may feast of lady of fathima,thank you mother mary for saving me
    and for curing my sons sickness waiting for 2 more problems to be solved to give my testimony again, so kindly solve them as soon as possible mother mary and help my son to study well

  47. I was suffering from sudden health issues and was very tensed I thought I had to take permanent medication
    which I did not want to do, and had many extreme negative thoughts about my sickness, I prayed undoer knots novena and continued to pray to mother mary and St anthony, and had asked mother mary to show signs
    that everything will be alright and I will not have to be on permanent medication I got so many signs
    but was not sure finally yesterday the last day of May(31) which belongs to mother mary and it was a Tuesday as well st anthony my sickness got cured..i also received a rosary as gift from vatican on 29/05 and started praying with that when I recollect the signs I saw I feel it was all of the sign was I saw number 31 twice after I prayed for a signal grace and second was I wanted to see a particular bird which how much I tried I could not see but after I prayed and asked to show me that bird only if my health conditions will turn to normal and immediately I saw it..thankyou god for answered prayers and Mother Mary and St Anthony
    for intercession and also for saving me from one big problem last week

  48. Actually I was facing a problem since oct 15 which had 4 parts, 3 parts has got miraculously solved the 3rd part was solved on 5th jul tuesday
    I really thank mother mary and st anthony for solving this without my name getting involved anywhere as I prayed for , which otherwise was not possible
    as I was facing politics in the company and now I am waiting for the last part to solve before this month end as I am planning to visit st anthonys shrine next month at dornahalli..thank you thank you so much mother mary and st anthony for your powerful intercession

  49. Need urgent prayers for my friend suffering from dengue fever pls pray that god heals him soon
    i ask this in the name of jesus – Amen

  50. Maria Webber says:

    I am on my third and fourth 54 rosary novena. In the 2 first ones I was praying for something related to one of my children, however my petition is for something to happen not in the immediate future and something that to some might sound like an invisible and impossible petition. However, I did received various signal graces so I believed that the miracle would in due time when Mary saw fit for it to happen. But, here is my problem, I cannot let it go and because of the long-term and impossible nature of my petition I falter in my belief, I doubt, I am anxious and think negatively many times a day. One part of me wants it so much and have so much faith that I already got it and the other part of me doubts and worries. What am I to do? I feel that I offend Our Mother but not totally trusting and having faith. But, what can I do to stop this constant worry?.

  51. I was looking at statues of Mary on my computer when a very loud blue jay appeared right next to me at my back door. I had never seen a blue jay in the 7 years I have lived in Colorado, let alone in my backyard! I felt like it was a sign from Mary since I am new to the Catholic faith.

  52. I am neither Catholic or religious, but I found a rosary this morning while walking my son to the school bus. I’ve put it through the letter box at the closest Catholic church, someone will be missing it today. I hope having it returned strengthens someone’s faith in humanity, it is so important that we see the similarities instead of the differences in people. Hope your prayers bring you peace.

  53. Cecilia Jeyaram says:

    Thank you for sharing everyone! I was looking to understand the term ‘signal grace’ and felt an urging to just look it up and here it is!
    I have been through a spiritual crisis recently, and some of the emotional, physical and mental disturbances that I have recently experienced, has been felt by some of you already, It’s good to know that I am not alone and I have to thank the Holy Mother and praise Our Lord Jesus for their constant intercessions! I have recently just left my job which I had only been at only for 6 months. As per my previous job, lies, deceit and jealousy seem to follow everywhere I go. It has taken sometime to sit in prayer and contemplation to really see it for what it was.

    I have only been saying the Rosary intensely this past three weeks and already, I am amazed by it. Being at home now allows to me to say the Rosary a rounds and both in the morning and night time. And throughout the rest of the day, short prayers. I now feel the urge to not only to pray for others, but also with others. If some of you do have time, do also look up Consecration Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Holy Mother really need more of her children to consecrate our hearts to her and ask that we pray for her intentions daily.

    If any of you would like some intentions to be prayed for, please do drop me an email at Very happy to do help anyone out there who is in need of prayer.


  54. I was not born a catholic nor was my mother. I was raised in a family of santeria and voodoo. I felt at a young age that it was totally wrong whatever my mom was praying to or whatever was being recited. I called on the Lord myself when I fell ill from mumps at age 8 and said if your there really is a God please heal me and all of a sudden I felt extreme heat and electricity go through my body and my mumps were gone and I was jumping and dancing around my room. My mother came into my room because she had fixed me a tray of food for when I was sick and she said, “what are you doing, what happened?” i just shouted Jesus healed me!!!! As I began to pray more I became almost obsessed with going to Catholic church by myself. Just me and God and the angels. That’s all I thought about. The church had a little store where people could buy rosaries and booklets and I saw a very pretty rosary. I went into the chapel part to pray and then left. As I was walking home I looked on the floor and saw a set of beautiful red rosary. I was soooo happy. I picked them up and said “thank you Mother.” I tried to say the rosary but always had mental blocks but held onto it. Then, I lost it. I was so upset, so sad and I said please Im sorry that I was careless with my rosary, may I have another one.” Years later I found another one on the floor outside before me. As a point of grace the Blessed mother continued to shower me with rosaries. Years later as I had my three children and worked in a supermarket a very old lady who must have been in her 70s, saw me wearing my rosary as I was serving her. I already had one on from my Catholic church and she said, “oh Im so happy to see you wearing that” and with that she gave me my most special rosary from Medjugorje. She was from Medjugorje and she gave me one of the original crucifixes made of wood and the figure of Jesus in metal. I was so happy to see her and then she gave me another one made of crystal white. So now I had two beautiful crosses. And often during my times of prayer and solace and just wanting to be by myself the Lord would show me a bluebird, a red robin, three doves and my heart would be so glad. We recently moved into our new home and to my surprise there was a silver cross in the bathroom, then my husband found one outside with white string and purple beads. I gave that to my oldest daughter because she will be moving out soon. And I just gave my white crystal rosary to my son who just left for college. I am thinking about placing one on my dog but I asked for the Lords permission first to see what he says. Once when I wasn’t sure as to whether I should be saying the rosary I asked Jesus about it. Lo and behold as Im walking outside after this question I asked, he shows me a rosary outside by my grass. God is sooo good, so loving, so merciful and I just love him and I wanted to share my story. God Bless you all.

    • Yvette, that’s such a beautiful story! I don’t hear stories like yours very often. Thank you for taking the time to post this comment and share it with everyone. There are so many people out there who need to hear stories filled with faith and hope, and yours is certainly one of them!

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