Moral Decay in America

I think the first time I heard the words “moral decay in America” was when Father John Corapi used the phrase in one of his talks when he was referring to the spiritual breakdown of our culture.  I had this instant visualization of a person sitting in a dentist’s chair having a cavity filled in order to prevent the whole tooth from rotting and falling out.  I don’t have any cavities so I’m not sure what the process is like, but I’m told that it isn’t a very pleasant experience and also that once a cavity is detected, it is usually dealt with immediately to prevent losing the tooth altogether.  It seems to be high on people’s priority list when they fall prey to tooth decay.

I have a question: Why is it that so many people are more concerned with losing a tooth than they are with losing their soul?  It’s frightening.  The moral decay in America has hit an astronomical high.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post called Family Breakdown and I wanted to add to it in future posts; this is one of my add-ons.  Family Breakdown deals with the exploitation of children by their parents and the spiritual attacks on the family that are behind it.  This post is similar, only I’m going to talk exclusively about the MTV series “Skins” and the alarming manner in which teenagers are being portrayed as partying, drug-addicted, vomiting, promiscuous, masturbating, lying to their parents, sleaze-chic FREAKS.

Moral Decay in America: Pretty in Pink vs. Skins

There was a movie that came out in the mid-1980s called Pretty in Pink.  Remember?  Actually, some of you may be too young to remember, but it became a sort of 80s classic for teens (and beyond) so I’m sure most of you have at least heard of it.  Wikipedia describes it as an “American teen romantic comedy-drama film about teenage love and social cliques in 1980s American high schools.”

The other day I was driving home and the song “Pretty in Pink” came on the radio, and not only did it bring me back in time, but it also made me kind of sad; that’s actually what prompted me to write this post.  A flurry of my own personal self-image memories from high school flooded my mind: insecurity, uncool, unpopular, mean friends, rude boys, too shy, no date for the prom, all around YUCK.  But that’s high school!  And those memories were not what made me sad; it was how far we’ve morally regressed as a society that made me sad.

The high school years are an awkward time of a kid’s life and problems do occur – all kinds of problems.  Yes, there were drugs in the 80s and yes, there was alcohol abuse, and yes, there were kids that were experimenting in sexually advanced situations, lying to their parents, partying, etc. etc.  BUT – it wasn’t every kid, everywhere, every day, all the time, around the clock – PLEASE with this business of promoting teen sleaze behavior as being the norm and presenting it as if it’s just a sad fact of society!  Here’s what a network executive said about the controversy that is stirring over this show:

“Skins is a show that addresses real-world issues confronting teens in a frank way. We review all of our shows and work with all of our producers on an ongoing basis to ensure our shows comply with laws and community standards. We are confident that the episodes of ‘Skins’ will not only comply with all applicable legal requirements, but also with our responsibilities to our viewers.”

“Real-world issues”, huh?  Give me a break.  And there is nothing like accentuating these negative “real-world issues” that some teens have and sensationalizing them so that young people all across America (and the world) will be presented with the sleaze-chic factor in its finest form: a la MTV.

Moral Decay in America and Child Pornography

According to this recent article in The New York Times, Taco Bell is pulling its ads from “Skins” saying that it’s “not a fit for our brand.”  Apparently they were given a lot of heat from the Parents Television Council who asked Congress and the Justice Department to “open an investigation regarding child pornography and exploitation.”  The Parents Television Council says that the TV show may be in violation of  “federal statutes pertaining to portrayals of child sexual abuse and sexual behavior.”  Some of the actors in “Skins” are under the age of 18, and the youngest is only 15.  Maybe I’m just “stuck in the 80s”, but I don’t remember anything on TV geared to the teen audience that was so absurd and horrifying as what our country is facing in this day and time.  The moral decay in America is a direct result of what happens when God gets shoved aside for greed and ego allowing Satan to step right in and have a field day.  And what a field day he must be having.

Fight Moral Decay in America and Take a Stand Against Evil

We, as Catholics, no longer have the “luxury” of standing by and watching others fight the spiritual battles of our day and time.  It isn’t sufficient any longer to live in complacent mode.  It’s time to rise up and join Our Lady in the battle against evil.  She has pleaded with her children – all of us – over and over again through the years, and most especially in recent apparitions to seek the peace of Christ and turn our hearts to her Son and away from anything that pulls us from His love.  So why aren’t more people rising to the occasion?

A few days ago I posted Prayer Across America which highlights the mission of a young man who is praying the Rosary as he runs across America from California to New York.  And there are countless other wonderful people who have answered the call to shed the light of Christ on the world that has grown increasingly darker.  But there are too few of them; the army is still too small and the enemy continues to rage.  Our Lady continues to call her children to battle, but either too few are listening or too few are willing to take up their crosses and follow Christ.  Every day situations and circumstances continue to present us with opportunities for spiritual growth and healthy, holy change.  Please read this blog post by The Marco Minute which is a beautiful example of Christ manifesting Himself through ordinary people and ordinary events.

The moral decay in America is only going to intensify unless all of us are willing to do whatever it takes to make a dent, even the smallest of inroads, toward promoting Christ’s love and peace, thereby thwarting the efforts of the evil one who continues to wreak havoc on unsuspecting souls.  Pray the Rosary, and ask for Our Lady’s intercession and for guidance from the Holy Spirit.  Wisdom, knowledge, strength of spirit and the tenacity to stick with the fight and never give up will all be presented to you if you decide to take that first step and ask the Holy Spirit what exactly your particular call may be.  We are all called to be better.  But we have to answer the call.

It could actually turn out to be a happy ending, after all.


  1. Great piece, Margo. Can we get any lower than Skins? People will scream about child porn and kids being molested, yet turn a blind eye to this kind of “child abuse”. What got me about the article on Skins was the line “But inauthentic? Dangerous? To the contrary—Skins may be the most realistic show on television.” So because a show is as realistic as trash on the side of the street it should be produced and viewed? The devil’s ugliness is everywhere. Accountability is what is lacking in society. It’s time good and godly people did two, get on our knees and storm heaven with prayer that hearts change and two, that we state loud and clear that this is unacceptable and do whatever it takes to protect the innocence of our kids. N

  2. I like your stance and your assertiveness on this issue. The portayal of “reality” does not necessarily qualify it as morally acceptable. It may be “true” but that doesn’t mean it should be flaunted or even exposed for public viewing.

  3. Truthseeking says:

    Moral decay is a disease spreading all over the world thanks to mainstream media the hand of satan.
    The moment i found on TV that being an Athiest or Gay is “cool” I realized that satan’s mission was completed, and it’s just a matter of time for everything else to fall apart.
    And i only blame my self and those who have seen this coming and did nothing.

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