Halloween and Satan

Uh-oh, here she goes again, now writing about the connection between Halloween and Satan.  Yep, you are right.  I am.  I bet you knew I would at some point this month, didn’t you?  After all, it is October and Halloween is fast approaching and my house has had “issues” non-stop for almost a year now.  (not to mention the sporadic incidents which occurred even earlier than that.)

Please understand that I certainly don’t want to throw a wet blanket over those who enjoy the day.  I have no problem with Halloween the way it was intended to be; an occasion for the children to dress up and trick-or-treat and look forward to a bag of candy, maybe go to a party, whatever.  Hey, I did it too, once upon a time.  But Halloween today is a whole different story and now you can’t even go online to look at costumes for sale without finding something either vampire-related or sexually inappropriate.  I just hope the kids have a fun day and I hope that their innocence will protect them from the all too obvious new slant society has given Halloween, managing to change the whole point of it.

What Is the Connection Between Halloween and Satan?

Unfortunately, the whole purpose behind Halloween has been lost.  The Solemnity of All Saints is on November 1st and All Souls Day is on November 2nd.  Please read this article from AmericanCatholic.org.  It explains what the original purpose of Halloween was and discusses the link between Halloween and Satan.  It also offers ideas and insights as to how we, as Catholics, can “keep the religious connection and curb pre-Christian trappings” so that Halloween can be redeemed.

I didn’t want to write this post in order to bash the joy that some people find in celebrating this secular day.  When I was Googling various articles about the topic I found countless ones whereby the authors were really slamming Halloween, calling it a satanic holiday and associating it with the occult.  I certainly don’t see it as that.  However, given the disastrous state of affairs our country (and the world) is in and the fact that morality seems to have evolved into a choice rather than a requirement, I think my concern regarding the abuse of Halloween is certainly in order.

Satan uses this occasion (and the whole season leading up to it) to distract people from reality and sway their focus toward the absurd rather toward God, where it belongs.  It’s not as if all people on October 31st are going to be duped by Satan because they attend a Halloween party and have a couple of drinks or allow their teenagers to stay out an hour later than usual.  But I think that Halloween has become an occasion for the absurd and unless we are wise enough to keep it in perspective, it is possible that our moral and spiritual boundaries could be threatened.

Halloween and Satan and the Absurd

I have a real problem with anything that pulls people away from God, not the least of which is dressing provocatively and immodestly.  On Halloween it almost seems as if some people are using the occasion to flaunt themselves in an immoral and/or sexual way by dressing in a manner that defies the norm, simply for the sake of being absurd.  These same people wouldn’t dare run the risk of unleashing their wild sides on any other day of the year, so they use Halloween as a means to draw attention to themselves and they choose costumes to make their statements.

New York’s Village Halloween Parade is a perfect example of Halloween getting way out of hand.  As I was linking to that website, I just happened to click on some photos from the attached photo gallery and I immediately came across one with a topless woman who had painted her breasts and another who’s face looked as if it was supposed to be covered in blood.  There are countless numbers of gay men who enjoy dressing up as scantily clad women and several people who seem to feel that because it’s Halloween, they have every right to prance around half naked doing inappropriate and even disgusting things.  And now with the whole vampire theme (no thanks to Twilight and other related TV programs and books) having managed to seep into our culture, it’s no wonder costumes promoting the dark side are considered desirable must-haves.  When I lived in New York I saw the parade in person a few different times through the years, and it’s always the same old story: the more absurd, the better.  It got to the point where I just couldn’t watch it anymore and I made every effort to avoid it.

The connection between Halloween and Satan is obvious to me when absurdity takes precedence over truth, reason, and sound judgment.  It is when we lose our sense of truth, reason and sound judgment that we open the door to the dark side where the father of lies is all too ready to have his way with us.  We just need to get our thinking right; we have to learn to discern.  It’s really not all that difficult.  Halloween can still be a fun day for the children and the adults, but absurdity need not be a part of the itinerary.

Photo by: Eric Kilby


  1. I LOVE HALLOWEEN. I literally have been trick or treating every year but one (I was sick.) Including all 4 years of high school. I don’t really get the whole ‘sexy costume’ thing though. And as for Twilight…GACK…the books were okay but then everyone freaked out over them. And then…the most feared and awful race of TWI-HARDS were born. The world will never be the same. …OKay….bye now. I’ve ranted.

  2. @Megan – Hi Megan:) What is the TWI-HARDS race? I remember my childhood Halloweens as windy, leaves blowing across the sidewalk, full moon shining through the trees kind of nights. Candy, costumes, carving pumpkins, the fun stuff. What happened? Maybe I’m just all grown up.

  3. Wow! I am a true Christian and have been brought up in the Bible beltway. I have been brought up to not celebrate Halloween and have been pretty supportive for the most part. Seriously, to bash Twilight!?! If you have taken the time to actually read the books you would know one of the main characters (Edward) has questioned his soul going to heaven…are you saying that if this was a real situation with a Christian being bitten and turned into something besides what we are meant to be, we wouldn’t go to heaven….

  4. @JLD – Vampires feeding off the blood of humans just doesn’t seem to be the appropriate theme for children, which is who Halloween is supposedly for, at least before grown-ups took it over. I appreciate your thought, and I feel fantasy is fine associated with all the possible themes of Halloween. However, bloody, vampire-bitten humans are a far cry from Cinderella, Batman, or Kermit the Frog!

  5. Margo: Excellent post. The American Catholic article is very informative and a must read for all Christians. I am no longer a fan of celebrating Halloween but understand the draw that it has. Thanks for your keen insight and balance on this subject. N

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