Father Corapi Update

One of our readers sent me a very sad and disturbing Father Corapi update.  After reading over the material, I then went to Father Corapi’s website and found his statement regarding a recent accusation by one of his former employees.  As I read his words, I realized that, sadly, none of this really comes as a surprise.  I’ve had this weird feeling over the last year or so that he will soon be the victim of some sort of attack.  I’ll explain in a bit, but for now, please read Father Corapi’s statement below.

Father Corapi Update from His Website

On Ash Wednesday I learned that a former employee sent a three-page letter to several bishops accusing me of everything from drug addiction to multiple sexual exploits with her and several other adult women. There seems to no longer be the need for a complaint to be deemed “credible” in order for Church authorities to pull the trigger on the Church’s procedure, which was in recent years crafted to respond to cases of the sexual abuse of minors. I am not accused of that, but it seems, once again, that they now don’t have to deem the complaint to be credible or not, and it is being applied broadly to respond to all complaints. I have been placed on “administrative leave” as the result of this.

I’ll certainly cooperate with the process, but personally believe that it is seriously flawed, and is tantamount to treating the priest as guilty “just in case”, then through the process determining if he is innocent. The resultant damage to the accused is immediate, irreparable, and serious, especially for someone like myself, since I am so well known. I am not alone in this assessment, as multiple canon lawyers and civil and criminal attorneys have stated publicly that the procedure does grave damage to the accused from the outset, regardless of rhetoric denying this, and has little regard for any form of meaningful due process.

All of the allegations in the complaint are false, and I ask you to pray for all concerned.

Father Corapi Update Not a Surprise

This Father Corapi update comes as no surprise to me.  In fact, I’ve been bracing myself for the day when he would become one of the victims he speaks about in his lectures.  I guess that day has finally come.

About a month ago I wrote a post called Pray for Priests.  At the end of the post I wrote “to be continued..” because I had planned on doing a follow-up, knowing full well that I hadn’t covered nearly enough in that single entry.  But when something like this happens it’s practically follow-up in itself.  I mean, what more can I say?  Father Corapi has become a victim of the very thing he preaches about and against.  I’m sure the Devil has had him targeted all along, and what better way to take him down than through a sexual abuse charge.  Does that surprise you?  Not me.

Father Corapi Update and the Devil

Father Corapi was giving a talk once and he said that without priests there would be no Eucharist.  Well, it wasn’t that simplified.  He said much more than that and in a much clearer, better way than I just did.  But his point was that the goal of the Devil is to take down the Church because without the Church there is no Eucharist, and the Eucharist is Christ.  What better way to destroy the Church than to destroy the priests?

Obviously none of us know the details of this accusation or the underlying objective/reasoning that caused the woman to write such a letter.  Disgruntled, angry ex-employee who got fired?  Maybe.  Someone wanting to hop on the priest scandal bandwagon and make a little money for her alleged pain and suffering?  Possibly.  Or perhaps an attention-starved loner who knows about Father Corapi’s wild past and decides to milk it for all it’s worth and spin it into a present-day scandal drama.  We may never know.  But what we do know is that she is accusing him of “drug addiction and multiple sexual exploits with her and several other adult women.”  Oh really?  Interesting, seeing as Father Corapi, the high-profile figure that he is, preaches right out there in the open, all over the world against these very things and uses his own decadent past as an example.  Maybe the part about “multiple sexual encounters” will be the real zinger where her credibility will be shot.

Who knows.  All I know is that the Devil is perfectly capable of weaving his lies and deceit through any one of us who is not living in a state of grace, praying continuously and invoking the aid of Our Lady for protection against evil.  It isn’t my place to attack this woman or accuse her of lying.  But it most certainly is my place to defend Father Corapi’s honor and stand with him (in a manner of speaking) as he deals with this blow to his character and his position within the Church.

Please pray for Father John Corapi and all priests and lay people involved in this situation, and please ask Our Lady for her intercession as well.  Please pray for the light of truth to be shed on this matter and for lessons to be learned so that the greater good can still shine through, as it always does in the end.











  1. terra moody says:

    Thank you for this article. I love Fr. Corapi and was sad that they took him off EWTN this week. I am praying for this to be over soon. Interesting it happened on Ash Wed. Satan feels attention starved this time of year.

  2. I appreciate your post. I feel the same. There are other blogs promoting a “wait and see” sort of tiptoeing approach and also insinuating that any of us that want to openly support Fr. Corapi are “hero worshippers.” Feh! What I have heard and seen of Fr. C. do not leave room for such actions for which he stands accused. I am going to try and put up a spot on my blog dedicated to prayer for him.

    Blessings and Peace. +JMJ+

  3. Not Surprised says:

    OR…he’s guilty. Believe it or not, popular priests have done bad things and been caught doing them. It’s amazing how people are ready to call the BISHOPS of the Catholic Church the devil’s accomplices. Good grief…aren’t you afraid of suggesting such a thing?

  4. Thank you for your reasoned response to this….I was saddened to learn of this allegation against Fr. Corapi and equally saddened that EWTN, and apparently Relevant Radio too, have pulled back airing any of his programs. Let us all keep him in our prayers.

  5. Selín - El Salvador says:

    Mmmmmmmm … Forces that are under the dominion of the enemy, armies of darkness don’t rest in their fight against the Light of Truth, Jesus, Our Savior. St. Peter says (warns us) in 1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober and vigilant …. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for (someone) to devour.”

    I met Father Corapi through YouTube. I just watched for the “umpteenth” time his testimony of conversion (again loomed tears to my eyes.) I have also seen his homily in which he talks about the sexual scandals on the Church (he mentioned that the enemy wants to attack priests and Church in general).
    Father Corapi knows the darkness and he knows how do they act. And Devil dislikes (gets very upset) when one who has (have) been a soldier of him now is serving the Light of Christ. He uses every way to “shut up” those who discover him to others.

    So, as Peter remembers us: WE HAVE TO BE SOBER AND VIGILANT!!!…. And, we (singles, adults, young, married, women, men, elders, divorced, everybody… we have to pray every time for our Church!!! (I heard that we, lay people, have to adopt some fathers and pray for them every time).

    By the way, have you ever thought that what happen at your house, those strange “things”, maybe have relation with this kind of issues? But cheer up! Don’t be afraid!! God says in Luke 10.19, “Look, I have given you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and NOTHING CAN HURT YOU!!!

    Peace be with you!!!

  6. @Not Surprised
    It’s the “zero tolerance” policy that is being criticized. And the “plenty of tolerance” policy for the persecution and jailing of the priests that are innocent. IF Father Corapi is guilty, then he should receive the consequences. BUT if he is not, then guess what? He’s going to receive the consequences anyway. I think that is far more alarming than calling out the bishops on their policy.

  7. How very sad. The devil is out to destroy what is special to God. Working for the Catholic Church, I know first-hand the damage done to a priest who is accused of inappropriate behavior. It not only destroys the priest, but his family and the confidence of parishioners. Yes, we must pray for Fr Corapi and all priests.

  8. I just pray for justice. I love Father but I also respect the church etwn and relevant radio. This is how you know the just. Peter and Paul went to prison also under false pretence. Lord have mercy on the innocent.

  9. I remember Father talking about when he went to confession for the first time I believe in 20 some years. He told the priest that he was called to be a priest also. The priest told him that he could not be a priest because the devil would use his past against him. These recent events brought this warning from this elderly priest to my mind. Poor Father Corapi…..I refuse to believe the stuff that has happened…..I truly think he is innocent!!!! But if he has fallen….we must lift him up and dust him off…..for we are all sinners…..Remember what father said “it’s not over till the fat lady sings”…..Love you Father Corapi

  10. kathleen says:

    Dear Fr. Corapi,

    Jesus loves you, I love you, and everyone else who loves you already know the truth!
    You will get through this and then as the truth comes out, those who love you, will stand guilt free for supporting you in all that you say and do. The Holy Trinity will carry you to the moment of your righteousness. Amen.

    God Bless You!
    Your friend in Jesus,
    -Kathleen and family-

  11. Father Corapi

    Thank you for my conversion, through you, in Jesus. I love you. And I pray for you always.

    Your friend,

  12. Dear Father Corapi,

    Thank you for always loving god and giving yourself to him. Thank you for being as strong as you are and leading the way for so many people who aren’t strong enough to do this by themselves. You are a very powerful leader for our church and a very powerful leader to me. I pray that nothing comes of all the horrible works the devil has in store for you. And I hope that after you are found innocent, the accuser can quickly be forgotten, as I wish no light to be shed on the workings of Satan. I love you and trust in the lord, and the people he appoints to be his voice, your loving son,


  13. Estrella V.Padilla says:

    Dear Father Corapi,
    I have not met you in person but I saw you on ewtn and youtube. I have been listening to you
    for this past 3 years and I admire you , speaking the Truth. This Morning’s mass I asked the Blessed Mother to help you and to set you free because these allegations are all false.You have always say ,” your mama wears combat boots “, so Father, fight on. I will pray the rosary everyday and offer sacrifices for you. Defeat satan and you will. And I will see you again and hear your powerful voice on tv,speaking about THE WORD.
    In the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

  14. Dear Father,

    I believe in you. My mother and I so looked forward to your televised programs on EWTN. Your goodness and spiritually touched my very soul with much needed HOPE, ENCOURAGEMENT and FAITH. As a young cancer survivor and not in good health, I need you…we need you. Shame on EWTN to break my spirit. I will not be watching your programming any more!

  15. Dear Father Corapi,
    Please know that my Bible Study class has been praying for you. You have deepened our faith and knowledgevery much as we have listened to your lessons and lectures over the past three years. I am sorry you have to endure the accusations, but if anyone can rise above such a thing, I think it would be you. Your grateful students do not doubt you one iota.
    Hope you can enjoy a little fishing while you wait! Thank you, Kathy

  16. Patricia says:

    Dearest Father,

    In my writings listed about with the signage Patricia, I believe and pray for you daily. So there is no misunderstanding, I will never watch EWTN again for the treatment of you. Gods peace be with you always. I will truly miss you….

  17. Mary Ann says:

    Fr. Corapi brought me back to saying the rosary. I also love the month of October. Not realizing it but I chose October for my wedding date. Once I heard Fr. Corapi speak about the rosary, I felt a strong need to pray the rosary daily. I went to Fatima and felt peace there and want to go back again. Please pray for father, he has taught me so much and he is a disciple of Christ. Bring him peace and happiness again. May Christ bring you peace again. May He keep you safe and strong. God bless you.

  18. Dear Father,
    I am leaving my mind open and my heart filled because of Trust in our Father. It’s clear the dark one is at work here. Whether Satan has caused mahem from actions caused by your accusor or you….he’s still at work tempting and poisoning whatever/whoever are soldiers of our Christ. Yes, Momma wears combat boots. She brought you out of hell to Christ before and she will do it again! For you, for us, and for her son. No matter how this non crime turns out, forgivness is how we know Christ taught us. We trust in HIM!
    You will get up, stand up, and continue to do the work you were called to do. I trust in Christ and you are called to be one of his soldiers who have reached SO many out there. You are put to the test (again)…..I trust you will keep putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, and Christ will hold you up.
    Trust in this suffering, for our Father will bring you back to us…..at least I trust, if it is His will. God be with you and your accusor. I don’t know about anyone else; but whoever is the sinner…personally I forgive it all. Christ taught me that. Get on with it and move forward with an even greater understanding that will come from what we all learn here. We will be patient, respectful, forgiving, and move on as you have taught us in following our Father……..Thank You and may the Spirit of Christ fill your heart and soul…Happy Easter!!!

  19. Father Corapi has done so much for me. i LOVE him and miss him. i watchEWTN all the time hoping he would be on and now there is a void. some things “you just know” and i know he is innocent. we all do. The devil is trying to destroy him and it will never happen. Fr. Corapi knows this and will handle it.

    that was a great article. thank you.

  20. please don’t say you will never watch EWTN just because some network person yanked Fr Corapi off the air. We all need the teachings EWTN gives us in other programs and you know Fr Corapi would say the same thing. continue to watch the other programs, pray for him and he’ll be back!!

  21. Dear Father Corapi,

    Your in my prayers…stay strong!

    God Bless You

  22. If all Catholics would pick up their Rosary and ask Mary to pray to Jesus and God the Father that this Satanic attack to Fr. Corpi be bound in Jesus name and healed it would be over.

  23. Mary was given the power by God to crush the head of Satan. Catholics need to get back to the Rosary. It will destroy the attacks of Satan. Bring back the Rosary. Satan hates the Rosary because he knows God gave Mary the power to crush his head.

  24. I found something of interest that some of you may want to google and read. (Updated Statement by SOLT Regional Priest Servant on Father Corapi
    ),…. Please read the post made on April 26th by Comment by mdstanzel on April 26, 2011 8:30 am

  25. As soon as I heard about this situation I felt that it was someone who wanted attention from Fr. Corapi, money, or what ever else they could milk him for and destroy him in the process. What I hate the most is that this is dragging on and on and should be put to rest. I don;’t just believe in Fr. Corapi but I feel very strongly about his innocence because of his past. Anyone who has been and recovered from what he has gone through is not likely to let it slip and happen again. I not only say that because I believe in him or because I am a woman I was in law enforcement for several years and I have seen and heard of this happening so many times. I will continue to pray for him and hope that this will be resolved soon so he can return to us.

  26. It’s hard to believe that Fr.Corapi is guilty of what he is accused. As a non-Catholic, he strikes me as a straight forward honourable man. To me, one of the worst sins is ‘bearing false witness….’ May the truth soon come out.

  27. Raymond Le Du says:

    Dear Father Corapi, I hope that very soon all will be cleared up. You are and have been a great inspiration to me and I’m sure to countless others. I don’t doubt that you will remain strong under these attacks. Thank you for your leadership, which is greatly appreciated and much needed in today’s very secular world. I know Our Blessed Mother is watching over you. Your friend in Christ, Ray

  28. I too have a decadent past. Over the years I have overcome all of it but the newspapers remind me of so many people who need the help of people like Fr. Corapi. My wife and I saw him at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ recently. I started watching Fr. Corapi on EWTN with my wife and was in awe of his powerful presence. He said he says all those prayers daily. Well I have begun to say 400 of “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us who have recourse to thee”. I also say 100 of “My Jesus mercy.” I’ve been saying the Rosary daily for the last 4 years. It started as a Lenten only prayer but because of how it makes me feel I’ve continued to say it daily. COME ON BISHOPS GET ON THE STICK AND GET THIS WONDERFUL PRIEST BACK ON THE PULPIT. DO NOT PUT HIM IN THE FILES ALONG WITH THE OTHER ONES WHO HAVE DISGRACED THEMSELVES. WE DO PRAY FOR THEM ALSO BUT FR JOHN C OF ALBANY,NY DOES NOT DESERVE THIS TREATMENT. GOD BLESS YOU PADRE. ALWAYS IN MY WIFES AND MY PRAYERS.

  29. Viola J Gallegos says:

    The Father Corapi that I have come to know over the last few years; I’m sure was expecting such an attack; I however didn’t and am deeply sadden by this evil deed, as it demonstates the craftiness of satan (intentionally lower case)for his lowlyness. I am convinced however it will only serve not only to make Father stronger but, his ministry stronger. Please ask Father Corapi to take good care of himself, eat right, exercise (I know he is praying) and get alot of rest. We need you Father Corapi ,The Good Shepard needs you and yourHELP to gather the multitudes of straying sheep. This trial will pass; you know the REAL battle has already been won. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE!!!!! vjg

  30. michelle says:


  31. I cannot believe you, Fr Corapi are not back on the air by now. I read tv schedule for May 22, and you were back on at noon! Guess our paper had a misp-rint because you were not!! I taped you one evening when I couldn’t watch. After I watched, I taped every time you were on. I am so HAPPY I did because Until you are back on–I can watch and listen to you. I know you will stay strong, I need to stay strong by praying to our Mother an her Son by listening to you speak!!! Thank You!!!

  32. Diana Lyn says:

    Originally Posted By Diana LynnHi Father,
    Just checking up on you. You will be cleared no matter how long it takes. This has to be so difficult for you. Don’t give up because there are so many of us that are behind you. You are constantly in my prayers and daily Communion. The sun always shines after a storm.
    Smile, God loves you.

    @Diana Lynn@Diana Lynn

  33. annonymous says:

    May Our Lady assist Father Corapi in dealing with this bullshit.
    sorry I am cursing, but It boils my blood and I am willing to stand and say bead for bead for Father Corapi and all priests to constantly be in the will or our Father and bring Jesus to us.
    God Bless you for submitting this.
    Mary, visit your priests.
    Mary, visit the sinners.
    Mary, expose lies and lift up the truth.

  34. I like what you wrote. I don’t believe for one minute Father did anything wrong. I have been and will continue to pray for him.

  35. William Alwine says:

    I am a Christian (not catholic) who often listened to Father Corapi. He was a voice from a
    different point of view church-wise but who solidly presented the saving power of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. He also preached in a way that gave practical force to the Bible
    message. Let us all pray that this cloud be lifted from Father Corapi and that he is given a
    greater ministry than that he already had.

  36. Dear Fellow Believers,

    Ephesians 6 says our battle is SPIRITUAL primarily. The forces of DARKNESS
    HATE anyone who stands up for Biblical Truth! Our weapons in this battle must also
    be spiritual. We must Pray, Study God’s WORD, and FAST so that we can have the
    Spirit of Christ dwelling in us. We must have the FAITH connection RENEWED

    Who do you think Satan and his minions seek to devour? Folks, we are entering the
    very days spoken of in Revelations. When, if it were possible, all mankind would
    be deceived and wiped out! We ALL face the wiles of the devil everyday.

    Brothers and sisters, encourage everyone you know to PRAY FERVENTLY for
    those under-Shepherds of Jesus Christ, the Priests,Bishops,Cardinals, the Pope,
    the Nuns,etc. They NEED us to do this.

    By ourselves, we can do only a little. BUT TOGETHER our Prayers will MAKE
    a Difference! Remember, Jesus asked. When He returns,will He FIND FAITH?
    Let’s STIR UP each others FAITH, and each do our job! The Church, our families
    AND all of mankind will be blessed for it!

  37. Dear Fellow Believers,
    Father Corapi ministry has been instrumental in leading my wife and I back to
    a strong walk with the LORD. We pray fervently he will come back stronger than ever,and that he will return to EWTN, radio, and speaking tours. His voice of Truth is so much needed by the Church to inspire us all to a strong walk of faith.

  38. God bless you, Father Corapi. You are a real priest and a real man. I have watched you for over 5 years (and listened to your CD’s). I couldn’t believe how courageous you were to speak the truth about your past, the present and our future. Through your brilliant and powerful delivery my holiness began to grow. I watched and listened carefully — and began to fear you were disturbing the evil forces but I believed our prayers for you would keep you safe. During this time it became necessary for me to care for my adult son, a 100% disabled veteran with PTSD. He had little interest in anything but it gave him hope to share time watching and listening to you with me. He loved you as much as I did, and that made me very happy. He faced his death during your Ash Wednesday crisis. When I needed your blessings more than ever in my life, you had been taken away, too. Because of you, I pray the Rosary every day. And, the Jewish lady who lives next door says it with me. We will be your armour. We will see you again, even stronger. His name was Matthew John. His birthday was the same as yours, May 20th.

  39. Fr. Corapi will have “a very important announcement” to make this weekend! Check it out on his Facebook page, You-Tube, and email. I hope the dark cloud has been lifted. After all, he did say: “I am not extinguished!”

  40. you can follow “mr.” corapi here now. still faithful just one less good priest in the world.


  41. My money man told me to keep an eye on where the money flows. If ya can’t figure it out watch the money. Where it ends up, there is the answer.

  42. Father Corapi brought a lot of people back to the church and yes his messages did hurt because they were direct and this resulted in more conversions. The devil could not take that and hence he set up a plot and appears to have won… but he has not… As Catholics we should be all the more united, and pray extensively for Fr. Corapi (who will always be a priest to me) and for more sheep to come back to the flock. “Holy Mary Mother of God Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

  43. For many years, I too have watched Fr Corapi and loved his testimony for the faith. God gave him the ability to give such powerful witness for the good of the Church. But I am disappointed that he has just announced today, although unofficially, to leave the priesthood because of the Church’s suspension of his priestly duties. So many saints have had to weather this injustice. But they gave the most powerful witness of all by being obedient. How do you know a saint? Obedience and humility. It is the fastest way to heaven. Did not Padre Pio do the same thing? I hope and pray that his director, Fr. Sheehan, can talk to him and convince him to do the same. I will be praying.

  44. Phil Van Treese says:

    I have always loved Fr. Corapi and his “no nonsense” approach to teaching the Catholic Faith. I am sad to hear of these accusations, which I do not believe are true. I hope he stands up and fights these charges like he does everything else—-head on!!! I would love to stand with him in this if I could, side by side!! I hope he takes on his accusers and destroys their “credibility” to show that he was/is innocent of these malicious charges. I hope he doesn’t leave the priesthood because he’s among the best of the best as far as I am concerned. I wouldn’t want to stand in front of God when I die to explain why I falsely accused a priest of something he didn’t do!!! God bless Fr. Corapi and I will be saying the Rosary for him until this is over and he’s exonerated.

  45. I seem to recall a comment Corapi made once in a televised talk (I think on EWTN), where he mentioned that it was difficult for him to respond to the woman in the pew who, he thought, had a crush on him. I remember thinking how odd that he would even be thinking this, much less saying it in a talk. Didn’t he realize that it could very well have been his imagination…she was perhaps just a nice lady who was being friendly to him and to others at the parish. Some of these priests don’t think….they really need to start, and start praying too. And yes, Corapi is careful with his words. What he does NOT say is often more important than what he DOES say.

  46. John Siple says:

    Fr. Corapi/St. John of the Cross. ” I found a similitude. Hold your eager desire to know or crow about this very telling exception to righteous authority. John of the Cross was taken prisoner by jealous maybe seniors of vying Provinces in Spain.
    He was damn well done for, when he planned his escape by, of all things…
    23 minutes ago · Privacy: · Like ·
    Linda Maxey likes this.
    John Siple unscrewing the lock fastener & at night in stillness, darkness, forced the lock, jumping down to a wall, then into the cloister of nuns, then freedom to a hospital who secretly nursed him well. He was 5’11”.
    21 minutes ago · Like
    John Siple He always rightly preached of the wonderous ways of trusting Providence in spite of the crosses in life, until he had to escape the nonsense of his captivity. Now compare that with what Corapi has done!

  47. Dear Father Corapi,
    I am very sorry for what has happened to you and you are in my prayers all throughout the day. Please accept what I have to say as only my beliefs and ones that you have taught me. You knew our faith better than anyone else and taught it better than anyone else since Archbishop Sheen. The accusations are terrible and are a tremendous CROSS for you. I am concerned that your remedy for dealing with them is not God’s will but your will, I will explain – you were rejected by your father at the age of 12 years old, and as you grew it was obvious that you had to be top in what you did – wrestling, your time in the service proving to yourself and others that you could survive extreme circumstances – then it was top salesman in California and that was the beginning of the end of your success, after a horrible time of recovery you decided to be a priest and you went all the way to the top again and received a wonderful education the rest is history – you became an outstanding priest and speaker to many people – in audiences and on TV. Do not let this be the end of God’s calling for you, do not let your pride or your need to always be on top to guide you in the direction now(remember Father that need comes from the early rejection you felt from your Father and it is not needed anymore ). Please remember God’s love for you and TRUST GOD in your decisions for the future. Take your time and feel the pain without jumping into something that is an immediate fix. Love and prayers always, Jean

  48. Accusations are false… how often have we heard that statement only to have the truth prove that statement wrong. Why hold yourself to such a high standard that is impossible to live up to! All you stone throwers in glass houses should just get lives and let people be people with all their flaws. Corapi and the rest if his ilk just need to live and enjoy life and quit with the greater than thou and devil made me do it mentality…. When you can describe the Church as right wing and be right then Rome has gone to far! And all those Saints had other sides too. Got to give it up and embrace all – no one has the answers or is right!

  49. Dear Fr. Corapi,

    Please help me to understand why you seem more business like than holy. It seems to me that you may be more concerned with the material and the worldly things. Remember St. Peter and St. Paul, not to mention our Savior, Jesus Christ. They were persecuted to the end result of death, and they never turned their back on, or abandoned Truth, The Church. You are being tested, and you are being persecuted. Please show us how not to fold, and give in to satan. Your actions must be quite pleasing to the enemy of our souls. Please seek first the Kingdom of God. You have been given so many special graces and we need you as a priest, please do not abandon us. If you leave your priesthood and the The Church, I cannot any longer support you, for I follow no man, but Jesus Christ, and HIS Church.
    In 2 Hearts,
    Lisa Adams

  50. Dear Fr. Corapi,
    You have been such an inspiration to so many people and brought many back into our wonderful catholic church. Please be patient and do not leave the priesthood. This is exactly what the devil wants. You must have these trials for a very special reason, probably sainthood.Remember St.Padre Pio and so many other saints sufferings. I believe as so many do that you are completely innocent and it will be a shame for you to leave your calling.Please be as patient as it takes. My rosaries and prayers are with you always. May God bless and keep you.
    With a sincere heart,

  51. Dear Father Corapi,
    What is happening to you is so sad. You were born to be a priest. Please do not give up.
    There are so many people who need you to stand strong. If you are right–and I totally trust that you are , as you are a very honest individual–then do not be afraid of anything. The Catholic Church NEEDS someone like you.

  52. Those of us that listened to and loved the pronouncements of Father Corapi are indeed saddened by what has /and is transpiring. But let us never lose sight of our beliefs as Catholics, That God has a plan for all of us. He had a plan when he brought John Corapi up from the depths of dispair and gave him the miraculous power of the priesthood. And I believe he has a plan now for John Corapi which we will know as time reveals it.
    So stay true to your faith. Pray for John Corapi that God will once again have need for his talents and services regardless of what they be.

  53. In the Old testament there is a warning from God not to attack His anointed.

  54. Derek Jones says:

    Dear Father Corapi,

    I have watched you on TV and listened to your talks and have been enthralled by them. They are all logical and completely faith based. I find it virtually impossible to beleive these allegations against you, and so does my wife. HOWEVER I also think you should submit to the discipline of your order whilst the investigation is carried out. Perhaps you will change your mind on this and now submit to the church authority.

  55. Dear Father corapi, I have known you for about five years. and I know the blessed mother has led me to your testimony, and preaching for a reason. to helpme on my salvation. Father, I am sure you are not a saint yet. because you are still alive, thank God. But you have been a great help for me and I strongley believe that you have been an instrument to other people too. Father, Remember what came out of your mouth, If there is no pain, there is no gaing, and you finish up the rest… Father the devil, want’s to stop you and maybe he did for now. but remember. Jesus is in charge of the batle soldier…suck it up. youwill not be letefted behind JESUS will carry
    you tho the end of the batlefield. Don’t give up soldier! I know you wan’t to fight but for now,let the maint soldier carry you, and just stay alive..you have been fighting a good fight.Just stay alive. Don’t lose faith. God will WIN at the end of the batle
    . .with love your brother in christ. Joseph..
    Father, please pray for my salvation and my daughter, Rosalie and my Son Joseph Jr “s Salvatio”s . A US Marine too…. We Love You. and Carry On……

  56. you are in my prayers .. don’t give up the good fight. Stay with the church!

  57. peter1589 says:

    If we dare to recall the most famous prostitute of the Bible, namely St. Mary Magdeline, we remember that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ expelled 7 demons from her. Anyone who is involved in drugs or sexual promiscuity or, frankly, this internet or any of the musical forms over the past 50 years which have been filling our ears and minds with the messages of total rebellion against God, such a person can be absolutely certain that the devil and his almost countless minions, spread out all over the earth and causing divisions and conflicts galore, is the root cause of the problems.

    And we are witless, graceless fools who fail to recognize the attacks and fail to take countermeasures.

    But with the wholesale onslaught of the internet, the TV, the radio, the CD’s, the Rock ‘n Roll (Rock = Peter upon whom Christ built the Church; Roll = bread and Christ the Bread of Lift, i.e, mockery of the Eucharist), the incessant blare of such music in stores and malls, and a whole host of unnamed other sources of stimulation all coordinated by the Devil himself, who is to escape?

    Did not Christ Himself state, “And when the Son of Man returns, think ye He will find faith?”

    Only Noah and his small family survived the Flood. The Blessed Virgin has been coming to scores of locations telling any of the faithful who will listen of the coming Chastisement. Will any survive? Apparently, but they, as She states, will envy the dead. God have mercy on us inveterate rebels.

  58. Ellen Grieco says:

    I so agree with your assessment of what has happened to Father Coropi. It is right on.
    Satan hates Father Coropi and all he stands for. Father once gave a talk about how Satan goes after those at the top to bring down the church and I am sure that is what has happened here.
    I will sue miss him being on EWTN and don’t understand why he is no longer going to be. It just isn’t right for him to be guilty without being heard. I will be praying for him daily. He is one of the best priests I have ever known or heard. God Bless and keep Father Coropi.

  59. Bob Skier says:

    Dear Fr. Corapi:

    I just want to offer to you the same profound advice you provided in many of your talks which I remember so well: “NEVER GIVE UP!” This will pass.

  60. Father Corapi hang in there we are all praying for you may God and The Virgin Mary be with you on this difficult time the light of Christ will shine on you

  61. andrea jean rose says:

    thank you for your comment. i appreciate everything you said. as a mother of two, a 9 yr old girl, hannah love (named after God bc God IS love ) and a soon to be 5yr old boy, blaise gabriel (st.blaise and archangel gabriel ) i am fully aware of the devil around us. you mentioned internet, tv and music. it saddens me to hear some of todays lyrics coming from my babes mouths. the music is catchy with fun beats, but my babies know way more than they should ever know at their young ages, mostly because of it. not knowing what they are reciting, i have to ask them not to repeat some of the lines, then they ask why and that always makes for curiosity. i always try to get around the true meaning of what they said.. it’s difficult to protect them and impossible to sheild them completely. especially since i cant be with them as much as i need to be since i have to share them with their father. Mother Mary, please pray for them. I ask for your protection for my dearly beloved children. I love them as you loved Christ as a child and continue to love Him now. Thank you for my Jesus and thank you for your prayers and intercession. Mother, i pray for ALL the children of the world, they need you, WE need you now more than ever. and Please take care of our beloved John Corapi, your son, who will always be father in my heart and prayers. keep him close to you now and all of his life. Amen
    Fr. Corapi, if you happen to read this, please know that i love you and i have prayed for you for about 15yrs or so. i am currently 34yrs of age. i was lucky enough to attended one of your conferences in the detroit area when was 20-21yrs old. that was my introduction to you. i knew you were special then and have loved and admired you since! at that time in my life, i felt called to become a nun even tho my life was probably similar to what yours had been but without all the money,cars and amazing homes. in fact, most everyone i knew lived their life the way i did. however, even though my life was less holy than it should have been, still i felt drawn to God and had a deep, immense love for Him. i wanted to be close to Jesus and longed for truth and knowledge. baptised as a baby by my grandmother Florence McKinnon, who a devout catholic, prayed for a sign of roses that what she had done was accepted by God. she received 7 roses that day from my grandfather who had never brought her flowers before! i was baptised again at four years of age at the national shrine of the little flower, (where i am currently a parishioner. ) i did not make my confirmation untill i was 22yrs old,it was at st.theresa of avila church in macomb. at that time i attended daily mass at different churches where i was the only young person in attendance. i read my bible, prayed rosaries, spent time in eucharistic adoration 1am,2am-3am driving 45 minutes by myself to get there, and i watched ewtn all the time.. (i miss watching you terribly..) it was at this time in my life when i had a couple encounters with evil spirits in my room at night. at about 3am on two different occasions i sensed an evil pressence in my room. im not sure how but they were able to put pressure on my legs the first time and the second time, pressure on my chest. the second time i fought to sit up in my bed but couldnt. i prayed, “in the name of Jesus Christ,leave! ” i wanted to run downstairs and jump in my sister’s bed with whom i was living with but i was too scared to get up. by the grace of God, i fell asleep. i had one more experience another time. i was laying on my stomach on my bed, watching my fish tank late one night. i closed my eyes and then i heard the most terrifing sounds coming from behind me. i swear it was a demon or it may have been the devil himself snaring at me. the sound this thing was making was truely the sound of evil itself! my reaction? i wanted to “flip it the bird”. i actually tried to! i couldnt move my arm to do so. i fought hard to move my arm so my finger could tell him exactly what i thought of him and his scare tactics. but i couldnt move. in fact, i was paralized. i couldnt even open my eyes! that is when i became nervous and prayed for Jesus to help me. He did. the wicked, evil thing left. again, by the grace of God i was able to fall asleep that night. i feel because i was trying so hard to know God and learn about Him and be close to Him that i was being attacked. as i feel YOU are being attacked. Father Corapi, i cant call you anything but father, you will always be Fr.Corapi to me. i pray for you all the time. my heart breaks for you. i know you are feeling so much pain from all of this. and not being able to serve must be torture.. for you, i have prayed a “spiriutal 911” that you gave us. Fr.John Corapi’s Spirtiual 911- 9 memoraries, 1 rosary, 1 divine chaplet. all of you who read this please pray for our fr. john corapi. i pray for each of you who reads this and for each of you who prays. fr.corpi, i want to tell you what happened to me after my “enounters” with the evil that thought enough of me to be bothered by my devotion. having told another sister of mine about my experiences she sent me holy water and told me to put in my room a picture of the sacred heart of Jesus. i did. one night i came home late from work and sensed an evil pressence in my room again. immediatly i got mad and pulled out my holy water and blessed my room. “in the name of Jesus Christ leave!” a feeling of peace and comfort washed over me. i continued, blessing myself, my fish tank then my sacred heart picture. i kissed Him and placed Him back on my dresser. before going to sleep i read a little from my bible. having my rosary in my hand, i was focused on Jesus’s sacred heart picture and praying Hail Mary’s over and over. confused and distraught about my life and where it was going i just prayed Hail Mary, full of grace.. all of the sudden my body felt totally relaxed, even my facial muscles were relaxed so much so that my jaw hung open. my eyes began to open wide on their own. wider and wider they opened. completely comfortable with was happening to my body, i enjoyed the comfort and peace that accompanied me as well. i was so comfortable that i didnt want to move. starring at Jesus’s picture, more focused on what was happening to me, i noticed the picture had an energy about it. it seemed as though it was coming alive. just then, Jesus’ face came through! “my God,why me? oh, please dont talk to me i can hardly handle this..” He didnt say anything, He didnt have to He was letting me kno He was there for me. He was soooooooooo beautiful! So handsome! ive never seen a picture of Him looking the way He did that night. His skin was deeply tanned, His hair dark, His beard well groomed, His eyes were the most amazing eyes i’ve ever seen! His eyes were the most beautiful brown but almost gold.. He stayed with me for a few minutes then He went back in. after Jesus, the Blessed Mother came through!!! She was dressed in white and was beautiful with a loving look on her face. She stayed with me a little while then she went back and Jesus came again! They did this a few times over a period of about 15 minutes.. Amazing!!! the next day i told my sister lisa, she has been a spiritual guide and has taught me a lot about the faith. (she’s the one who gave me the extra ticket to your conference.) lisa sent me to a priest to talk about my vision. Fr.Joseph Esper was the priest i was sent to. a very holy man, and now an author. i explained every detail to him and he confirmed for me what i knew to be true, that i had an authentic vision and that i should consider myself blessed.. i’ve recently seen Fr. Joseph Esper on ewtn.
    he was on women of Grace and he assisted at mass. it was nice to see he was doing well because i’ve prayed for him as well all these years and havent seen him since we spoke about my vision 11-12yrs ago. i still have my sacred heart picture, it is my most prized posession. the once smooth flawless surface is now creased outlining where the Blessed Mother came through. just last year the symbol of
    her immaculate heart popped up on the corner of it. that is a whole other amazing story.. i have other experiences i would like to share. actually, i was trying to gain the courage to contact you about my story and for your guidence. i would love to hear from you John Corapi. i had a feeling the Blessed Mother was going to appear to me before she did. i even mentioned it to my boyfriend at the time. i have a strong feeling that there is a special mission awaiting me when i am ready. i am trying to prepare myself for the mission or message that may come to me. i need a good confession first. Please pray for me as i will continue to pray for you to the Lord our God and to our Blessed Mother. God Bless you and take care of yourself!
    and God Bless all of you who have read my story\letter..

  62. Carmen M. Cartaya says:

    Dear Father Corapi,
    I have been praying for you… for a long time. I thought that a man of your caliber would
    RESIDENCE AND STICK YOU YOU VOWS. Look what happened to Saint Pio and to
    many great saints in the Catholic Church. God and Our Blessed Mother will win this one
    for you. Forget the world, the lawyers, the legality of the whole thing. Life is not fair, as
    you well know. Reconcile with SOLT, keep your vows; Sir, Father, you are not a quitter; but out here in the world , you will not find the weapons you need for this one. I hope you
    do not become a second Luther…because then there will be lots of souls for which you will have to answer at judgement. I keep praying you you. Carmen M. Cartaya in Tampa, Florida

  63. Carmen M. Cartya says:


    Thank you for allowing the grammatical correction. Carmen M. Cartaya

  64. peter1589 says:

    @andrea jean rose@peter1589

    I also have had 2 demonic experiences. During my “conversion” from a fairly successful international performance vocation, God brought us to our knees financially. My Catholic wife said we should do the 54 day Rosary Novena which she had learned about during her youth. We had NEVER prayed before, notwithstanding being married in a Catholic ceremony, despite my not being a Catholic at the time. God had plans for me.

    We finished the Novena and I literally overnight got a job on Wall Street as a legal assistant (a) not knowing how to type and (b) never having worked with a computer before and had no idea how to even turn it on. Nonetheless, the manager had 2 recommendations about me, one from someone who had never even met me, and she took a BIG chance on me. If you know anything about Wall Street attorneys, I can assure you it was no picnic, but suddenly our fortunes made a complete 180 degree turnaround.

    In constant gratitude I was now a virally, stringently champion of the practice of the Holy Rosary and made anyone who came into contact with me almost literally sick in their stomachs by my zeal, due mainly to the fact that one night while prayer the Rosary in bed, God opened the veil between the corporal and the spiritual realms and into my left ear, hissing like a reptilian predator, in the most murderously furious, simultaneously thermonuclear hot and liquid nitrogen cold (both of which are a shadow of comparisons against the Real Thing I excperienced), penetrating stright into my brain, “I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!” Apparently I had really irritated the demon who had been plaguing me all my life by the practice of the Holy Rosary.

    The second time was only a couple of years ago while lying prostrate before Jesus Christ late one night as He remains constantly waiting for company alone in Catholic Churches all around the world. I was praying and He allowed satan to press down on my left shoulder with an almost unbearable pressure, making me believe it was going to break. So, as I understand it, if I’m even able to get to purgatory, it’ll be a loooooooooong time before I’m able to be permitted to enter Heaven.

    The Experience led me to search fervently for others’ experiences with the demonic, and that only from Catholic saints, as I can see that the PROTEST-ant sects, so completely divided between each other and relying solely on their own Personal Relationship with Jesus and Imperious Self-Justifying interpretation of Holy Scripture, are hardly in a position to claim the Truth of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. I read Josepha Menendez’s “The Way of Divine Love” in which she repeatedly, almost daily, was sent to Hell to do penance for sinners like me. I read St. Faustina Kowalska’s books, St. Don Bosco’s dreams, St. Theresa of Avila’s stories of demonic experiences and scores of others’.

    I was also led to http://www.olrl.org and found the remarkable story of the Cry of A Lost Soul, found at http://www.olrl.org/doctrine/cry.shtml, where the damned soul, a young woman, relates how, even back in WWII she stated, “I hate the devil too. And yet I am pleased about him, because he tries to ruin all of you; he and his satellites, the fallen with him at the beginning of time. There are millions of them. They roam around the earth, as thick as a swarm of flies, and you do not even notice it. It is not reserved to us damned to tempt you; but to the fallen spirits. ”

    Millions of them. Do you people understand? MILLIONS of them. And we do not even notice it.

    Hence, only the most stringenet application of Catholic Sacraments can avail us of hope. Pray the St. Michael Chaplet, use Holy Water, Holy Salt, Holy Oils and turn off the TV, the internet, the radio and dispose of all non-Catholic books in your homes, unless you want to do your own will and end up with those malevolent creatures for all eternity.

    God bless you all.

    A Fallen Pseudo-Catholic.

  65. So, this was apparently written before the investigation of his order came out that alleged that Fr. Corapi was “sexting”, having illicit relations with a prostitute and using drugs. This wasn’t an attack from some anonymous accuser – this was the findings of his own order. Do you all still think this is not true? His order must be making up a huge hoax if it is not. These allegations have been verified and charged by the Superior of SOLT.



    What makes you think that Mary Magdalan was a prostitute?
    Why would a very wealthy lady want to charge money for her favours?
    People can be very careless with their use of words.

  67. melanie sotelo says:

    Dear FR.Corapi,
    I always enjoy your talk.I attended one of your srevice years ago with my 2 sisters in Canada. I hope evrything will come out right .Devil is always around us specially for those who are close to God. He wants to stop whatever you are doing for the salvation of souls. And I hope you will not give in to that evil attacked. Stay close to Him and I know God will help you in your distressed.I will pray for you that you will one day go back to that pulpit. I missed your talk.

    May all the Saints inheaven in union with the Blessed Mother Mary be with you to protect and bless you that all this accusation will go to hell with satan ,the devil.
    God be wiyh you.

  68. Marshall says:

    All of this is part of the unrelenting attack on Christianity as we come closer to the End Times. See how fast the Left was in seizing on the tragedy in Oslo, blaming Christians and the Knights Templar for the mass murder perpetrated by a lunatic. There will come a time when even owning Bible will make one suspect of a crime no matter what it is. Read George Orwell’s 1984. That book is not fiction … it’s prophecy!

  69. I never heard Fr. Corapi preach – though I know of him – but based on the many posts here defending him, I gather he must have built up some real star power from his program on EWTN. Sadly, as if it hadn’t been enough that the Church has been harmed grievously in recent years by the clergy sex abuse scandals, she has received additional wounds from high-profile priests who preached publicly to millions against clergy transgressions but who behind the scene lived exactly the kind of private life that they preached against. There was the Miami priest who left the church and became an Episcopalian minister after he was caught frolicking with a woman on the beach. Now we have Fr. Corapi. No doubt their followers feel the hurt and the sense of betrayal deeply. However, one must not forget that these are the weeds that the enemy has sown in God’s field. He will let them grow along with the good seeds, but come harvest time, He will separate the weeds from the grain, bundle and burn them. Fr. Corapi has revealed himself to be egotistic, untruthful and obviously too far gone to be capable of showing repentance. By refusing his Order’s directive to leave his home in Montana to live in community with his fellow priests, he doesn’t appear eager to prove his innocence. He is also breaking one of his priestly vows : that of obedience. He has already broken the other two vows of chastity and poverty. In case anyone still thinks he has been falsely accused or unfairly treated by the Church, please read what was revealed by his religious order regarding information about Fr. Corapi learned during its inquiry into the allegations; that it discovered “years of cohabitation” with a woman, repeated abuse of alcohol and drugs and “serious violation” of his promise of poverty based on his ownership of more than $1 million in real estate, numerous luxury vehicles, motorcycles, an ATV, a boat dock and several motor boats. His wealth must have come from his book and DVD sales, however, he was supposed to give it to the Church or donate it to charities. Now that he has left the priesthood, I would say “good riddance!” By all means, we should still pray for Fr. Corapi but don’t make excuses for him or defend him against the Church. Our loyalty and love should be directed at all the other priests out there who are truly God’s faithful servants and who deserve our full support.

  70. Those who are quick to condem Father Corapi, should read the lifes of St, John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, and more recently Father Pio. All unjustly victimized by their superiors , even encarcerated in the case of St. John, but ultimately victorious. Father Corepi should follow their examples and endure the persecution with faith and humility, and follow the example set by our Lord Jesus Christ who could easily have bannish His persecutors, but chose to remain silent to the extrme of dying in the cross for our sins and taught us an enduring lesson of love and humility. Corpus Christi, TX

  71. carlos salazar says:

    carry your cross, and remember that the truth shall set you free. God be with you.
    our prayers are.

  72. Marvin and Nell Dixon says:

    We are not of the Catholic faith but have been firm watchers of Father Corapi for several years.This problem sickens us.The Father is one of the best teachers we have ever seen or heard.Why is he assumed guilty of such actions simply because some woman says so? We miss him and will continue to love him and pray for him.May God Bless you.

  73. peter1589 says:

    @BRENDON CUNNINGHAM – Well, where do you think she got the 7 demons which Christ cast out of her, as cited in both Luke and Mark?

    And don’t you think it is of the Magdalene it is written in Luke 7, viz.:

    7:37. And behold a woman that was in the city, a sinner, when she knew that he sat at meat in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster box of ointment.

    7:38. And standing behind at his feet. she began to wash his feet with tears and wiped them with the hairs of her head and kissed his feet and anointed them with the ointment.

    7:39. And the Pharisee, who had invited him, seeing it, spoke within himself, saying: This man, if he were if a prophet, would know surely who and what manner of woman this is that toucheth him, that she is a sinner.

    While she is unnamed in this Scripture, the 20th century’s greatest, Maria Voltarta, clarifies the situation and cites that character as the Magdalene, in particular where we read of the fevered ravings of Lazarus against her for ruining his name in his moments of death, preceding Our Blessed Lord and Saviour’s resurrection of him, to the dismay and desperation of the Pharisees, who from that moment forward at the behest of Satan plotted the crucifixion of Christ.

    If you had had 7 demons cast out of you and knew Who was responsible for doing so, wouldn’t you be kissing His feet and crying your eyes out in thanksgiving?

  74. Peter1589 says:





    She was given permission to be published by St. Pope Pius XII.

  75. Peter1589 says:

    Here is what Jesus told her about the devil:

    “I want to talk to you, Maria, of a point which someone3 dear to Me and to you has desired, and on which subject I have not talked before since I was reserving it until now.

    My Peter says: ‘. . . Your adversary, the Devil, goes about like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour; resist him, strong in your faith, knowing that your brothers scattered throughout the world suffer the same as you.’4

    In the African countries in which the lion dwells, men and beasts know how to conduct themselves with him. Once I brought you with Me into the East near a rich spring of water,5 and I said to you: ‘Be like this.’ Today I bring you with Me into the eternal forests whose gigantic trees are the great-grandchildren of those which emerged from nothing by the Will of the Father, and which amazed the astonished eyes of your first fathers. Thus you will see something different than that which [presently] saddens you.

    Look: High against the sky of a deep blue darker than My own eyes, stand the tops of these green giants thousands of years old. And they are intertwined, one with the other, speaking up there to the winds and the stars of events happening below which [the winds and stars] do not see, since the green roof hides them.

    Beneath [them] is the underbrush, tangled with creepers and roots that seem like serpents, and adorned with the treacherous necklaces which are [indeed] lurking serpents. Lower still, is the plush, thick grass, born in a virgin earth rich with thousands of juices, and in which it is sweet for the antelopes and gazelles to find pasture and rest , and where food [is found] for the millions of birds of every song and color. Flowers, ferns, necklaces of corollas, green dens, mossy caves and cool streams of water, and a restful green light in the midst of a sun that dazzles wherever it penetrates: on roads opened with toil by man, or along a mirror of water so wide as to oblige the vegetal vault to open itself into a green pool. In these forests, the lion is king. None of those that run or leap, crawl or climb, fly or walk, stands up to him. Man, who passes with his weapons at the edge of the forest, migrating toward areas of pasture and marketing, constructs for himself and his peers spiked corrals to enclose his herds therein during the cool and serene nights. The animals hide themselves in the thicket or crouch on the top of the trees as evening falls, to escape the lion’s attack. For the lion does not attack while the sun is in the sky. He waits for the night, the deceptive shadow of the moon, or the deep darkness, for his prey. He goes forth and roars as evening comes. He roars around man’s enclosures and around the dens of the beasts. He does not penetrate [into them]; he waits. He waits for the imprudent one that comes out of its refuge.

    How much imprudence, always! The desire for comfort, the curiosity to see, the haste to arrive. The lion is there. He waits: anticipating the taste of the prey, he beats his flanks [with his tail] from impatience and wrath at the long wait. He goes around seeking the point from which the imprudent one will come out. And when he finds it, he takes up his position there. Or, lurking in ambush, he studies the signs of its habitual tracks. And he is quiet now, since he knows that the imprudent one is going to come out. He is quiet so it will be thought that he is no longer there. And he is never more there then when he is quiet.

    Maria, the devil acts like the lion. He circles around, taking advantage of the falling of the Sun, he circles around your souls. He does not dare to go out and attack while the Sun is high above your spirit. He roars, but does not attack. And what does it matter if he roars? Let him roar with rage. Stay beneath the Sun, beneath your God, and have no fear.

    You no longer see the Sun? But He is there. If an hour of trial makes you blind, know how to feel Him through His warmth, since you cannot see His appearance. Do you not know that you would die of cold if your Sun were dead for you? If your spirit lives, even though God has made it blind, it is because the Sun kisses you still.

    Oh! If souls knew how to remain always under the eternal Sun, and even in the darkness of a trial, not to go out from that Solar zenith and to say: ‘I remain in my place. Here, where He has left me, my God will find me again because I do not change my thought of faith and of love!’

    The devil goes around seeking a gap into which to reach the claws of his paw and snatch the careless one that stays too near the opening: –temptation. Or else he waits for him to come out: a willing prey [wanting] to cheer up the senses. Or again, he is quiet and lies in ambush: it is the most cunning ambush. And whoever proceeds without connection to the Divine falls into his trap.

    I repeat: While he roars he is of little danger; but when, after making himself heard, he is quiet, then he is dangerous in the extreme: he is quiet because he has discovered your weak point and your habits, and is now ready to pounce upon you.

    4b…The lion, I said, knows the habits of those he wants to tear to pieces. He studies their habits to know them. He is very intelligent. He understands at once. Satan, too, is very intelligent and understands at once. He is always an angel. Fallen, but remaining [an angel] in his mind which he now uses for evil, while I had given him a powerful mind to work good.The lion knows that his prey go at evening to quench their thirst at the water ways that line sun-burned lands. He knows to what pastures they go to graze on the thick grass. He knows when man returns from his labor to his dwellings. He need only station himself at these resting places.

    Desire for physical relief, or human imprudence, brings man and animal toward his inexorable fangs. Look at the meek gazelles and the swift antelopes: so cautious and fearful in the daytime, they become bold at evening. Thirst, hunger, drive them. And they go to meet their death. Look at man: too greedy for gain, tarrys still to work after sunset. And death stops him forever on his return. Look: carnal appetite drives two people from the protection of the inhabited area to find cover for their illicit loves. And the beast dissolves forever what their lust had bound together. But in African lands or regions of ice it is always the same three-pointed goad that drives men towards Satan’s claws. It is always lust of the flesh, of money, and of power which puts you within range of him who “prowls around you like a roaring lion” tirelessly (1 Pet 5:8).

    Remember that I too was tempted in the flesh with hunger of My viscera4c and with the offering of carnal food for my senses; in My mind by the greed for power, in My spirit by inducing Me to tempt God (Matt 4:1-11). Imprudence is a temptation toward God.

    Know how to imitate Me. Put Satan to flight by imitating Jesus, your Master. “Not by bread alone does man live, but by the word of God.” “You shall not tempt the Lord your God,.” “You shall adore the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve” (ibid.). Bind flesh and spirit with bandages steeped in the spices of God’s Law. Whoever lives wrapped in these, preserves his flesh and spirit from the germs that carry the decay of disease and death….

  76. The devil claims another man of God. Father Corapi is a marvelous inspiration and a fantastic teacher of our faith. The Catholic church desparetly needs dynamic speakers/teachers. It saddens me to know our church may lose him and will lose all the inspirational lessons he teaches. Let us all pray for Father Corapi, the church, and the will of the Holy Spirit. God bless all.

  77. Father Corpi,—-My prayers are with you! You need to be strong through this—It will prove your Faith/Love for Mary, and for me and many others,—our souls will be saved because of your suffering/teachings. Thank-you VERY MUCH!!!! Sincerely, Jim

  78. Has anyone an excuse for his blatant disobedience? To me, it’s case closed, he’s guilty. If he had returned to his order (SOLT), I would have been the last to judge. So type away, folks – he’s sealed his doom for now.

  79. Former Father Corapi was not targeted by Satan.
    Human evil is an ever present reality. Sadly, for people to not recognize Corapi’s superego through his continual Political remarks shows the clear gullibility of his ‘fans’. I recognized that this was NO Priest 2 years ago when he equated election results to religious holy days…..truly sad.
    A child could see through his phoniness and his self-absorption. Jesus has his flock, but He expects us to be a bit smarter than sheep.

  80. Russ Korte says:

    My feeling is everyone is targeted by Satan.
    Re, your “superego” comment, did not Jesus rail against the Pharisees? Was Jesus egotistical?
    Re, election euphoria, there exists a separation of church and state and each is celebrated as history records. Of all, The C church should know they ‘should’ remain separate.
    If one is to single out a man/Priest, notice the Pope himself does not accept responsibility yet ( Just a little “too damned good” ) for the part he played in pedophilia as Cardinal Ratzinger.
    Neither has Benedict held the Bishopry responsible for their part in the pedophilia scandle.

  81. Shirley Valdez says:

    Ha, ha what a bunch of sheeple you who fell under the spell of Fr Corapi are! I had him pegged as a fake from the get go. Funny how when other people fail it is their own weakness of mind, heart or spirit. But when one of these honey-tongued crooks falls from grace, the devil made him do it.

  82. Ummm…..Shirley? Pat yourself on the back, and say no more.

  83. Dear Father,
    Thank you so much for your life story and ministry. I didn’t know about all of these accusations and have been searching EWTN for any of your programs. You have blessed my heart with your message which has been so strong and powerful. Please, please, don’t give in or up! We NEED YOU. I’ll get as many people as I can to pray for you.

  84. James Michael Wichlacz says:

    Now Fr. Frank Pavone is under attack, by his Bishop Zurek in Amarillo Texas. Pray that Fr. Frank’s appeal to The Vatican to recind the bishop’s order, and that Priest for Life direct request to Bishop Zurek to recind the order to cease activities outside the texas diocese be RECINDED immediately. I ask Our Blessed Mother for her intercession in this matter.
    James Michael Wichlacz SFO

  85. (Concerning Father Pavone) A priest is bound to obey his bishop. You can’t go sideways or any higher, unless the issue concerns faith and morals. (i.e., something for which the Pope needs to rule). Maybe the bishop of Amarillo is a bad guy; I have no idea – he might be a saint, but it doesn’t matter. Like a soldier, you do your duty and entrust yourself to God. Why do so few people understand this? If you are unjustly punished, then God approved it. God knows everything and has the power to prevent harm from coming to you. Without obedience though, everything breaks down.

  86. The change in my life that Father Copri has made in my life has been to save my soul. I know he has made a difference in me and others

  87. I listened to Fr.Corapi on EWTN and I learned a lot more about my catholic faith.I am very
    grateful to him for helping a lot of people like myself understand the faith better. I am praying for him and I trust that, the Blessed Mother will always protect and guide him.

  88. What The Blessed Virgin said at Akita about priests and the Church hierarchy and what they and we are up against:

    “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops against other Bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres (other priests). Churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises, and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord. The demon will be especially implacable against the souls consecrated to God.”