Father Corapi Update: Found Guilty

This disturbing Father Corapi update by Catholic News Agency brings us the unfortunate news that Father John Corapi has been found guilty.  I’ve copied and pasted the article below and you can also read it here.  Also, please click here to read the press release directly from SOLT News.

Father Corapi Update: Found Guilty – Catholic News Agency Article

Robstown, Texas, Jul 5, 2011 / 03:13 pm (CNA/EWTN News).– Father John Corapi’s religious order has found him guilty of substance abuse, sexual activity and violating his promise of poverty.

A July 5 press release from the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) said that while Fr. Corapi was involved in public ministry he had “sexual relations and years of cohabitation with a woman known to him, when the relationship began, as a prostitute.”

The investigative team also found that he “repeatedly abused alcohol and drugs,” “recently engaged in ‘sexting’ activity with one or more women in Montana,” and holds legal title “to over $1 million in real estate, numerous luxury vehicles, motorcycles, an ATV, a boat dock, and several motor boats.”

His religious order said it is concerned “Fr. Corapi is now misleading (many) individuals through his false statements and characterizations.”

“It is for these Catholics that SOLT, by means of this announcement, seeks to set the record straight.”

A fact-finding team created by the order “acquired information from Fr. Corapi’s emails, various witnesses and public sources,” in response to a signed letter from a woman who is well known to Fr. Corapi.

The Society said in the news release that Fr. Corapi, under his vow of obedience, has been ordered to “return home to the society’s regional office and take up residence there,” and to “dismiss the lawsuit he has filed against his accuser.”

The order added that its “prior direction to Father John Corapi not to engage in any preaching or teaching, the celebration of the sacraments or other public ministry continues.”

As the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity sought to carry out its investigation into the allegations against Fr. Corapi, it found that its fact-finding team was hindered by a civil lawsuit the priest had filed and by sweeping non-disclosure agreements he had negotiated with his accuser and other witnesses.

The civil lawsuit argued that his principal accuser had committed slander and breach of contract.

Fr. Corapi refused to dismiss the lawsuit and the team discovered many other contracts that prevented “key witnesses” from speaking.

“Many of these witnesses likely had key information about the accusations being investigated and declined to answer questions and provide documents,” the order said.

The fact-finding team was composed of a priest-canonist, a psychiatrist and a lawyer, two of whom were members of religious orders and one a lay Catholic.

The statement notes that two were men and one was a woman, all with a “national reputation and substantial experience in ecclesiastical processes related to priest disciplinary issues.”

Fr. Corapi expressed his desire to leave the Society and the priesthood in a June 17 statement. He said he felt he was being “unjustly accused,” and that “(t)here are certain persons in authority in the Church that want me gone, and I shall be gone.”

Fr. Corapi has not yet been released from his vows.

“Catholics should understand that SOLT does not consider Father John Corapi as fit for ministry,” the statement concluded.



  1. I feel ill……….this just can’t be………..

  2. EstherVentura Ferencz says:

    Em, try hard not to feel ill. GOD is stll in HEAVEN, We have to accept what is SOLIDLY found as TRUTH as such. WE need to hear it ALL from Father himself.
    Nothing can ever take away THE GOOD and THE GODLY preaching millions have received from Father Corapi. NOTHING“We need to cling to our Lady as she is MOTHER to us as well Christ. Rosarys need frequent saying. One can say a rosary driving, on a bus, waiting in a long line at the grocery store, and on and on.
    If these GUILTY charges are indeed fact………………we must BEAR UP STRONG, know ALL MEN ARE WEAK, even priests. Have you ever given thought to the most likely prospect the SCANDAL and GREAT SINS of priests and bishops we never hear of? I am certain there are many! Walk in peace,calm and acceptance of the knowledge God IS IN CHARGE, HE IS the ULTIMATE decider of Fathers fate. We as loyal and loving folowers of Fr. Corapi must NOT leave him to despair, as satan and even many within the church, OTHER PRIESTS and BISHOPS, laity, Raymond Arroyo, EWTN, the blogasphere and on and on. We must perservere in PRAYER, in TRUST. IN LOVE and in FORGIVENESS. Our ‘HOPE’ and our ‘SALVATION’ rest in our LORD . One who claims perfection,be he laity or religious are not my examples of TRUE PERFECTION as only GOD is ULTIMATE PERFECT. We must accept what comes w/fathers annoncement with strength, as satan wishes all forms of mental,spiritual and physical torment upon us and our peace is in the arms of the Lord and Our Lady. As John Paul II announced as his first words as Pope. “BE NOT AFRAID”.

  3. this is unbelievable. A Priest in sin can never preach like this. God is with you Fr. Corapi. Please be strong.

    Awe Maria

  4. I am astonished at the accusations made to Father Corapi. Many Saturday nights I laid in bed to watch his “encore” sermons. I had even considered him one of my paths leading me back from a 50 year absence from my childhood faith. Never once did he voice anything but “orthodoxy” as I knew it thru the 1950s. His open admissions of his “been there, done that” fall into the depths
    before rescuing himself and becoming such a wonderful priest and preacher. I often thought to myself that being the obvious human he also must still have been tempted and teased at jumping back into the former temptations of his past life. Why wouldn’t he? Can I condemn him? For what? I can only compare him in some aspects to Saint Augustine who experienced much before he came to know God and gave so much as a Doctor of the Church. I still believe that owing to his “nature” he will somehow be rewarded and restored by God. Just like a Slovak Saying: “Pan Boh Zaplat” God will repay!!!!!!

  5. William Taylor says:

    This is really sad but it reminds us again that we all have feet of clay. I would say pray for any priest who finds himself a rock star. But as someone who knows priests from Kalispell and Whitefish, the area where Fr. Corapi lives during the summer, this whole thing was becoming clear even years ago. They had trouble reconciling the Fr. Corapi of the famous and articulate sermons with the priest who owned a house in a ritzy community and who possessed a lot of toys. Why wasn’t he always in his monastery? And so, they could see this coming and were sorry but not surprised.

  6. Fr. Corapi is a human being capable of sin just like the rest of us. It is dangerous to put any human being on a pedestal regardless of how charismatic he or she may be. He has had the demons of drug abuse and sexual follies in the past and apparently he backslide. This is not uncommon. Being a priest does not make him invulnerable to sin. This is why a solid prayer life is necessary. Christ is the medicine. Put all your eggs in His basket and don’t worship priests or ministers. You will truly be disappointed.

  7. I feel so sad…

  8. @EstherVentura Ferencz
    well said i am with you Fr.Corapi has many good teachings i wish him and all of us who feel for him Gods peace

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I am so disappointed that Fr Corapi has resigned from SOLT. I presumed that he had a stronger character to overcome all adversity. I will miss his session on ETWN.

  10. I guess it’s hard for a leopard to change his spots.

  11. mike from new york says:

    I find it interesting that Fr. Corapi has been vilified and his reputation impugned and yet not one shred of evidence has actually been released to the public or to a legitimate, secular investigative body or journalists experienced with this type of evidence. I also found SOLT’s July 5th statement shockingly lacking in charity, prudence and judgment. I’m still scratching my head as to why Fr. Sheehan made a public statement on this matter back in March…

    This isn’t the end of the story. Something is not right here… I suspect this is the reason why Fr. Corapi opted to have the evidence disclosed and case adjudicated in civil court in the first place.

    I for one am withholding judgment until all the evidence is released and will pray that justice prevails and that those who have succumbed to darkness will repent and find peace in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

  12. I am so sorry to hear of Fr. Corapi’s situation. We need to pray for him. We should always remember that God can use Fr. Corapi or anyone to do His work of us in spite of our sinfulness. He did give great teachings and he was very inspiring in spite of his situation, whatever that may be.

  13. Pam, I agree with your comment. I, too, admired and listened to Father Corapi on EWTN. I was so impressed with his preaching and courage to tell the Truth. Even though, I am disappointed in what he has done, I was able to separate the messenger from the message. He is human and, therefore, capable of sin. So many people seem to think just because he was a great preacher, that he was a saint. Only 2 people never sinned – Jesus and Mary. I believe SOLT because they probably have evidence and would not risk being sued by Father Corapi plus his rebuttal is very weak. We need to pray that he will go back to SOLT and renounce the world, and be obedient to the Church that he once loved (or said he did). God wants obedience from all of us. I wish he would ponder on a great line from his lectures – “In the end, you and I will be in Heaven or Hell. Period.”

  14. He needs to return to his community and give himself over to holy obedience. All the great saints do that…especially St Francis and Padre Pio. It’s a shame cause I really enjoyed listening to his preeching too. But if he can’t practice what he preeches, what good is that? He sounds scared to face the accusations against him. He’s running and that’s just cowardly. If he was innocent, he would allow the trial to take place against him. Jesus said to Peter,”the gates of hell should never prevail over the Church”. So why doesn’t he trust his Church authorities over him? Also, at Jesus’ passion he said to God, “I pray that this cup be taken away from me, but not MY WILL but your’s be done.” If he is innocent, he needs to drink his cup, not as his will, but as Gods will.

  15. f. m. sweeney says:

    Can’t help but wonder if (fr.?) Corapi’s order(SOLT) has been asleep all these past
    Seems strange, they had NO idea, what their panel now claims, have been Corapi’s
    antics for all these years.
    Perhaps, an alarm clock is desperately needed by SOLT !

  16. I see what it has been said , Father Corapi found Guilty. I believe he has been found guilty because he has been envestigated. is he guilty of his sins because they where dumped out for everybody to be the Judge of it. People, there is only one Judge. God and he will be the only one who can say that his is guilty or not. I don’t believe that father Corapi is misleading people. God uses him the same way he uses every other prist, If Father corapi is guilty of the accusations and he repents of it well he shall continue with his vocation. and if his superiors stops him from it, by obeying and continue praying for the salvation of souls for the rest of his life he will not be stoped. Father Corapi I hope you do not let the devil win
    God will WIN at the end . pray for us and know we are praying for you and all the priest in the world specialy the ones that are not been judge yet but they are guilty of their sins too.

  17. This is another example of Satin going after the Holiest of our priest. IF guilty we must pray that God’s will be done and that Satin’s hold on Father Corapi is released. Father Corapi, I only saw you once and was very touched, especially your devotion to our Blessed Lady.

  18. Mo Larios says:

    Example of the Devil and his helpers still at work but the war against evil is not over, so we must pray for Father Corapi and ourselves because we are sinners and the closer we get to Jesus our savior the harder the enemy will make it for us. Lets all carry our own cross and follow jesus christ. God bless the body of christ. Peace

  19. Julia from Nebraska says:

    I too am sad. I have followed and drew inspiration from the truths that Father Coropi preached. I went and saw him and brought one of my daughter’s. I am sad because I have to break the news to her. It makes me reflect on my own vises…we all have them some are more shocking…some seem to fall under the radar. I am not excusing Father Coropi of his behaivor, but trying to understand. My own priest has ask me for prayer. The devil prowls around seeking souls. This is a time for prayer. There is a war that is on going and it is unseen. I was reading from Phillippians 3 this morning – KNOWING CHRIST “1Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord. To write to you again about this is no trouble for me and is a protection for you. 2 WATCH OUT FOR “DOGS” WATCHOUT FOR EVIL WORKERS, WATCH OUT FOR THOSE WHO MUTILATE THE FLESH. 3 FOR WE ARE THE CIRCUMCISION, THE ONES WHO SERVE BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD, BOAST IN CHRIST JESUS, AND DO NOT PUT CONFIDENCE IN THE FLESH – 4 ALTHOUGH I ONCE HAD CONFIDENCE IN THE FLESH TOO IF ANYONE ELSE THINKS HE HAS GROUNDS FOR CONFIDENCE IN THE FLESH, I HAVE MORE; 5 CIRCUMCISED THE EIGTH DAY; OF THE NATION OF ISRAEL, OF THE TRIBE OF BENJAMIN, A HEBREW BORN OF HEBREWS; AS TO THE LAW, A *PHARISEE; AS TO ZEAL, PERSECUTTING THE CHURCH; AS TO THE RIGHTEOUSNESS THAT IS IN THE LAW, BLAMELESS.” In my quiet prayer to God I have had doubts about father’s guilty judgement. I did not want it to be true. I even was following Father Coropi’s new website “Black Sheep Dog”. I believe the Spirit is guiding me to “WATCH OUT FOR DOGS”. All preists need our prayers! Please dedicate a rosary or even a decade today for our most prized possesion in our Church. Satan is deadly, but God and his ways are life and much stronger if known and used. If we do not have preists, we will not be able to receive the body and blood of our precious Jesus. We are not helpless here even though Satan would like you to think so. This is a call for us as believers to become even more stronger. I realize this will be a long message but I am going to include the Weapon of Warfare for your benefit.
    I, (your name) commit myself to standing in the whole armor of God.
    To be a succesful soldier in the Kingdom of GOD, I must take up the whole amor of GOD every day. (Ephesians 6:14-17) Again today I take:
    THE BELT OF TRUTH: a sincere desire to love and live for God, a real walk with Him and a hatred of hypocrisy, and surface appearances, a hunger for God’s deepest work in my heart.
    THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS: a changing and growing character in every area of holiness that God prescribes and a continual attitude of repentance where I fail.
    THE SHOES OF READINESS TO SHARE THE GOSPEL OF PEACE: a willingess to speak up for Jesus at every opportunity and a prayerful desire to look for those opportunities.
    THE SHIELD OF FAITH: an alertness to the fiery darts of the enemy aimed at my emotional health and a determination to quench them with faith in what God has said is true rather than a dependence upon my feelings and what I see.
    THE HELMET OF SALVATION: a resolve to rejoice today in the fact that I am eternally a child of the Living God; a delight in the knowledge that, with His help, I will ultimately triumph.
    THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT: a commitment to refute the attacks of the enemy with the truth of God’s word; to keep a copy of the Scriptue close at hand so that I can pull it out whenever I have to fight.
    Father, today I put each of these on and ask for your protection along with them so that this day might be one of effectiveness and joy in standing for you.

    I asked myself as I was feeling helpless and despair…what a clever deciever we have…would he take someone with so many followers trip him and then laugh when we tumble too? YES HE WOULD! PICK YOURSELVES UP (me included) AND AS IT IS SAID AT THE END OF MASS “GO IN PEACE” God’s stregth and peace to all. Love, me.

  20. Obviously, it is very important to understand the time line in regard to the accusations. He has made it very clear that he “was” a sinner. As in Bill Clinton, when was the “was” relevant.

  21. Philip Burnette says:

    I keep thinking of Tertullian and Origen, both major figures in the early Church, Orthodox on many points, but eventually broke communion with the Church. Remember, Judas Iscariot was trained by Jesus Himself. Did Judas understand right teaching? Of course he did. The sin of Judas was not in false teaching, the sin of Judas was betraying the Christ.

  22. eliza green says:

    It is not ours to judge or wait for Fr. Corapi to be judged by his peers, our prayers should all be with him, he knows who he is and all those he has lead to the true faith. This is truly the Devils work because he knew how powerful Fr. Corapi was, is, and will continue to be, he had to break thru to stop him. I for one will follow Fr. Corapi’s word and that is if we can’t forgive then why do we say the Lord’s prayer? One door closes and another opens. We should all have faith that something good will come of all of this.

  23. what happened to innocent until proven guilty? I am a 70 year old catholic and have seen a lot, but this is B.S. When the powers to be go after someone there is always a hidden agenda, not necessarily guilt.I also believe our God is a God of abundance and why should priests always live in poverty. I know a lot of priests that took the same vows and later in life their family members died and left them extremely wealthty. Is this God’s plan? What gives someone the right to judge?

  24. Guilty or not it is not for us to judge or condemn. Fr. Corapi has been an immense inspiration for my wife and I over the years. All I have to say is that ALL of us and I mean ALL of us should and must pray the Rosary every day for him so that God Holy Will will be accomplished for his Life. For most certainly this would be what he himself would recommend.

  25. I am devastated to hear about Father Corapi. His sermons mesmerized me and brought me closer to God and His Blessed Mother. When I visited the Blessed Sacrament today, I prayed that the Blessed Trinity would forgive him and return him to the fold.

  26. Fr Corapi is flawed just as I am flawed. God has always worked through those of us who measure up short. God bless the man (Fr Corapi) and god have mercy on all of us. Preach on brother John. Get right with the lord (reconciliation) and get behind the mike again. We love ya and we need ya. You kick *ss Fr Corapi.

  27. Well…..let’s let go and let God do the punishing. We are to forgive and learn and I’m sure all truths will come to light and whoever is at fault or false will surface.

    I too am saddened if this is the truth of Fr. Corapi’s lifestyle as a priest. I would have hoped that he stay as a priest and speak as the anointed man/priest as viewed by so many. Yet only he can discern what to do.

    I’m sure we will hear from him about all of this. And if he is guilty of these accusations then it was God’s mercy that he was found in order to save him.

    I too trust that God has many more priests to come who will keep us invigorated and strong in Christ’s church. And no matter what the final analysis is of this most unfortunate matter with Fr. C., we will remain true to our visions, our hopes and our love for what’s right within the teachings of Christ.

  28. Andrea Pizzuti says:

    Father Corapi,

    I wrote a letter to Pope Benedict asking him to help you. Please let us know what the truth is because I can’t believe that someone this close God and Mother Mary would be guilty of this. I Pray to Mother Mary to help you all the time and offer Rosaries for you, please pray to Her for help and to clear you of these charges…God Bless You Father

  29. I am heartbroken over this. I don’t understand alot of things. Father is still saying he is innocent. Also, how could he own a house, etc. and SOLT not know anything about it. It is so gut-wrenching. All the facts in this case are so confusing.

  30. SOLT did know that he owned a house in Montana. Father Corapi (or John as he now wants to be called) was given permission by his former superior. SOLT is located in Texas. I think it was a big mistake for his superior to let him live in state all by himself and make all the money he wanted. It apparently was too much of a temptation for him after he had once being used to living in luxury and a former drug addict. I noticed he didn’t deny his drug use or the improper sacramental practices . I’m interested in what those practices were. I still pray for him but I will not follow his Blacksheep or whatever website.

  31. As a relatively new Catholic whose life was enriched by the teaching of Father Corapi, I find this to be very sad situation. There is always an element of human nature that naturally loves self above all. Perhaps this is what Jesus meant when he asked us to love God first, and then neighbor as self. How do we love ourselves? First, last and always. It takes an amazing work of God’s grace and power in our laid down lives to truly love our neighbor in that way. I believe that whether innocent or guilty of whatever deeds , Father Corapi seems to be protecting himself moreso than laying his life down in the same way as the One who loved people in the world more than He loved Himself.
    As for judging…no, we ought not to judge each other. Only God knows the truth about the depths and motives of a person’s heart and the actions flowing from it. Only HE can judge righteously. But relying on those who exercise just authority in the caretaking of those who work in God’s field is a different matter. The Church and her leaders are given the weighty matter of discerning fitness and character of those who present themselves for public ministry. Relying on the wisdom God shares with them in this exercise is not the same as setting ourselves up as judge and jury; it is being a follower of Christ. This is why, even with a broken heart at the apparent falling away of Father Corapi, I will continue as a faithful Catholic, adoring our Lord in the Eucharist, and leaving to God in His time and way, the final disposition of my soul and all other precious souls.

  32. I found a lot of inspiration in the words of Fr. Corapi on TV. If I could, I would spend an eon in the fires of hell if I thought it would release him from the hold Satan has on him. Satan has some mighty powerful ways. And who among us can know for sure we could resist all temptation? I have a hard enough time fighting the evils of rash judgement and gluttony.

    I hope and pray that Father Corapi can resist all his wealth and prostitutes and come back to his life of poverty and celibacy once again. Bless you father. You have sinned and it is time to confess. The kingdom of heaven is still within your grasp.

  33. Richard Sanchez says:

    Guilt is an amazing feeling. Not everyone can rise above it. As Catholics we have the means to help us remove that guilt not from our minds, but in our spirit. But Reconciliation can only help you, if you are sincere in your repentence over the sin you have committed. The confession of your sin must be a true and sincere one between you and our Lord Jesus Christ himself. This sacrament is made available to priests themselves. You’re right, they are human and are very capable of making mistakes. But as Father Corapi mentioned in many of his preachings, if you truly believe in the power of forgiveness, if you truly know that God has a hand in all that happens, you have no reason to run from the problems that your sin creates. The power of our God is greater than anything you may encounter in life. So if you turn and run away from your problems, guilty or not, your faith in the power of the our almighty God is not present in your heart and soul. I am not an avid follower of Father Corapi, but I do respect all priests who take that vow between themselves and God directly. I believe that if there were any nonsense to these accusations that have been made, and if Father Corapi truly knew the power of God, he would not turn and run. He would have “Practiced what he Preached” and faced his problems directly withe Holy Spirit on one side and Jesus Christ on the other…..WWJD? “What would Jesus do?” Did he turn and run when he knew he was going to be beaten to near death, or when he was being lead to his death and nailed to the cross? This from someone who had the power to make all this disappear. But he remained faithful to his father. And that is what Father Corapi should do. Be obedient to the father in heaven and face your accuser and prove that you are a true man of faith. Falter as we may, “All things are possible through Christ Who Strengthens me”. Is he guilty? Who knows. We are no one to judge anyone much less a man who has devoted his life to God. Unfortunately Father Corapi just took himself out of that status. I will not follow him. He is not the answer. I will not visit his website that will probably lure many away from the true Catholic Teachings. ONE Holy and Apostolic Church. I will not follow his teachings or preachings for they are not of the church. Father Corapi has made his choice. Whether you believe him to be better or higher because of his ability to speak words that touch your heart and mind, it is God and God only that speaks to your soul. He use to use Father Corapi to do that. All priests need our prayers. Not just him. And for those who choose to follow “John” as he is now known, “Beware of false prophets”……and …..”I am the Lord they God, thou shalt not have no others before ME”. Careful. God Bless everyone!! Don’t forget John 3:16……he loves you more than anyone in this world.!!

  34. Remember that Satan is a powerful enemy, searching to take down all of Christ’s flock. Father Corapi makes a prime target for the master of deception and temptation. Drugs, alcohol, and sexual addiction are formidable tools that can break even the strongest souls. We as Christians must pray for Father Corapi’s deliverance. It could just as easily have been one of us.

  35. joan smith says:


  36. Nicol- in Colorado says:

    I agree with Mike…Though he may have many accusations against him I am not sure the whole truth has come out. Father always spoke that the devil threatened to get him, here is proof of his actions. Fr. was so straightforward; I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t admit to it if he had committed those sins (I don’t believe the accusations). I pray that Our Holy Mother will protect him!!

  37. Hmmm…. a heart breaking loss, but Corapi has to go.

    I miss his sermons which WERE in complete compliance and alignment with Roman Catholic teachings. But a priest must BE and LIVE the prescence of Christ, and I think Father Corapi failed to live up to his vows.

  38. Father Chukwuemezie Ibekwe says:

    Father Corapi is a man who shows great love for the Mother Church. In his teaching and preaching, he stands on the side of the truth. He worked very hard in presenting the truth of faith in such beautiful and convincing way. God gifted him with eloquence. I do not know what has happened. The only thing I know is that we need to prayerful lift each other up to God. Nobody is too strong for temptation and trials. Father Corapi needs our prayers as we do his. We must always remember that God is more ready to forgive than we to sin. We must remember that God will never abandon his repentant sons and daughters. I say Fr Corapi do not despair. If you are guilty entrust yourself to the mercy of God. If you are not guilty entrust yourself to his protection. He will vindicate you. Courage brother!

  39. Fr. Corapi got a raw deal. Period. The END.

  40. Am I the only one who is not surprised? He always struck me as more Swaggart than Swaggart.

  41. A Mothers Love

    She gently raised you from the gutter…
    cleansed you ever so well,
    a new & precious gift for Her Son.

    Immaculate Heart overflowing…
    with Her motherly love,
    for the new life of Her son John had begun.

    With a smile on Her lips…
    tears of joy in Her eyes,
    holding your hand every step of the way.

    Twas under Her mantle…
    your protection was found,
    and the enemy’s vicious onslaught, held at bay.

    How proud you have made Her…
    as the years have gone by,
    hearts & souls you have brought to Her Son.

    Your voice as of thunder…
    the gates of hell shook,
    lives redeemed, many victories won.

    And now you have stumbled…
    beloved priest of our Lord,
    confusion & turmoil, appear to hold sway.

    Never forget…
    these 9 precious words,
    once again to your Mother, please pray…

    Holy Mary Mother Of God Pray For Us Sinners

  42. I’m still not convinced…along the way (Fr) John Corapi put many backs up inside and outside the church by telling people how they ought behave, or not as the case may be. If ‘authorities’ wanted rid of him, then what better way than to use his past history? A history he didn’t hold back in telling in order to help others. In my experience in an office, more than one person has access to emails, cell phones, etc. Unless he was at his desk 24/7 any staff member could have used his details – how often was he away travelling the country? Yes, he has property/investments – but seeing as he was never supported by the church in his ministry, and was encouraged to run it as a business, is this unexpected or inappropriate? I’d like to see evidence of all the motor vehicles, etc and in what respect they were used (were they his personal property or open to others.) Anyway, we all have to prepare for our retirement and unforeseen circumstances, don’t we?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my catholic faith – it was the church left to us by our Lord and Saviour; but someone very sensible and realistic once pointed it out that if it relied on the people in it it would have died out years ago. As my Grandma, God rest her, used to say “the devil has never had it so good or so easy”. Stop the lies and hate. Be at peace. The world is unravelling before our eyes – visit Our Lady of Fatima…

  43. Tim Clasen says:

    Father Corapi might have sinned. Whatever the case maybe, the greater good he has performed through our Cross leaves happiness with me. He has been thrown amongst strangers yet He still knows whom he is about………….

  44. Bob Amodeo says:

    Dear Father John Corapi my Hero, I know this may sound very presumptuous coming from a nobody like me,but I know one of your special Hero’s in your life is Padre Pio,and I would never try to guess what he would do in your position, but I truly feel with all my heart what he wouldn’t do, and that would be to never,never step down as a Catholic Priest, he would choose to suffer like he did for many years after being let down by Rome for being somehow too popular…May Our Lord and His Dear Mother guide you back into the fold,so that through yours, and all our prayers and supplications,we may suffer with you through obedience,patience and humility,,,,We Love You!!!…Love in Christ,Bob Amodeo+++

  45. tha is why he is being accused just like Jesus.

    I love you Fr Corapi and thank you for what you have done to my soul!!!!

  46. Katherine says:

    I find it very dangerous and disturbing that in people’s support of him, as a Roman Catholic Priest, they are sounding more like fans than followers of Christ. We should all love the sinner but not the sin. I do not believe the charges regarding his godchild as there were a lot of things “off” in her statements and behaviour of her and her spouse who are addicts. Such as: listing herself as the owner of the media company, her partner registering the domain name and then trying to exhort money for it, threatening to take him down, etc. There were also issues that do not make sense with me in regards to his order and the bishop, who could have ordered a lie detector test and other information but went to the most harsh response right away. There is also the suspicion of money and control of the media empire. His order should have never allowed him to live alone and buy million dollar property, boats, motorcycles, etc. as it leads to the trappings of man and secular life. HOWEVER, the flip side of this is that he said in his video, the last ten years have been hard, etc. and to have a tell all book coming, shutting down his old sites and a new domain name registered does not happen overnight which leads me to believe this was a planned orchestration all along. A business manager who now tweets not about the Lord or salvation but about free shipping and a fan page for his fans. It all plays into one another. I understand he took advice from a member of his order and a former bishop but not staying for the process and cutting into this personality of BlackDog does not build up the Holy Church and now you can see, the devil is having his day with Catholics attacking one another on the board and the Church itself. All the things he preached, he is stepping away from. St. Pio was denied the gift of celebrating Mass but capitulated to his order because he trusted in the Lord. While we all walk a different path, you have to proceed in the process and then if there is collusion or injustice, step forward and be heard. You don’t shut down the process claiming you will never be heard before it began. I found his other things more troubling and even one of his friends was uncomfortable with certain changes they saw like hiring a female trainer, shaving his head and dying his goatee. Many people who went to his last few lectures at high school’s were noticeable troubled by the rock star attitude and the crew around him. He didn’t comment as he did before and spent time talking about his money, a gun he owned and pulled on someone on his property, strange statements about being watched and things that were sounding not like him at all. I worry it is a mental break with reality and while other posters try and either throw him out with the bath water or believe this is all satan, I do not think it is that easy.
    As Catholics, we do not pray as much for our Priest’s as we should. My mother was devasted when she saw the clip and promptly went out and bought over 50 Prayer for Priests prayer cards to leave at the back of the Church and which she plans on replacing when they run low. We are to be disciples of Christ, teach the old and young and new members in your Parish. Step up and be the light of Christ to the world, not a mere fan of one man. His books and his talks still hold true because they are not his teachings but the words of Jesus Christ. All this negative talk and attacking of one another is only propping the door open for satan to enter the doors of our faith… he does not deserve your time, God Himself does.
    St. Micheal the Archangel, defend us in battle…..

  47. Although the story is OLD I do not believe SOLT at all since they are guilty of lies!
    One being that their was no evidence etc. Suddenly they released these hideous accusations. I believe that SOLT was forced by The Bishop Of Corpus Christi. Since the accuser has already proven herself to be not a reliable witness one cannot help but wonder why this insane disturbed women has been allowed to run rampant by the Bishop and SOLT. Father Corapi was accused of having sexual relations with his Goddaughter a Tamra Sexton he denies it. as far as sexting or computer stuff that is no evidence what so ever, no one ever examined the evidence (TAMRA AND HER HUSBAND are Computer experts he was arrested for Battery, his MUG SHOT IS ONLINE so is her police record DID THE BISHOP MISS SOMETHING???? )that is hear say by SOLT who is well aware that Father helped prostitutes and Drug addicts. AND THEN there is the curious case of a PEDOPHILE that SOLT and The Bishop of Corpus Christi payed off the victim. This story is much more shocking then a nutty lady and her husband looking for a pay day from the Church. Millions were payed out by SOLT and THE BISHOP so perhaps Father Corapi is innocent. I would resign also from SOLT especially learning how they payed out all this money for a pederast.
    SOLT needs to clean up their filthy act and also the Bishop of Corpus Christi this whole sad episode is a sham I stand with Father Corapi.

  48. @ Oliviero

    Excuse me for butting in, but let me see if I can paraphrase your position:

    The accusations against Fr. Corapi are so outrageous and false, that he cannot be blamed for disobeying the command to return to his order.

    Is that how it works? Funny, but it would more closely resemble our natures to do the opposite. When a person is falsely accused, he doesn’t run. He stands up and says, “Bring it on. This ought to be fun! And I hope you’re ready to spread your apology as fast and wide as you spread your accusations.”

    Obedience to your superiors is one of the greatest acts of love and trust in God. Nothing can happen to us that God does not allow. This is exactly what Jesus told Pilate.

    To argue that Fr Corapi disobeyed the order because the charges were so egregiously false, seems to me to be a convenient excuse. I don’t like that this happened; I wish it would go away. But a man who supposedly has nothing to hide would clear his name first and foremost. He wouldn’t put on a Harley Davidson jacket and call himself a sheepdog.

  49. Otto Blightey says:

    This article seems a bit misleading. The Order claims to have found Fr Corapi guilty, but that has yet to be established by a bona fide court of law (hence his legal action regarding these allegations). Whatever the case, it is utterly irresponsible and uncharitable for the Order to make such public statements at this stage.

  50. I think this is all a bunch of lies.

  51. I don’t think the real SOLT made any such
    accusations against Fr. Corapi. But if Father really did leave the priesthood- Father, how do you feel about becoming a Baptist or non-denominational minister or something.I am sorry Father- I forgot about Mary and the rosary. Listen people. I believe this man-this priest is innocent. I hope the truth will be revealed.

  52. I wept when i knew these accusations on Fr Corapi and came to my mind Padre Pio, i was expecting Fr Corapi be humble and obidient as Padre Pio was, but something has change in him. I must follow the Church, the Church he said love so much, and with a broken heart i will not listen him as my pastor anymore. But i will pray for his soul alwyas becuse i still love him very much.

  53. I miss Father Caropi and his Chaplet of Divine Mercy & the Rosary on line .
    I know thousands of faithful followers said both of these prayers on line .
    They have disapeared from the website .
    I hope he will put them back on line .
    God so loves us he welcomes everyone to love him as he loves us
    I miss Father Caropi

  54. Frankolin says:

    Did Father Corapi Commit these sins, which the Church would forgive and re assign him? or did the left wing Free Mason Communist Vatican Two empire bum rush him because of his viewss on Modernism?
    The Catholic Church in America is Controlled by the Imp, and JP2 Polock lovers, I hope in the eyes of God Fr Corapi is innocent, If not Let him stand up like a Man and confess his sins publically. If Fr. Corapi is innocent, and the American Free Masons and Jews and Communist’s are trying to destroy him, let him leave his Satanic order, and join the SSPX, or even the Sedevacantist group in Cincinatti……Good Luck to you Fr Corapi.

  55. To Frankolin – you got in all your digs, but I for one, don’t have a clue what your point is.

  56. mike thuis says:

    dont know what to say—–is it possible???? I thought this guy was magic, Pauline, apostolic——“som of a bitch” could I be soooo wrong??? What about this “BLACK SHEEP” SHIT? It’s in an odd way comforting to know that this paragon of virtue and knowledge Is as prone to the beckoning of the evil one as I am—-God forgives him just as he forgives me and I am one sinful fellow. Just when you think you’ve found the prime example of holiness and love and———well. shit – I should have gone to see Mother Theresa when I had the chance. How about Benny Hin —– One thing I found out–Jack Van Impe is not dead!!! Am I a fool to believe? Am i a fool to watch TV preachers and dedicate my life to Christ every time they pray their closing prayer? How about JOel Osteen??? I dont think anyone has anything on him (or do they). Please Joel, dont F up!!!

  57. To mike – you really shouldn’t post on Catholic blogs when you’re dead drunk. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt, because anyone who uses language like that sober is either suffering from turret syndrome, or is demon possessed.

  58. Disappointments in life continue to plague us. Father Corapi taught me much & I have those things to hang on to. Jesus has also taught us that – while mankind will disappointment/fail us – He will never. We can – and must- put our complete trust & faith in Him.

  59. @Eileen
    I so completely agree with you. Father Corapi taught me so much..I will pray for father and pray that the Catholic Religion did not jump the gun to quickly Judge and accuse ….I will always love Fr.Corapi and have Faith and Trust in the Lord that he knows the truth.

  60. Bill Russell says:


    Take your meds, quiet down, try to curb your offensively bigoted ranting, and admit that you were one of many not overly-intelligent people who drank the Kool-Aid and are too proud to admit that they were taken for a ride by another Elmer Gantry.

  61. I would like to see the property records that show he owns this real estate. In that case he fell victim to money and sex just like so many of us.

  62. My Dear fellow catholics please dont dispair Father caropi will not dissapear as quickly as the devil would , want him to it seems to never fail that when a good shepard brings us the true meaning of our faith by Gods true words and the Rosary thatold serpent is there with his lies and decet ,and false acusations . just look at what happend in paridise andon the holy mountain with moses and the ten commandments , and let us never forget our dear sweet jesus and the passsion and finally his crucfiction. but let us all reflect on the words jesus left us as he assended towards heaven I will be with you untill the end of time,pray for father corapi and for our own souls . as father has said in the end it will either be heaven or hell period our choice be free will no excuses. love and prayers to all

  63. Nathan Matbob says:

    Let us all pray for Fr. Corapi.

  64. What a bummer I thought he was an excellent speaker. Just because he stumbled doesnt mean he still dont know and deliver the truth very very well. Society is watching to see the response so they can re-crucify the church again so they will probably crucify him to satisfy them. This basically means that society can still poke sticks at the church While she is still in her cage bound by decency and kindness. Media loves scandal within the Catholic Church. The media is one of Satans finest tools. Propaganda deciet and lies to manipulate the masses. Corapi may be guilty. What man isn’t? And isn’t forgiveness one of the main things we learned from Jesus?

  65. I felt distraught after reading and hearing about the accusations hurled against Father Corapi. I truly loved his preachings and has helped me strengthen my faith. In the Pieta Prayer booklet which my mother gave to me as a child, there was an article about the revelation of Jesus to Mutter Vogel regarding Criticism of Priests, I wish to share this all with you, it reads. “One should NEVER attack a priest, even when he is in error, rather one should pray and do penance that I’ll grant him My grace again. He alone fully represents Me, even when he doesn’t live after My example!” When a priest falls we should extend him a helping hand THROUGH PRAYER AND NOT THROUGH ATTACKS! I myself will be his judge. NO ONE BUT I! “Whoever voices judgement over a priest has voiced it over me, child, never let a Priest be attacked, take up his defense. “Child, never judge your confessor, rather pray much for him and offer every Thursday, through the hands of My blessed Mother, Holy Communion (for Him). “Never again accept an out of the way word about a Priest and speak no unkind word about them. EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE. Every priest is My Vicar and My heart will be sickened and insulted because of it! If you hear a judgement against a Priest pray a Hail Mary. “If you see a Priest who celebrates the Holy Mass unworthily then say nothing about him, rather tell it to Me alone! I stand beside Him on the altar!” “Oh pray much for my priests, that they’ll love purity above all, that they’ll celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with pure hands and heart. Certainly the Holy Sacrifice is one and the same even when it is celebrated by an unworthy priest but the graces called down upon the people is not the same. Mary Queen of the Clergy, pray for Father Corapi and all the priests under attack. Father Corapi, if you get a chance to read this. You will be a priest forever in the eyes of God. “Once a priest forever a priest” We will continue to pray for you, we love you.

  66. Dear Polly,
    Take that Pieta Prayer booklet and throw it in the fire. (unless you can show me an imprimatur or nihil obstat)
    That is not Jesus talking. It doesn’t sound anything like Jesus Christ, and Jesus does not need to speak directly to Mutter Vogel, whoever the hell she is. Martin Luther was a priest as were many heretics. If priests defy their superiors it wouldn’t make sense for God to say that we should ignore their disobedience or reserve judgment as respects their heretical teachings. And whenever I hear that “child” stuff as a form of address it raises the bs flag. Forget about private revelations – they’re baloney for the most part. Help someone in need. Sorry if this sounded harsh.

  67. Dear Bryan,
    May God bless your soul. I mean well. Love Polly

  68. Thank you Polly. You don’t need these private revelations. They’re dangerous. I don’t want to get into it, but there is a planted heresy in the statement itself about the graces of the Mass. The grammar in itself is atrocious. Why does Jesus capitalize “My”, and not “myself”? Does Jesus use large caps for emphasis? “Never again accept an out of the way word about a Priest and speak no unkind word about them.” Why does God use a singular form of the word “priest” in the beginning of a statement and use a plural pronoun (“them”) at the end of the statement?

    If Fr Corapi had done as he was ordered I would have been mortally afraid to shoot my mouth off or pre-judge him. And of course we should all pray for him. But don’t go off the deep end either. We need to distance ourselves from him entirely until the verdict comes down.

  69. What the Blessed Mother said about priests and the Catholic hierarchy in Her appearance to Sr. Sasagawa in Akita Japan in 1973.

    “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops against other Bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres (other priests). Churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises, and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord. The demon will be especially implacable against the souls consecrated to God.”

    See http://endtimeslion.com/?p=208

    Man, She is not kidding. I’ve been doing the St. Michael chaplet daily for about a week, found temptation to be dissipating remarkably, and then BOOM! Today, it’s overwhelming. Tough bird, satan is. Use holy water, holy oils and have your houses blessed, if you can find a priest these days!

  70. Bryan, I’m curious if you are in the spiritual guidance, or life coach profession? Seems to me that you are trying to direct some of us into your own way of thinking. How about instead of “you knew this was coming” or, “stay away from Fr. Corapi”. Encourage readers to take the good from all that Fr. has offered us. It sounds to me like you had a preconceived notion that he was a fake from the beginning. I’m wondering if it was because of his past? I understand how easy it is for people that don’t understand addiction to write recovering addicts off as degenerate and unreliable, but it’s exactly that, you don’t understand. We (addicts) are not all horrible people. By the grace of God, I am able to live my life sober today, and Fr. Corapi has been a huge inspiration for me to do so. It wasn’t my will to listen to Fr. Corapi, it only happened by chance, (ha, yeah right!), that I tuned to his program in a dark hour of my recovery, and it was his words that got me through that moment. By turning our will over to the care of God, He uses people as tools for others to benefit and learn from. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like you’re one of those tools God has in store for the betterment of humanity. Sounds to me like you’re trying to sway people by preaching your will, not His. Slander of someone who has reached, and helped so many people is just not Gods will. I don’t know much, but I’m pretty sure of this one.
    God Bless

  71. @Ryan –

    Ryan – Bryan, I’m curious if you are in the spiritual guidance, or life coach profession?
    Bryan – No, neither – I don’t even know what those professions are.

    Ryan – Seems to me that you are trying to direct some of us into your own way of thinking.
    Bryan – Yes. I am. Aren’t you?

    Ryan – How about instead of “you knew this was coming” or, “stay away from Fr. Corapi”. Encourage readers to take the good from all that Fr. has offered us. It sounds to me like you had a preconceived notion that he was a fake from the beginning.

    Bryan – If you’re going to quote me, Ryan, you must insert my words, not yours, in between the quotation marks. I had no suspicion ever that Fr. Corapi was a fake.

    Ryan – I’m wondering if it was because of his past?
    Bryan – This is called “begging the question”. I haven’t conceded to your allegation that I considered Fr. Corapi to be a fake from the beginning.

    Before continuing my reponse to your post, are we clear on the foregoing?

  72. Why did the Bishop put pressure on SOLT to resolve this so quickly? With all the sex scandals that take forever to resolve why did this happen so fast?What was the evidence? I hope it wasn’t the emails from a disgruntled employee that Father Corapi personaly fired. If they felt it so important to release their finding of guilt, why didn’t they specify what evidence they used to concluded that he was guilty? If witnesses had non disclosure agreements, did SOLT have witnesses break those agreements to testify or did they find Fr Corapi guilty without witnesses? How come no one is talking about the fact that prior to these allegations being made, the Bishop tried to get Corapi to hand over his money? Father Corapi is a lay priest and didn’t take a vow of poverty.Why did the Bishop force SoLT to rush this process. Greed is as deadly as lust.

  73. We all have our moments of asking “How can this be?” We followed Fr. Corapi in his many teachings or even went to one of his wonderful conferences. Judgements aside, we need to pray the rosary for this man of whom has influenced us, or brought to us the revelation of asking our heavenly mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary to guide us to our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ. May God Bless him in this time of trials and tribulations.

  74. I think in the end we will all know the truth. As much as I liked Fr. Corapi, I have to say that if he does indeed own a million dollars worth of property, who is to say the other allegations are false? Lets just wait and see..

  75. @M. B – Would you please wake up.