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This past Thursday I posted what I thought (at least at the time) was some Father Corapi news that would possibly be of interest.  I included a recent comment from a reader that was addressed to Father Corapi, a statement from Santa Cruz Media and a link to These Stone Walls which is a blog that is owned by a priest by the name of Rev. Gordon MacRae who is serving time in the New Hampshire State Prison for crimes of which he was falsely accused.  Father MacRae mentions Father Corapi in his recent post and I felt that it was worth including in my post.

Had I known on Thursday what would be hitting the blogosphere on Friday (yesterday), I suppose I wouldn’t have posted anything until I had a chance to read, listen to and fully absorb Father Corapi’s special public announcement which I read late last night, posted on his new website called The Black SheepDog.  In any case, this announcement caught me by surprise, as it appears to have caught several other people by surprise as well.

Father Corapi News: Public Announcement

The following is the announcement in the form of a YouTube video that Father Corapi posted on his website.


Public Reaction to the Father Corapi News

First of all, let me just say that I was bombarded with an unusually high number of spam comments over the past 24 hours.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are legitimate comments from readers that get mixed in with spam when the blog traffic spikes (which it has done), and when that happens I often lose the comments that were supposed to have been posted.  I apologize if anyone has commented and not seen their comment(s) appear, but over the past 24 hours there has been a record-high amount of traffic on this blog and I’m doing my best to keep a close eye on the comments so that the legitimate ones will end up getting posted.

And speaking of blog traffic and comments, have you been reading other people’s blogs regarding this Father Corapi news and taking a look at the comments as well?  I found this article on National Catholic Register that I thought might be of interest to you readers.  And a blogger friend of mine sent me this article from Nunspeak which also discusses this recent Father Corapi news, but in a much different tone than the one on National Catholic Register and from a much different perspective.

Father Corapi News Is a Call for More Prayers

Regardless of how you view this whole bizarre turn of events – from Father’s leaving the priesthood and dropping the word “father” from his title to calling his new website The Black Sheep Dog which ignites all sorts of responses and reactions in people – it’s best not to miss the forest for the trees here.  In other words, it’s best to continue on the peaceful path of prayer and ask the Holy Spirit for the wisdom, guidance and discernment to best know how to cope with it all.  And of course, ask the intercession of the Blessed Mother, whom Father Corapi has always held close to his heart.

Of course some would say that the act of quiet prayer is the simplistic, “boring” approach; they’d rather stay all fired up and ready for a debate.  It’s so much more exciting to stay braced for the next drama and banter back and forth about what should or shouldn’t be done and how things should or shouldn’t have been handled than it is to pray a few decades of the Rosary.  Some of the blog owners out there have actually closed their Comments sections because of the harsh tone of the comments and in some cases, language abuse.

Father Corapi News and the Devil

The worst thing that could possibly happen with this Father Corapi news that everyone is buzzing about is that an occasion of evil could occur in which the Devil will take full advantage of the adverse situation at hand and use it to pull people out of a state of peacefulness and into a state of chaos.  After all, he is the master of deceit, lies and trickery and will stop at nothing when it comes to ruining a soul.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing opinions on the Father Corapi news and discussing the reasons he chose to do what he did and say what he said.  There isn’t even anything wrong with completely disagreeing with his choice of words, manner or conduct!  It’s okay to be disappointed, confused, bewildered, sad, disheartened, abandoned – all of these are normal human emotions and it would be strange not to be feeling something here.  But keeping these emotions in check and not allowing oneself to lose control is the secret of how Mary lived her life.  She felt pain all of her life from the prophecy of Simeon to the burial of Jesus.  She, too, experienced sadness and disappointment, abandonment and fear and everything adverse all of us have ever felt and more adversity than we will ever feel.  But she didn’t fly off the handle in attack mode when adversity struck; what she did do was pray.

Please place your trust in the Lord and don’t allow the Devil to infuse his poisons into the cracks of openings you are giving him by letting this Father Corapi news break you down.  Seal the cracks and say the prayers and the Devil won’t have a fleeting chance because you didn’t give it to him.






  1. Hi Margo! Here is a website you may be interested in–


    this post in particular–(which I also reposted on my blog)–


    my apologies if you have already seen it. Blessings and Peace,

  2. Just today’s Gospel says: “Stop judging, That You May Not Be Judged. For as you judge, so will you be judge, and the measure you measure with Which Will Be Measured out to you. Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, But Do Not Perceive the wooden beam in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove splinter from your eye That,’ while the wooden beam is in your eye? You hypocrite, remove the wooden beam from your eye first, Then You Will See Clearly to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7: 1-5)

    I’m sure, as Father Corapi says, he is loving Jesus and His Church. And I’m sure his heart is close to the heart of Our Blessed Mother.
    I completely agree with you, Margo, what is for us to keep praying, keep praying without ceasing. And always be thankful to God!

  3. Please don’t question Father Corapi’s sanity to re-name himself “Black Sheepdog”. Just like him, it was a brilliant choice. Please Google “Sheepdogs” and click on “On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs” – Dave Grossman. Read “Then there are Sheepdogs and I’m a Sheepdog. I live to protect the flocks. A Sheepdog is a warrior – someone who walks the hero’s path………………………………” After reading the whole story, they will find why Father chose this name. The likeness is that of a “Shepherd”, which has been his priestly priority for twenty years. Searching further will show you pictures of a true “Black Sheepdog” which resembles a black German Shepherd, wolflike with short hair.

    One of the famous Doctors of the early Church is St. Augustine. He has confessed that as a youth, he broke every Commandment and wallowed unashamedly in the “Seven Deadly Sins” to the point of lying to his Mother, St Monica so he could go to Rome to see what more he might be missing. St. Monica prayed approximately twenty years for her son. It was no coincidence that St. Abrose found Augustine who became his student in Rome. St. Ambrose was so extraorinarily wise that Augustine was determined to clean up his life forever, and went on to become St. Augustine.

    Father Corapi has been through fires that would kill most of us. The Holy Spirit will bring him through this catastrophe even stronger than before. Although I discourage mining of these treasures, the source of the most rare white diamonds (Top Wesselton) are found in the deepest part of the earth where the heat is most intense.

    Father Corapi has not cowered at placing himself at the tip of the spear. Please pray for him. We need Father Corapi and courageous priests like him