Demonic Oppression

Yesterday I wrote a post about Catholic exorcism and today I’m continuing where I left off with something that’s called demonic oppression.  According to Father Gabriele Amorth who is the Chief Exorcist of Rome, there are a few different types of demonic affliction that Satan uses to attack mankind.  In yesterday’s post, I touched on the type called demonic possession, which most of us have heard of and associate with the practice of exorcism.  Demonic oppression (also referred to as diabolic oppression) is different because it involves symptoms that vary from a very serious to a mild illness but it is not nearly as severe and intense an affliction as demonic possession.

When a person is suffering from demonic oppression, he/she does not lose consciousness and there is no involuntary word or action; there is no possession at all.  While possessions are relatively rare today, still a great number of people are struck by the Devil in their jobs, health or relationships.  According to Father Amorth, exorcists find it no easier to diagnose and heal an oppression-related affliction than to diagnose and heal a person who is fully possessed.  Though the degree of intensity may be different, the difficulty of the diagnosis and the amount of time it takes throughout the healing process are exactly the same.

Demonic Oppression in the Bible and Beyond

According to Father Amorth, the Bible is full of many examples of demonic oppression; one of them is in the Book of Job.  Job was not possessed, but he lost his children, his health and his goods.  Another example is the bent woman and the deaf and dumb man whom Jesus cured.  They were not totally possessed, but they each had a demonic presence around them which caused physical discomfort.  Saint Paul, though not possessed by a demon, had a demonic oppression which caused an evil affliction.  In 2 Corinthians 12:7 it is written: “And to keep me from being too elated by the abundance of revelations, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, to harass me, to keep me from being too elated.”

Until I started experiencing my own strange symptoms of things being totally thrown off balance, I hadn’t realized that the Bible held such obvious answers to a puzzle that had plagued me for years!  I wish I had known years ago to research this matter and seek the answers that I had once assumed would eventually just present themselves; they never did.  It took hardships, depression, anxiety and what I once thought was plain old bad luck in order for me to finally see the clear picture for what it really is.  Can I prove that I was under some sort of demonic oppression?  Of course not.  But I do know that there was always a sort of malaise that hung over me and that I often felt much older than my age.  Sometimes I had these weird premonitions of future events long before they happened.  I didn’t always understand what I saw or felt, and it wasn’t as if I was going around predicting the future all the time, but that sense of things made me nervous and sometimes fearful.  In fact, I wrote a post about the era of my life when it all started.  And the demonic presence I may have experienced as a child seemed to follow me wherever I went.

Battling Demonic Oppression

First of all, again, I have no proof that I was dealing with demonic oppression as a child or later on, as an adult.  I have no proof that my issues weren’t just typical growing pains and natural childhood fears.  My headaches were real and quite frequent, as was the stress that went along with them.  But headaches are not so uncommon, and I suppose childhood stress isn’t either, especially in this day and time.  I refuse to turn this post into some sort of pity party for myself!  If anything, I’m hoping that by allowing for the possibility of what may have been plaguing me for years, I will in turn be able to connect some dots and possibly help others to understand this strange condition called demonic oppression.

In my previous post, I used a picture of a statue of Saint Michael the Archangel defeating Satan in battle.  I chose that picture because not only have I become very fond of Saint Michael throughout the last year of my house disturbances, but also because he is the angel whom we should all be calling on in times of spiritual conflict.  And of course, the weapon we should be using against any form of demonic affliction is the Holy Rosary.  When we pray the Rosary, we are praying the Gospel.  And the Gospel is the Good News and the Good News is Jesus Christ!  The Rosary is the Blessed Mother’s prayer of predilection.  How can we possibly fail if we are doing as Our Lady pleases, praying the Word of God?

Demonic oppression is probably more common than we realize.  Its symptoms can range from unexplainable rages to complete isolation.  I think the key to living a full, healthy and spiritually balanced life is to do one’s best to stay within a state of grace at all times.  We need to avoid occasions of sin and anything even remotely connected to the occult.  Satan attacks through anxiety and fear, and we need to remember to pray to the Holy Spirit for inner peace and wisdom so that we can learn to discern when it comes to making choices that involve our spiritual well-being (or lack thereof.)  I’ll close with the Saint Michael prayer:


St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.  Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.  May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen..


  1. I couldn’t agree more that demonic possession is likely much more prominent in our world than we realize. I recently read an article about Catholic ideas of p0ssession versus protestant (Baptist, in particular) ideas of possession, and the writer mentioned that it isn’t possible for Christians to be possessed. That just seems like such a strange statement; aren’t we all human at the end of the day? Why wouldn’t we all be susceptible to possession, as frightening as that may seem?

    I haven’t finished them yet, but have copies of some of Father Amorth’s books, and he does a great job of breaking down the concept of demonic entities and the different ways they can affect our lives.

    Thanks for posting on this topic–it’s such an important thing for us to talk about. Not in a sensational way, but to simply be aware!

    • Chalimar says:

      Christians cannot be possessed by an evil spirit because we are possessed by Christ. And evil cannot dwell where Christ dwells. Christians can only be oppressed by demons, but they cannot possess us, because we are possessions of Christs….do you not know that you were bought with a price. That you are not your own.

  2. @Christina – Thank you, Christina. It’s interesting what that article said and I agree with you – why wouldn’t Christians be just as likely susceptible to possession as non-Christians? In any case, I appreciate all that you said and please stop back again!

  3. A few thoughts. First, Mary will crush the head of Satan. Pray the Rosary. Secondly, Satan preys on those who let him get too close, as well as those who are a threat to him…Get strength, be strong, pray the Rosary.

    Finally, Sister Lucy (Fatima) explained the power of the Rosary when she told Father Fuentes:
    Look, Father, the Most Holy Virgin, in these last times in which we live, has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families, of the families of the world, or of the religious communities, or even of the life of peoples and nations, that cannot be solved by the Rosary. There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.
    Pray, giving thanks and with faith.
    I often forget that faith and prayer, must be accompanied by good works for it to be effective.
    “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead” (James 2:17).

  4. I happen to be a Baptist preacher and I would like to answer the thought brought out by some in regards to Christians having he ability to be possessed. Our first authority in life is the Scriptures, so what does the Bible say. In 1 John 4:4, the Bible says, “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” John is writing to believers, so when he says,” greater is he that is in you” that is in reference to Jesus Christ. The “he that is in th world” is in reference to Satan. Remember, when a person is saved (born again) that person has the Holy Spirit living and ruling inside of him. One cannot have two rulers at once. Either God is in your life or the Devil. The two are not compatible. God cannot stand evil nor can He stand evil in His presence. So, simply put, a Christian, born-again believer cannot be possessed by the Devil, but one should note that he certainly could be oppressed by him. Hope this helps!

    • No Sir, Our First authority in life is God.
      The scriptures happen to have been compiled many hundreds of year AFTER the word of God
      Himself incarnated. And only because the holy men and women of God that were what we today call the
      church compiled it.
      Please – Christians don’t believe the bible because the bible says we should believe it but because the Church taught us that it was true!!! Remember that before the bible there was a faith community called the Church. Sorry for ruining your sand castle.

  5. @Jason – Jason, respectfully, I have a different understanding. I was taught that the Holy Spirit withdraws when we commit mortal sin (grave matter). ~All~ of us are sinners, no matter how much we try to avoid it; we all have areas of weakness. And although the Heavenly Father forgives our sins when we confess them, many times people delay reconciliation and continue to sin. So, all of us are vulnerable occasionally. God the Father permits the devil to attack and test us, as illustrated in Job. Even a very holy person can lapse into sin but can confess and repent and regain his state of grace. Also, it is interesting to note that even in possession the devil cannot take the soul of a Christian unless the person gives in; even possessed people can go to heaven, as it is their physical self, not their soul, that is affected. I’m by no means a theologian or expert, but I have studied the Bible and faith extensively and, as best as I can, have simply stated what I have been taught. By no means is this an argument, just a statement of what I’ve come to believe. God bless.

  6. eugene delange says:

    wow I discovered this website by accident but wow I am a great father corpi fan, and while looking for info on him I found demonic oppression and for the past four years i have been in a battle and but for the grace of god and our blessed mother , I believe it is at a stand still and praying that god opens up the gates and reverses the horrific events that completely derailed my whole family and my life…. I WOULD LOVE TO SHARE MY STORY AND HOPEFULLY HELP OTHERS THANK YOU EUGENE DELANE DELANGENE@AOL.COM

  7. Margo, YES this has happened to me in my home, witnessed by my husband also, my favorite cat died,illness etc. I do have photo eventance thank goodness and yes I sought help. For some reason the Catholic church would not help and seemed afraid. A greek priest comes every 2 weeks for over a year to help me. I am believed. I was raped,pushed, marked up saw shadows and “spirits” even HUGE prisim crosses across my ceiling. I was told by a Dr.(will not give his name) But he teaches priest about exorcisim and said there is only one and do not let if fool you, he is a liar and it is called “Oppression” I pray allot and do the rosary,not every day.
    I can not talk more about this…thank you for writing this. Amen

  8. @Jason

    First, as a protestant I am fully aware of the protestant position that Jason gives, however, Fr. Amorth in his book, “An Exorcist: More Stories,” on pg. 188-189, addresses this issue and says;

    “Since the demon is a pure spirit, he cannot be confined in a place or a person, even if we think he can and does. It is not a matter of becoming confined within a body, but to act, to constrain. His presence is not like that of someone who lives in someone else or, like our souls, is part of our bodies. His is a force that can act in mind, in the whole human body, or in any portion of it. That is why we exorcists sometimes have the impression that the demon (I would rather say the “evil”) is, for example, in someone’s stomach. In reality, it is only a spiritual force that acts within the stomach.”

    “It would be a mistake to think that the Holy Spirit and the demon could inhabit the human body, almost as though they were two rivals living in the same room. They are both spiritual forces that can act concurrently, but in a different manner, on the same subject. For example, let us say that a saint is tormented by diabolical possession. Without a doubt, the saint’s body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. This means that his soul, his spirit, is in full union with God and follows the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If we think that this union is physical, then even a normal, physical illness would be incompatible with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Instead, his presence sanctifies the soul and guides our thoughts and actions. That is why the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can coexist with the suffering of an illness or of anything else, such as a demon.”

    While I am aware that there are Protestants, such as those in the Word of Faith movement who would argue that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit results in perfect physical health, and even argue that some of their dead leaders did not die from any physical illness or disease but merely left their bodies and went to heaven, like Smith Wigglesworth, and would therefore disagree with Fr. Amorth, they still have to explain why they age, wear glasses or contacts, or hearing aids, need dental work, need sleep, and food. They would also have to deny the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in anyone who experiences illness or disease, including themselves.

    In anycase I find Fr. Amorth’s explanation more reasonable than that of some of my fellow protestants.

  9. I have never thankfully experienced such terrible oppression as has been described here. But I have experienced those weird days when you feel like something is “out to get you”. Everything goes wrong, people around you are not themselves etc. Usually it’s when something spiritually good has happened or is about to happen. I would highly recommend a St Benedict medal or crucifix. The medal of St. Benedict is a very powerful sacramental with exorcizing properties; the exorcism is written right on it. Make sure you have it blessed correctly by the priest.

    Blessing of the Medal of St. Benedict

    Our help is in the name of the Lord.
    Response: Who made heaven and earth.
    In the name of God the Father + Almighty, Who made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them, I exorcise these medals against the power and attacks of the evil one. May all who use these medals devoutly be blessed with health of soul and body. In the name of the Father + Almighty, of His Son + Jesus Christ our Lord, and of the Holy + Spirit the Paraclete, and in the love of the same Lord Jesus Christ Who will come on the last day to judge the living and the dead.
    Response: Amen.
    Let us pray. Almighty God, the boundless Source of all good things, we humbly ask that, through the intercession of St. Benedict, Thou pourest out Thy blessings + upon these medals. May those who use them devoutly and earnestly strive to perform goods works be blessed by Thee with health of soul and body, the grace of a holy death, and remission of temporal punishment due to sin. May they also, with the help of Thy merciful love, resist the temptations of the evil one and strive to exercise true charity and justice toward all, so that one day they may appear sinless and holy in Thy sight. This we ask through Christ our Lord.
    Response: Amen.
    The medals are then sprinkled with holy water.

    You can wear the medal or as I have a large st benedict crucifix (the medal is set into the crucifix) you can put it in your pocket, handbag, under your pillow. I believe there is also a custom of burying medals in the foundation of your home. I assume placing the medals in the corners of your home provides the same protection.

    I hope this helps, God bless!

  10. thanks

  11. Cassandra says:

    I think they are also responsible for physcial symptoms like migraine headaches. I’m not Catholic, but once a person tries to engage in spiritual practices (notice that rosary beads should be made of natural stone or crystal. There’s a reason for that), they get oppressive symptoms. panic attacks, migraines etc. I now know it is part of an attack, and it sometimes takes me an entire day (I do call upon Michael) to get rid of it. I have had nightmares, where Satan is so angry with me, and a whirlwind comes and drives him away. EVERYBODY is oppressed. Whenever you are vulnerable it begins.

  12. Dear Margo,
    I am 61 years old, raised Seventh Day Adventist, and grew up very resistant to Catholicism.
    I think I suffered from an oppression for about 16 years. I would wake up every morning thinking bad stuff, disappointed that I woke up, that it would be better for my family if I just died in my sleep. Fortunately for me, I found EWTN and Mother Angelica, who I just loved. I was not Catholic then, my husband was, but more a lapsed Catholic. After months of watching Mother Angelica, I started saying the Rosary in bed before sleep. I didn’t have a Rosary, or didn’t know where it was, I didn’t know the daily mysteries. But I knew Our Father, the Glory Be, and Hail Mary full of Grace. So I would pray 10 Hail Mary’s and Our Father and the Glory Be and then start with more Hail Mary’s. It was over a week, but less than 2 weeks that I realized I was waking up happy and looking forward to the day. No more awful thoughts to start the day with. Within a couple of weeks I said to my husband “We need a church”, and his face kind of fell, we’d been through this before. So when I said “You’ve been very patient with me, we tried Presbyterian, we tried Unity, this time I think we have to try the Catholic Church.” His face lit up more than I’d ever seen and I was happy for that but sad I’d made him wait so long. Soon I was in RCIA and he made his profession of faith and was back in his Church. It is now going on 4 years for us, we help with RCIA and teacher 9 th and 10 th grade CCD students. So often for a protestant to become Catholic, believing in Mary is a real difficulty. For me, she proved herself even before I had consciously thought of becoming Catholic.

  13. I am a cradle Catholic who has gone through this my whole life, but it became worse in the summer of 2010. My marriage started to suffer and I was depressed and thought I had nothing to live for. I took it out on my then 4 year old twins and my husband. I started to see orbs everywhere and spirits were coming to me all the time…while I was awake, in dreams, and I could hear voices. Now, I have no history of mental illness in my family and I am not schizophrenic. I have never done drugs or been in trouble with the law. I graduated from a Catholic grade and high school. But, I have always had some kind of “ability” where spirits would come to me since I was a child, but I always ignored it. The breaking point for me came when the demon made itself known to my children and it would taunt the three of us. It would cause my daughter to have nightmares of it coming after me, and it appeared in broad daylight to my son. My husband became upset because he could protect us, but only from things of this earth. I realized that I had drifted too far from my faith. I bought a St. Michael medallion and I kid you not, as I put it on I felt as though I had just put on a shield of armor. This stopped the demon attacking me and my family, but I still felt like something was stalking me, like prey. I then had a Fransiscan priest advise me. He told me to carry the Blessed Sacrament, have one in my children’s room, and obtain a blessed cross with the crucified Jesus. Since then my feelings of being stalked have completely gone away. I still have spirits come from time to time, but not the demon. The spirits do not scare me, and I still do not know why they come to me, I am just happy that the demon no longer bothers my children or me. I am much more positive and at peace, I don’t allow negative people into my life and I feel blessed, as if God has granted me a second chance to “come home” to Him. It wasn’t until today that I found out I was a victim of a demonic oppression. I feel so much better knowing I was not going crazy, and that I am not alone. I now teach Religious Ed at my Church so that I can teach our youth the love God has for all of us.

  14. @Lynne V – thanks for the great testimony and welcome home! 🙂

  15. @Jason – you said..”Our first authority in life is the Scriptures”……..

    Where did *that* come from? Scripture tells us that Jesus commissioned His Apostles to go out into the world and teach everything He had taught them. That was the authority – not the scriptures.

    The scriptures were put together by the Catholic Church and preserved and copied meticulously in monasteries for over one thousand years. Even as far back as the 4th century, St. Augustine said: “I would not believe in the Gospel myself if the authority of the Catholic Church did not influence me to do so.” Against the letter of Mani, 5,6, 397 A.D.

  16. Tiffany Wohlgemuth says:

    I have no website, but I believe I am spiritually oppressed. I have all of the symptoms. i believe whatever it is has been with me for a while.

  17. I was told by a well-known priest/psychologist that I am Oppressed. He told me to go asap to a Catholic church and seek a priest and get fellowship. Well I called TWO Dominican sister churches (one that he told me to call, then they directed me to their sister church in my area,) however, both pretty much blew me off. They both said “Well, uh, we don’t deal with that kind of thing.” The priest in my neck of the woods said “Well what do you want me to do about it?” I have been sick and low since yesterday when I had that discussion. What kind of question is that? Aren’t you supposed to be saving souls in your profession?

    Any suggests? Or should I consider this God’s slamming the door in my face?

    Thanks, Rose

  18. Theresa,

    It is not allowed by the Catholic Church canon laaw to have a consecrated host residing in one’s own private home. Even a priest must have special permission to have a tabernacle in his own private residence. How is it then that you are claiming to have a consecrated host in a room of your house and to carry one about your private person?


  19. Rose,

    Hmmm…wasnt sure how I ended up on this site, but now I see why. 🙂

    God will never slam the door in your face…but you need to choose which door to walk through. Pray the rosary like your soul depends on it, because it very well may…mine did, and still does. Get holy water, go to confession weekly, and go to adoration weekly too. Forgive all those who grieve you, from the heart….release the negativity, its a vulnerability to you. Ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit…you can find the novena online. Get a Benedictine cross as someone mentioned above, and get it properly blessed. Tell the dark forces to “drink their own poison”–a reference to St Benedict and exorcism–and command them to go to the foot of the Cross to be done with according to His will. Proclaim yourself covered by the Precious Blood of Christ. Get rid of any books, objects or unholy relationships…ugh, it’s hard, but necessary. Have your house blessed, and consecrate yourself to Jesus and Mary by having your house enthroned. Read holy books, listen to holy music, watch holy shows. Go on a religious weekend retreat, if the opportunity presents itself. Do acts of charity selflessly, for Christ….”they” hate that. You will be tried, but will recieve an abundance of mercy and grace if you persevere. Even the saints were tried vigorously…and they became strong in Christ by persevering. If you stay faithful (that doesn’t mean perfect, but striving for spiritual perfection) you will be rewarded. God keeps His promises, He loves you more than you or I can begin to comprehend, dry your tears. Joy and child-like trust in Jesus really irritate the bad guys….the Bible tells us 365 times not to be afraid. He said “fear is useless, what is needed is trust”.

    I have experience in what I’m talking about…in my pride, disobedience and ignorance I made myself vulnerable to the darkness. Before I walked into the big snare, I received the disconcerting locution that I needed to learn some humility. I kept on my sinful path and fell into the pit with the darkness. It…yes, “it”, or rather, “they”…tried to kill me almost 1.5 yrs ago, and I was saved quite literally by Divine Mercy and the Rosary….more directly, the redemptive power of the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. I was terribly oppressed, and have come a long way by the generous graces of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. Not sure if you’re Catholic, but Jesus and the intercession of His mother Mary have saved me from peril over and over….including orchestrating my “coincidental” meeting of an exorcist, and several religious with discernment of spirits. Pray, pray, pray…I will offer my rosary tonight for you. Many religious and clergy are scared by manifestations….even to the point of denial. Special training is required for deliverance ministry, do not curse them for being scared or unknowlegeable. However, vigilance against the enemy is an article of faith.

    Were it not for the trials I’ve suffered, and the utter helplessness sometimes, I would not have had all of the healing, graces…and yes, joy that I’ve experienced in the last 2 years…nothing in my life, or those of my children, is the same. Jesus and Mary are a regular part if our daily conversation, so many good things have been borne of the darkness by His grace.

    I hope this helps, Rose…remember, the heart and mind are the primary battlefields, the physical is secondary. Immerse yourself in Jesus, trust in Him, and turn away from evil. God bless you, sweetheart…keep the faith, He will prevail. And know that in sharing my experience and advice from my heart has given me a grace in return, to step up my own vigilance despite my fatigue…my trials are almost over, my new life is beginning! :))))

  20. becky blanton says:

    @Walt – Mary will NOT crush anything. It is Jesus Christ the Son of God who conquered sin and death and Satan. Mary was human, not devine. She never cast out a demon. I encourage you to read the Bible. The power to fight oppression comes from God/Christi/holy spirit and not rosaries or medals or Mary.

    • Brandon Morris says:

      Hello there,
      I hate to break it to you but Our Lady Queen of Heaven helped me get to her Son Jesus Christ the King I read the Bible in it’s full context and so should you ..if you do You just might find why Mary is our spiritual Mother to the church by God’s grace she can intercede for us.By the way have you ever consider to take a look at the Rosary and how Biblical it really is…? God Bless

  21. It was through Our Blessed Mother and the prayer of the Rosary that I came back to Jesus and His Church after being away for more than 20 years. I was entirely “of the world” and had lived with great mortal sin on my soul for decades yet a few months after I began to pray the Rosary I began to experience a deep contrition interiorly for my sins and I realized just how far away I was from the Lord. This occurred five years ago and very soon after I returned to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and have been a practicing Catholic, and pretty much a daily Communicant, since. I continue to pray the Rosary everyday and am committed to propogating this devotion.

    The transformation of my life and the resultant change within my immediate family when this all occurred is really beyond words but I try to share when I am inspired to do so. True peace entered our home – every single thing in our lives became better. I am and will be forever grateful for what God did through Our Blessed Mother in bringing me back to Himself. God’s ways are many and varied and He chooses to use others to effect His desire that all men be saved. He engages Mary in this great battle for souls and her role should never be diminished or negated for this is His choice and there are millions of souls who have returned to Him through her as His agent. That is simply fact, and I am living proof. Mary is God’s Daughter, His Mother, and His Spouse. No other human being can claim such a relationship to Him. She is very, very special to Him and out of His great love for us He has given her to us as our spiritual Mother, and us to her as her children, while hanging on the Cross no less (John 19:26-27). No, Mary will not do anything on her own but she WILL do whatever God asks her to do just as she demonstrated throughout her entire life in doing His Will perfectly in cooperating to bring about our salvation in her Son – the Son of God – Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God foretold of her role from the very beginning in Genesis 3:15. May we all be so obedient as Our Blessed Mother Mary in doing God’s Will. Thank you, Lord, for Our Mother Mary, and what You have permitted her to do in my life in bringing me back to You. Thank You for what You have done in my family through her. You Yourself showed us the power of her intercession at Cana and how she never does anything of herself but simply directs us to “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5). O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

  22. @Jason

    A Baptist preacher has no authority spiritually speaking, period. I should know, I grew up as a Baptist in an area where nearly everyone is a Baptist and my godfather was a preacher, and I have since converted to the True Catholic Faith, the Church outside of which none are saved. Protestant heretics like to interpret Scripture privately (a grave sin) and apply their erroneous beliefs to passages usually taken completely out of context. First, a Protestant is not, in the true sense of the word, a Christian. Merely “believing in Jesus” does not qualify one as a Christian, nor does preaching error from a pulpit give one spiritual authority whatsoever. That being said, it is true that a Catholic in a state of sanctifying grace cannot be possessed of the devil as the Holy Ghost resides within him – for Baptists, et al, this state is lost after the first mortal sin is committed after baptism and is usually never restored. One dirty thought, use of birth control, knowingly denying Catholic dogma, etc leave one open to diabolical influence and oppression – in this sense a professing “Christian” most certainly can be oppressed by the devil. Otherwise, no Protestants would ever have been possessed. Read about the radical Protestant sects of Anabaptists (the predecessors of not only the Amish, Hutterites, Mennonites, etc but Baptists as well) who even at the highest levels of leadership seemed to be (according to their own followers and historians) “possessed of a demoniac spirit”.

    Also, the painfully obvious ineptitude of Protestant preachers (as well as regular laymen who like to play preacher) who try to exorcise demons by smacking the head of an alleged demoniac with a (Protestant) Bible while hollering “in the name of Jesus! do this! In the name of Jesus! I command you!”, “laying on of hands”, etc is evidence of their deception, lack of spiritual authority and indeed lack of the Holy Ghost entirely. When the alleged demoniac is “cured”, usually it’s because they were never possessed in the first place. No “preacher” would have the guts to approach a clearly possessed person because they would be too fearful at the sight and sound of a true demoniac; their efforts would be futile even if they did possess such courage. How can the blind lead the blind? They both fall into the pit.

    Speaking of which, “Theresa” needs to realize that the so called “spirits” she has allowed herself to believe are not demonic in nature are continuing to deceive her. Angels do not hang around your house as little balls of light. The dead are either in Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, or Limbo. So, all that leaves is demons. Especially considering that (if her story is true) the prescence of demons to begin with (whenever they start to manifest) should clue you in. Their power to deceive is strong. No doubt you were raised by the faithless false Catholics who don’t cling to tradition, being led astray just like Protestants. Isn’t it a little prideful, perhaps, to assume that you have ‘special powers’ rather than admitting that you, by your own faults and sins, have left yourself and continue to leave yourself open to diabolical oppression and/or infestation? Please, don’t let pride, the sin of Lucifer, convince you that these entities, if your story is true, are merely “spirits” of some neutral or positive nature rather than facing the facts that, like all of us who have experienced this, you brought this on yourself. I would encourage you to pray the Rosary as often as possible, go to a traditional Mass and Confession often and pray the chaplet of St. Michael as well. I will say a Hail Mary for you, and I sincerely hope that you will be healed of this affliction.

    Hail Mary, full of grace! The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

    • Brandon Morris says:

      Hey there are Protestants who are Christian by baptism because they retain the Trinitarian formula In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit I should know I am a convert to the Catholic faith and was baptized protestant. and I was able to receive ito communion by my baptism God Bless

  23. @Cassandra

    Dear, a Rosary can be made of anything. It is superstitious and pagan to think that stones or crystals or other natural materials cannot be used for it. just FYI. 🙂

  24. choosing not to believe in the devil won’t protect you from him

    wrap of vices creator of agony

  25. Katrina McIntyre says:

    Jason: I just came across “The Rosary Trail”, was born and raised a Catholic but came to Christ thru Christian TV. Upon this miracle, my wicked parents (rebels) immediately came against me. It turns out that the area they were born/raised (northern NM) is known for devil worship, satanic cults, witchcraft and sorcery. I’ve spent my entire life fighting evil, and have experienced many trials/sorrows. A true and sincere conversion to Christ is a gift from God through His Holy Spirit. God sees our hearts….we can’t fool Him. There are thousands of religions around the world and millions who worship false gods. Even though I may have had Catholics praying for me, the Holy Spirit used TBN to reach my confused mind/spirit. (Oppression/possession are real and very frightening….I’ve experienced it in my own mother.) The Cross is at every Catholic altar and is lifted high by the altar boys/ girls but still many miss it! The rosary is the life of Christ summed up in a few beads, while honoring the human mother God used to get Him to earth! Thank goodness that the precious Holy Spirit can use any means to reach us. As I continue to pray for my shattered life/kids (Jason, Candice, Troy, Anthony Jr., etc.), I must trust Him still. Praise Him all you angels; Praise Him all you heavenly hosts. Psalm 148:2 God Bless You, Katrina McIntyre

  26. Are you watching TV? Listening to worldly music? (including Christian Rock and Roll), Movies? Video Games?
    Well you really should turn them off now.

    Roger Morneau – A Trip into the Supernatural.

  27. Can someone give me some guidance? I really feel this a life or death thing. Firstly, I’m not Catholic – I never believed in any of this – I thought Angels were made up (until one night out of desperation I prayed for help and saw a painting of Archangel Michael in my minds eye and heard is name, that was interesting to Google!! I was blown away). Anyways, a few years ago I met the love of my life. When he started staying at my house, everything went nuts. He’s a recovering addict btw. So when he started staying over, we heard things, objects would fly across the room, people were scratched. We used to see this thing we dubbed “the lady” because she looked like the evil lady in the movie “Insidious.” Nightmares, gruesome images in our heads – the whole nine. My fiance’s moods became erratic, he grew more and more depressed with suicidal thoughts. All the while I’m praying to Archangel Michael every ten seconds and I really feel like I’ve skated through this – protected almost. For a few years things toned down, but his moods became worse. It was like that things is still manipulating him, but no longer needs to do crazy things to scare us. It’s laying low. Til recently. He started talking in his sleep, growling and making noise. Then, he actually started getting physical with me in his sleep. As much as I hated to do it, I sent him to his parents. One night he was staying over and I grabbed a set of Rosary beads and said a prayer. Out of a dead sleep, he growls “pray to your ‘bleeping’ God if you think that will save you … it won’t.” And then growl/laughs. There’s no way he could’ve known what I was doing. That scared me. It was NOT his voice either, it was like something from a horror movie. A few days ago I grabbed a digital voice recorder when no one was home and called the thing out – not smart, I know but desperate times — I just needed to know that this wasn’t something psychological – that this was really happening. So, I said “come here and talk into the recorder you cowardly bastard.” On playback you hear loud footstep sounds and a really nasty growl. There’s absolutely nothing that could’ve made that noise. Or the footsteps. I don’t know what to do. He’s going down too. He started using, he’s suicidal and has completely isolated himself from everyone. I have to physically go to his house in order to talk to him, he won’t answer the phone. And when I get there he’s so depressed he won’t move (or angry/irate). The only time he’s normal is when he’s using. Has anyone heard similar stories? Or know anything? I’ve talked to him about this and he agrees with my findings, I just can’t seem to get him to do anything about it. He’s not going to last much longer and I’m terrified of losing him. He’s such an amazing person, without this crap I know I’d get him back. And I know this thing is trying to ruin us too — alienate him permanently. What’s the end game here though? Why would something attach to someone and go through all of this? Does it really want him dead? I know it’s demonic. When it used to scratch us when this first started, it was always in marks of 3 or 6. Some paranormal teams say that is one of those demonic signs. Is there anything I can do? Aside from hog tying him and dragging him to church? He is Catholic too – you’d think he’d want to go to church. IDK. Help?? Please?? Sorry for the long message — this has been years in the making. I gotta get some help. I can’t do this alone.

  28. @Anon – Furthermore – how many people who have done horrible things in their sleep with no memory of it has actually been possessed/oppressed? Because the few times my fiance attacked me – he was talking in that growl voice like he was someTHING else. The only thing that got him to stop was me screaming God for help in my head (not saying anything except his name because I didn’t want to escalate the situation); as soon as I started yelling in my head for God, Michael, Jesus, anyone — he would stop on a dime. Then it would just be my fiance standing there looking confused asking what happened. All I can think of is those cases of extreme sleepwalking, where people have gotten in their cars driven places, and murdered people — like in-laws and parents. Could these people have been going through something similar?

  29. This is an amazing website! I just stumbled upon it as I was looking for pictures of Mary and the rosary, since this is the month of October when the Catholic Church says she calls us to pray the rosary! I too have experienced demonic oppression. I was not possessed, but sometimes I would wonder what it was I was experiencing. I don’t know how or why it got to me, but “they” did. I experienced many horrible times with these demons always around me, inside my head, as voices telling me what to do. But I was raised in the church and even still went to church, even still prayed the rosary, prayed to God. So these demons were pretty fearless, they couldn’t care less about my prayers. They had deceived me very well–told me they were angels you see, and sometimes told me they were God. They told me I was Jesus reincarnated, or that I was very pure. That I would have children with the angels. They told me they were Michael the Archangel himself. That I would marry Michael and have children. They kept my head very busy, while they put me through hell here on earth. I did things they told me to do, which landed me in jail twice, and hospitalized in the psychiatric ward twice. I attended an outpatient treatment program for 4 years. I totally and utterly believed them for a long time. It was because they created signs for me, coincidences, and told me things like I was being “tested.” Sometimes they “helped” me, and I thought they were good angels. But they liked to make me cry and would tell me that I could handle sorrow so much better than they could, I was so strong. They caused car accidents. They caused me to fall asleep many times, once when I was behind the wheel. I don’t know how they had such control over me physically. They could cause me to feel sexual desire, and would tell me usually at night to lay down with them. They even used Scripture to convince me, once telling me they were blowing on my soul like chaff–getting rid of the bad parts. They got me fired from my last job–sleeping on the job, and one time appearing to my bosses like I was sleeping, when I was not. They also made me give up my PhD, and I was very close to finishing it. They told me my school was corrupted and I shouldn’t carry its name, God didn’t want me to. They used many of my guilts and emotional grief over things and relationships to trap me. I lost out on a lot in life. When I left the mental institute after 4 years, I had begun to really fight with them, but I still didn’t even know who “they” were, just that I was sick of them telling me what to do and how to do it. I was tired of the mental ward, and sure that I didn’t belong there. I was beginning to question them. I thought about what God asks us to do. Does he really test us? Does he make us suffer? Was it Him asking me to do all these things? I wasn’t sure. I fought a lot, and started writing down my prayers, which I would pray with candles, and pray the rosary. I always struggled with my emotions as they could oppress me, and would sometimes isolate myself in my room and cry. I became semi-suicidal, even to the point of planning how I would do it. I wanted to be free of them so bad! They promised me they would leave me. But then they returned! I couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, on a walk I realized that it was Satan and his fallen angels who were pursuing me so fiercely. I was being oppressed and persecuted. I understood the last few years of my life a lot better and knew the truth. After that, they kind of melted away. Became less and less. I still saw two men who I thought kept following me, but after I told my sister about it (who always believed it was Satan who told me to do bad things, not “angels”), who warned me that sometimes the devil will lie in wait and watch to attack you again, then they too disappeared. Now, I am not sure if they will return. I hope and pray like crazy that they don’t. But I am not taking any chances. I feel freer than I have in years–almost like I did during my childhood and teen years. Although sometimes, I feel a little like I have been through a war–like I have PTSD. Yet, I feel free from them and at peace, which is what I prayed to God for. Except it was the truth that set me free. I believe. You see, now that I know who and what they are, there is not much I would not do to make sure they stay far far away from me! I turn to God, pray the rosary, I am joining prayer groups in my Church. I teach CCD now! Which is something they told me not to do. I can tell you a few things. “They”, the demons, do not like the rosary and in fact they have no idea how to pray it. They would follow me to Church sometimes and people near me would hold the rosary in their hands, but not pray it. Kind of like showing that they are “holy” like angels, but they are so ignorant. They also don’t like Jesus. They hate the crucifix. They would let me pray the rosary but would tell me to break off the crucifix at the bottom because I didn’t “need” it. They destroyed one of my large ceramic crucifixes, which I received as a gift from CCD as a child. They broke it into many pieces. They also like to curse a lot, bad language. This makes sense now that I look back and think of people who become possessed. People in exorcisms like to hurl obscenities and profanities, right? They talk like the scum of the earth and curse like demons. They too made me curse in my head for a long period of time, and it was uncontrollable like a tic. I thought I was going crazy. I thought it was due to some kind of personal anxiety. Nope. It was them. I see that now. They would give me many promises, but you see they are incapable of keeping any promises. They are the King of Lies. They are Thieves. Robbers. Killers. Destroyers. They are cunning and deceptive. Elaborately deceptive. They know your weaknesses and they like to keep you away from things like experiencing true, real love, with real live people. They like it when you are discredited and no one believes you. They like it when you cannot advance, personally or professionally. And when you cannot help others. They like to make themselves “high” while keeping you low. They get off on it. They also will do anything to turn you away from real angels, Michael, and God himself. They almost did that to me. When I realized the truth about who they were, I started blessing God every chance I could get. I praised his name loudly and often! If they went to mock me, or angels, or God, I would proclaim my love for them. “I love Angels” or “Michael is a friend of mine” or “Smile, Jesus loves you” or “God is Victorious”. They hate that stuff most of all!!!! So when you feel low, always always praise God! For that is horrible to them. And pursue all of your goals, most determinedly, with God, and don’t let the devil keep you down! Enjoy life in every way you can, for it is your life alone, and do not let them steal your joy! Do not believe their lies! There is no need to suffer. Do not let them draw near you or your loved ones! I tell you, their time on this Earth is short. Their days are numbered. And God does not like his children to be oppressed or harmed in any way. He will destroy them. It is their Fate. If I were you, I would seek out God in every way, and be vigilant against the Enemy! Don’t just think it’s all in God’s hands. Because God wants you to wake up, stay awake, and keep a vigil for when He returns! He needs all of our help to defeat Satan, and together with Mary, our Mother, we will find the way to crush the Evil One. Alleluia! Keep the Faith, everyone!

    P.S. Something I am reading right now in my Spiritual Warfare path, as I like to call it, is “The Catholic Warrior” by Robert Abel. It’s a very short book detailing how Satan and demons can get to you, by which ways, and how to get them out! It’s not just for Catholics, but for everyone who wishes to defeat Satan and keep close to Christ.

  30. To Anon:

    You are in a serious situation, and desperately need help from believers! Whether that is in a formal Church or organized religion or not, it doesn’t matter. Because as many of us have discovered, sometimes the Church has no idea how to help. Sometimes they are scared. Try anyway. Try priests and holy people who are ordained in the Church. Do you love your boyfriend? Research! Find someone, an expert, who can help! If that doesn’t work, try other prayer groups, people who have experienced demonic possession. Search online and in books. Pray all the time. Pray the rosary. Pray for God’s help and mercy. And if your boyfriend is dangerous, STAY AWAY FROM HIM! He might be very physically strong right now, because he is possessed by Satan. There is a part in the Bible where a man is possessed by demons and they tell Jesus they are called “Legion” for they are “many.” And they make the man so strong, he can’t be bound by chains and shackles. He literally breaks them. And while your boyfriend may love you and would never hurt you–Satan would! He would hurt you and not bat an eye! So don’t go too close to him. Pray for him. And if you return to his house or on his grounds, do so with A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE! With people who know how to exorcise demons. And with people who can protect you and themselves–physically and spiritually. People who can return your boyfriend to God and to you. I would join a prayer group and pray most fiercely, round the clock, for your fiance to be released from Satan. And you might want to try fasting and praying at the same time. I find it to be most powerful. Fasting entails eating one meal a day. Fast and pray for him, from the Love in your Heart! Do not let Satan keep you two separate! Do not let Satan destroy an innocent man’s life.

  31. Vero:

    Thank you for your comments here online! I found your love of our Holy Mother to be most inspirational! You obviously have experienced the graces and gifts of our Lord, bestowed upon us at times by His Most Holy Mother who intercedes for us! Your faith in Christ is admirable. And as Jesus would say, “Your faith has healed you.” May you keep your lamp well lit! And may it never be extinguished! Amen.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I just wanted to comment that I had an experience of demonic oppression too. For years I had anxiety and I stopped going to church and didn’t believe in God anymore. For years I had psychic experiences where I was able to death events, but just about death. After about 12 years or so, I started to tutor this 15 year old kid who was a FALUN Dafa practicioner. He told me that practising a religion is so important and how it helped him with his experience of bullying. He also talked about how in his religion they believed in evil spirits and that the Christian religion is a real religion. He inspired me to go to church and I did and when I did I felt so much anxiety when i was in the church. No one was there, and I started to try and pray the rosary. I had to keep a book as a guide because i had no idea how to do it anymore. Every time I tried to pray, I would get these crude and blasphemous thoughts enter my head! I thought they were my thoughts and they kept going and got more intense as I tried to pray. I kept stopping my prayers and apologizing to God for my thoughts. Then I started telling them to shut up and they wouldn’t. When i didn’t pray this wouldn’t happen. When i prayed they would happen. After a couple of weeks of this, I thought that this can’t be me. These thoughts can’t be mine and that maybe they were evil spirits. So, I decided to pray to Jesus to take away these thoughts from my mind and I also prayed to St. Michael the archangel and I prayed to Padre Pio . The next morning I woke up and tried to pray again and there was silence. The voices never returned. What is more strange is that my anxiety (sweating and feeling afraid in a church) is completely gone. Not just in the church. I had this anxiety for years. My parents commented immediately that something was different about me and that I no longer looked tense and very calm. I never told them what happened. I never told them because they would think I was nuts. I know that all this anxiety and tension I felt was the result of demons because it completely disappeared. No amount of medication in the past could help it or heal it. I tried in the past and nothing really worked. I don’t need to take anxiety pills anymore. The other thing I want to mention is that the first day I decided to pray in the church I saw the demons face looking at me . it was like on another woman’s face but it wasn’t her. It looked at me with a look of hatred and then i was thinking why is this woman looking at me like that? I kept watching her and she seated herself and then she looked up at me and her face was normal. It wasn’t her looking at me at all. It was a demon looking at me. It freaked me out so much I started looking up and reading about demons on the internet. I wanted to see if anyone out there had a similar experience.
    I came to the realization that sometimes when you do start praying and turning back to God and going to confession, the demons attack more. They want to stop you.

    Please do not believe that these are just manifestations of mental illness. They are not always that and even if you have a mental illness, you can still be oppressed by demons. What a great place to hide when you think about it. To oppress a mentally ill person would be easier because people would right it off as just that.

    You don’t need to diagnose yourself or anything. Just start praying the rosary and go to confession. Pray for Jesus to take away evil spirits from your life. Pray for closeness and protection from God. No diagnosis needed. If you have a demonic oppression, you can save yourself through prayer and fasting. Jesus said that some demons can only be removed by prayer and FASTING. I did that as well. I only ate bread and water for a week while praying the rosary and went to confession for everything i did in my life that i could remember and then I was freed.


  33. Katrina Marie McIntyre says:

    I send the following suggestions with a somber warning to run from evil!!! My grandmother put a curse on my mother (MLTrambley) and I because of my dad (FLPachecoJr.). Both parents are spoiled rebels and have been involved with witchcraft/spiritism, etc. (Mora/Las Vegas, NM). My kids and I have been bearing the curses of the family…death, sorrow and devastation. God will hold parents accountable for the spiritual welfare of their children! Most of my relatives (Catholic) are completely deceived by wickedness, and are indifferent to the things of God. The family is very oppressive and dysfunctional; the women have ruled without interference! The men are weak, ensnared by the lusts of the flesh. The wicked snares that Satan captures families with may vary, but the results are the same…..deadly!!
    1. Stay away from the occult/sorcery and anything connected with the spirit realm.
    2. Get away from ungodly influences and ask God for good friends/acquaintances.
    3. Give your heart and soul to Christ and ask Him to turn your life around.
    4. Pray daily, read His Word, and find a good church where you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Stay in fellowship weekly with other Christians!
    5. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and healing in every area of your life.
    6. God tells us to forgive our foes; this is not an emotional issue but an act of the will. Accept the reality of your enemies, and turn them over to God. Release them to the foot of the Cross…Christ is the only one who can deal with them now.
    7. Don’t try to be perfect….God loves you with all of your failures and imperfections!
    8. Remember: “I praise you, so wonderfully you made me; wonderful are your works! My very self you knew; my bones were not hidden from you when I was being made in secret, fashioned as in the depths of the earth.” Psalm 139:14,15
    9. Learn the St. Michael Prayer and Ephesians 6:10-17…..pray daily for protection!!
    10. Welcome the precious Holy Spirit into your home often, and pray for your spouse and children daily!

    “I will tear off your veils and rescue my people from your power, so that they shall no longer be prey to your hands. Thus you shall know that I AM the Lord.” Ezekiel 13:21

    “But God repays with destruction the person who hates Him; He does not dally with such a one, but makes him personally pay for it.” Deut. 7:10

    God bless you as you journey with Christ Jesus…to Him be the glory forever! Amen.

    Katrina McIntyre

  34. Amen,! Becky Blanton only Jesus, which is the Way, the Truth and the Life can set you free any other way is the same as a thief and a robber. Please read your bible and i pray that God will open your eyes, religion will drag you to hell, the rosary praying to Mary will not profit you one bit.

  35. Beaean – Please read this post which will hopefully clear up at least some of the confusion:

    A priest many of us once (and still do) knew and loved always used to say: “If she (Mary) is good enough for Jesus, she (Mary) is good enough for you.”

    Unfortunately, my eyes are open just a bit too wide. Hence, the reason I created this blog in the first place. And it’s not about “profiting” from praying the Rosary. Rather, it is about doing what Our Lady asked of us and finding favor with the Lord because of it. Mary was there when Jesus performed His first miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana. In fact, she expressed concern that the wedding guests were out of wine. She whispered in Jesus’ ear, letting Him know that His help was needed. And when He told her that His hour had not yet come, Mary, nevertheless, said to the head waiter: “Do whatever He tells you to do.” It is through Mary that Jesus came into this world the first time, and it will be through Mary that He will come again. These aren’t my words. I didn’t invent any of this. Please refer to the Catholic Bible for reference.

    Also, please refer to the posts on this blog titled False Devotion to Mary. (There are 7 of them.) And you may want to pick up a book titled True Devotion to Mary by Louis de Montfort. That, too, should clear up some (or all) of the confusion.

    Thank you, though, for taking the time to read this blog and for sharing your thoughts. Please know that you are always welcome here.

  36. John Walker says:

    I am glad to see more people talking about oppression . This Spirit here attacks me physically and I am now a disabled person because of it and no matter what I do as far as changing my life , confess , repent , get involved in a church , fellowship . Nothing has helped and you had absolutely nothing to say that could help me at all . Like why does it happen ? How does a person live with this oppression and most important how do you get it to end . These are the questions that I need answered . So now I am asking , praying and begging someone please help me , I cant stand another day of this .

    John Walker

  37. @John Walker – im praying for you john.

  38. John Walker says:

    Hello . I am a 55 yr old Disabled man . I had moved into a haunted house in 2007 and quickly became a disabled person . Things it did to me that I was aware of . Every time I close my eyes I get this whole body jerk as if every nerve in my body fired at once , this continues even today and have been violent enough to throw me out of my recliner . 2010 I was robbed . I had anger and unforgiveness in my heart for way too long . The paranormal experiences started again and lead to the Physical attacks that I am aware of . I believe i am under attack most all the time and unaware of it . it comes as a vibration , then a whole body tingle that varies in strength . then i experience being Paralyzed for a few minutes . This has gone on for 2 years now . I have turned my life around 2010 I am a member / have a position in my church , have self control . I have confessed my sins and repented thru tears many times . I am no longer ignorant of Gods word , I am now a member of the United Way as a volunteer helping others , it does my heart good to be a blessing to others . My Question is WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET THIS BLANK BLANK THING OFF OF ME ? It is causing me great pain , like sciatic nerve and abcessed teeth pain that will go away when I tell it to in Jesus name , BUT it comes right back , I have felt it squeeze my heart til i thought i would die . PLEASE HELP ME

  39. John Walker says:

    Thank You . as long as i live and breath I will be searching for a way to over come this Oppression . I was just attacked a few hours ago , My body was paralyzed again . when I was writing for help earlier there was a loud BANG on my desk . Things like this happen when ever I seek help. I am so discouraged and disappointed with the church its unbelievable . they are no help what so ever . These people know my name , nothing else about me but yet they think they can tell me I have some sort of Mental Health issue , excuse me but that’s a load of BS . they don’t have the faith or knowledge to deal with something like this so they insult me instead . I am trying not to let my anger grow but my impatience certainly is . all comments welcome , write me at if you like , Chat is jwesley44 yahoo messenger . God Bless everyone

  40. bobi peavy says:

    @margo – i am 32 years old and have been battling with demonic oppression my whole life. i was even possessed twice and had to be delivered. both times it centered around drug addiction and sexual sins. (my parents were drug addicts and drug dealers and i can remember the earliest attacks as young as 3 or 4) the first time i was possessed, i was 16 and i don’t remember much about it except i went to church with friends and when they started praying for me i blacked out. i woke up on the floor with no less than 20 people holding me down, in my own vomit and i hurt everywhere. i accepted christ then. but you know how the devil can tempt u and when that doesn’t work he starts trying to destroy you. the tempations i was able to handle, the traumas, i was not. so i fell back into a life of drugs. 2 yrs ago GOD told me he was gonna help me because i started crying out to him to change my life, i couldn’t take any of it anymore. i had tried to commit suicide multiple times and to say the least i was in a very bad place. the thing i found interesting was that even tho i rededicated my life, i was not immediately delivered from the addiction. that took months. hence i was saved yet still possessed. i know i was set free from that demon by GOD himself. i had an intense vision, where i saw many angels battling a demon and telling her over and over she had to leave and she had roots stuck to her feet and by the end of the vision, the angels had chopped off the roots and were pulling them out of the ground while some of them were dragging her away. and i woke up in the same condition as i had when i was 16, but there were no people there. i haven’t touched a drug since is the main way to me that signifies the vision was true. recently the oppresiveness has come back.(i know there is a difference with general oppresiveness, temptation, and personal oppressiveness, u will always have satan trying to do something, which is general and happens to everybody but what i’m talking about is the personal stuff like u feel a demon has been assigned to your case personally for lack of a better way to describe that) after having to deal with it i know the signs to look for in my experiences. i start having dreams of demonic things and night terrors and not being able to sleep, then comes the anxiety and unnatural fear, being terrified of the dark. feeling like something is watching me always and out to get me. in worst cases, i have seen shadows and been physically attacked. pets would die. and unexplainable sicknesses. others have also been physically attacked. right now, i am at the point where for the last month i have been having nightmares again, and the fear is coming on and have a feeling of being watched. also, my 7 yr old son has been admitted into the hospital twice with pancrititus, in the last month, the last time was 3 am this morning. when, in just a few short hours from time my 4 yr old woke up vomitting. they have both been scared to sleep alone for the last 2 months. to start with i chocked it up to the fact that we had just moved,(the ironic things is we moved to start in ministry) until i started having the dreams again. is there a way to get the oppression to leave for good? (i have tried casting it out, but it keeps laughing at me and telling me i can’t do that in my dreams. it says i’m not strong enough) any ideas on what should b done? i can be emailed at

  41. I am wondering is there such thing as being demonically oppressed then possessed? If so I know there is something going on with me and I kneed help asap. Please believe me because I am the type that does not take this sort of thing lightly or thinks it ought to made a joke out of because it is 100% real trust me. I have tried to get help and it is like every time me or anyone tries to get help with this something stops it all to a sudden halt that never starts back up again its as if something does not want anyone to help me. I feel so alone. I am the type of person that loves peace for everyone and every creature and if I had to die like Jesus Christ on the cross I would in a heart beat and you best believe it because I believe that it is far better to save many than just one soul which would be me I think of others before myself most usually but of lately I have an aggression level that is through the rough and I am so easily irritated I just want to be alone and not go anywhere I was totally cutting cursing out and due to the irritation and aggression I blurt out curse words and don’t even mean to at all. I am going to say something else and I hope that no one thinks I am nuts but I have had these extreme urges to hurt anyone who crosses in front of me or even if I hear someone speak I feel angry like I want to hurt them for real and I would never harm anyone I would rather help people no matter what. I have seen things all of my life that would scare people but of lately I have seen things that would scare you to death literally or straight to the nut house honestly. I do not scare hardly but of lately I am a little shaken because the three things I believe to be demons visit me frequently anymore whether I am awake or a sleep.

  42. @Julie -Hi Julie, I appreciate your visiting my blog and taking the time to write. I’m not really in a position to advise you on this matter, but I would suggest getting in touch with your parish priest. If he can’t help you, perhaps he might be able to refer you to someone who can. It might be helpful to talk to someone in person about your situation.

    Since I don’t know you, I’d feel that it isn’t really my place to offer any sort of counsel. I would definitely find a priest that you can sit down with and discuss this with. And if your priest can’t help, you could try your bishop.

    I hope things work out for you and that you find peace and a new sense of direction.

  43. Thanks for a little bit of advice I understand what you are saying. I have tried getting a preacher and his church group that comes to the place I live and does things in the community well the whole group came into my home and blessed the home and prayed over me, my husband, and four kids and it seemed to get amped up a little and has progressed a lot more through out time. I will try to do as you suggested and find a priest but there is no priest that are local due to transportation issues I can not research find a local priest and arrange to speak with him and get up and go. I am truly greatful that you at least responded to me because I have not even got that from a lot of people and groups I have asked about this situation.

  44. @Julie -Hi again Julie,

    Why don’t you find out who the bishop of your area is and then call the bishop’s office, asking them to lead you in the right direction? If there is not a Catholic priest nearby, there is at least a bishop within your diocese who oversees such matters. Please let us know how you make out.

  45. How did you get out of the oppressed state? Prayer, frequent Confession and Communion?


  46. Peace to all! Thanks be to 0ur Father! I am so over joyed that this is here. Its about time this is talked about and a plus, its a Catholic perspective. I have experienced so much of what you all are saying. House/ home infestation, oppression, all in all a spiritual battle in this home. Both angels and demons clearly working in this situation.
    I am sorry and do not want to offend the person who thinks angels don’t hang around your house, but your Angel(s) DO stay with you, even when you reject them or block them unwillingly through closed or hardened heart, maybe from afar at times but they are ‘always’ with you watching over. Never imposing on free will, still filled with love & caring for you. I call on all my heavenly family/friends , Father, Son, Holy Ghost & Blessed Mother, saints, angels, sages ,loved ones that have gone home, any in Heaven who will come and help me with this awesome great and terrible battle. I make Heaven my family in a very real and constant Way. We were given many messages, warnings and direction in this battle, some written on the wall in purple some in black, guess which was which 🙂
    Here’s an example of messages from an angel named Joshua to us through this huge battle going on in this home;
    ” All Glory to God Who is able through HIS mighty power at work WITHIN US to accomplish infinately more than we might ask or think”
    “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God and in Him I will trust,
    do all things without complaining or arguing, that you may be blameless and without fault in the midst of a very preverse generation; seek the Lord and His Strength; seek His Face evermore, remember HIS marvelous works”
    He showed unimaginable kindness and mercy, when truly at times it was not deserved, at least I wouldn’t have expected it at the time. At what was going on in all of it, the ‘secrets’ that came out and they will come out eventually (now on earth or when you pass) if you want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, for those ‘secrets’ in themselves create a chain that binds you in some cases, which were quite ugly things that were done by someone in the house they had no knowledge of, in their true ignorance of spiritual things and the importance of discipline in the home.
    This began with photos of the one which did the ‘secrets’ found upside down all over the house, open a cupboard,bam, there his pic found upside down, found randomly all over the house for a time, then the authority bunched them up and locked them in his room, next day the whole bunch found upside down together against a wall. Then bundled them together again and put them under his dresser, that night went to get into bed and he lifted his covers to find a pic of him which was behind another one in the frame upside down, and he broke down. At which the authority of the home was given a message on the wall the next morning in purple which said “**** please awaken”
    I tried through the years to tell them something wasn’t right, what was going on was wrong in the basic lifestyle itself without knowing the secrets. Tried to tell them about all of the spiritual stuff going on, which I have been an avid reader of The Word of God, Saints, Fathers of the Church, Padre Pio, Bishop Sheen , all of The Blessed Mothers messages and warnings Fatima, Lourdes, Medj and such, Fr Amorth, I was met with a sort of bewilderment maybe a superficial ‘yeah, I believe’ by 2 of them but the other 2 did not take this as serious as it is/was. 2 were in a deep slumber 2 were deeply in sloth,lust and no discipline…
    It is much, 2 yrs of, very much, I could write a small book, which I might because there is certainly a need…now is not the time for me to do that…yet
    Alot was broken in the house, or thrown around , the kitchen would have food thrown in it constantly; condiments, flour, powdered sugar, spices, hair gel squeezed all over( that part reminded me of mischevious or naughty kids), I suspect I know why they were allowed to do this…again, I could go on and on. Truly Awesome and Terrible
    The thing is…like many have said here, it is extremely important to WATCH AND BE VIGILANT especially in your home, the domestic church, which is to be your refuge from “the noise of the world”. PLEASE DO NOT LET ANYTHING UNGODLY IN YOUR HOME. Discipline your children , “for in this is hope”, divorce is a huge component in this ,as far as, parents feeling guilty for either the divorce or they have to work and then overcompensate in pitty instead of teaching strength to overcome…feeling bad for them thus letting them get away with way too much disrespect, especially laziness in a big way (things I or anyone I grew up with never would get away with), this is a huge problem now in this time, there is no worth to the job that doesn’t pay the almighty dollar in this world…and very few will stand up for the most important job without ‘pay’. And in this leaves many holes and young people fill this void with well, you know, everything not good for them and unchecked because the parent(s) are working and feel bad or are too tired…oh, too scared of a fit or they will feel bad, simply they are more worried about their feelings than Gods, more fearful of their kids than God, insane! Evil is very insidious
    Anyway, this is soo long, I am sorry. I will write more later. God Bless you all and His peace be with you all, HE loves us sooooooo much

  47. Julie, God loves you sooooooooooo much, first I must say that…and please think of that and know that, put that foremost in your mind the min. you sense evil around you. I always say Jesus Mary Joseph and call on St Michael constantly and interject with Our Father …Hail Mary… Glory Be…the second you sense them around, this honestly helps tremendously. I have been doing that for half my life when I sense or know evil is around and it has helped me always .
    The church has not been there to help me through this, meaning directly, much of what others have said when trying to go to their priest …but it has in the many graces given by God through her, despite the humaness in it. These are great weapons. If a priest will not ‘go there’, surely you can find one that will bless some salt and a St Benedict medal for you and you can get Holy Water from most Catholic Churches on your own, I fill mine all the time at Church. Use Holy Water, Blessed Salt and get a St Benedict medal or and Crucifix for your home, these are very good and capable weapons for this battle you are in.
    The Rosary, of course, is very powerful and really has helped me tremendously. Make Gods Heavenly Kingdom your family. But, even some of these things can be tolerated by some demons if faith is not present, keep faithful and know you are Gods precious daughter…Padre Pio is a great help in dealing with demons, he has said he dealt with them constantly. He said find the demons weakness, for some its Holy Water, some its a mere thought of God Jesus Mary that sends them running. Some can tolerate things others can’t. He helped me alot… Surround yourself with holy things and try to think of blessed images of Christs life, imagine God hugging you, imagine Heaven and think of it often …I said out loud many times, my Father in Heaven is bigger than you, go to Him with your nonsense. I have thought (like a child telling on someone) Mother he’s bugging me again and talk to her like my mom through it. These are things that certainly can help and helped me through their harrassments. We will deal with them till HE comes
    all Christians will, in one form or another, at times he hides in the shadows, at times its in your face, either way, he hates us and wants to steal our hope, joy, and just steal us individually, he wants to steal you, you have to steal yourself or someone/someTHING will.
    Stand for what you are in God, loving, caring and thoughtful of others. You are Gods daughter
    and you can be sure He Loves You as such for you are sharing in suffering with Christ,His Son who too was subjected to our enemy and showed us how to overcome it…
    Padre Pio said something to the effect of if the devil is harrassing you, know you are in the company of many saints who have gone through the same thing… for those that are his already he doesn’t need to expend much energy but its those with God that the devil has to work harder at , wear him out sister and let him know YOU KNOW YOU ARE GODS DAUGHTER…
    Fight the good fight, renew your strength IN HIM and keep on keeping on
    God be with you and give you a renewed strength
    May His Love and Peace surround you

  48. It’s very real…I have battled demonic oppression since i was born. i always “wondered” until i was given concrete evidence…i was a very strong spiritual person with great faith in the buddha’s teachings..i was attacked by the antichrist in dreams, then i was possessed twice by none other than the antichrist. i finally had so many “revelations” and Christian miracles happen that i realized i was on the wrong path…I became a devout Christian overnight. Going to Church soon for help…i had, like you suffered horrible depression, agonizing, now its mild, i also once experienced “obsessiveness” that i knew made no sense..and endless bad luck…
    i know i’m being attacked because i’m kinder than most people i have met = i know i have a bigger heart and more compassion than most so i think this is why i am given such a horrible test in life…i’m scared to tell the Priest for fear he’ll think i’m crazy…or what kind of ritual they can give for demonic oppression…and if it can even work.

  49. i pray rosary for 2 hours a day for 6 months now before that meditated about the same a day…so tired of this.

  50. Anonymous says:


    The only way to actually see and experience the total graces attached to saying the rosary, is to take a chance and pray it! You will be amazed. When you pray the Rosary you PRAY THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.

  51. I know that what I’ve been dealing with for a year has been demonic attacks. I get physically attacked almost every night . It kind of feels like shooting electricity and my body gets extremely hot inside. It started out by taking my personal belongings of which I was blaming my husband. You see these things on tv but you never think it could happen to you. Anyway,, my husband has had an addiction his whole life, but didn’t know about it when I married him almost 32 yrs ago. The past two years have intensified his addiction but he is one who refuses to admit guilt. Anyway, so I left him last September because of the gross amount of personal belongings taken from me along with other strange occurances that I was blaming him for. After I left and moved into another house, things got even worse for me. I’d be awakened every night around 3-3.30 am with pain. I’d look down at my hands and arms and i’d have razor like cuts and bruises on them. I would then go into the bathroom and on the sink would be a large bandaid with a razor propped up on it as if to say,, I cut you.. I didn’t put any razor or bandaid on the sink the day before, so I knew it came from someone else. It also would leave a picture of me all through the house when I was a child, when I was molested. It would take something of mine and then leave a childhood pic of me as a mocking gesture. It wasn’t until I installed a home security system and then went to bed with it on, got up the next day and my outfit was gone that I had put on the dresser. I then called my husband to come up to talk about this. After speaking to him awhile, I knew that nobody could have possibly got into my house without the alarms going off. So I moved back home to him, and when we were getting my belongings back, I once opened up the freezer and inside was a straw that had one of my cigarettes made into a perfect cross. I yelled for my husband to come and see it and he was totally freaked out. So much more has happened to me and I’m still getting attacked every night but I have faith that Jesus knows my suffering and I just turn the lights back on when getting these attacks and read out loud from the bible. I then just say, that even if this oppression should kill me, that I will not deny Jesus. I offer up my suffering for my sins, but keep the faith the the Lord will send someone to free me from this oppression. I have tingling and numbness in my right foot all of the time and a few other symptoms but again,, I know that God hears my prayers and will send me the help that I need someday. So if anyone wants to pray for me. I’d appreciate it. God bless everyone!

  52. Hello, please pray for me. I need prayers I am in pains {bodily pains}

  53. Thanks for sharing your story, Margo. It’s helpful to others who are afflicted. I’ll pray for you.

    I believe I’m also suffering from Demonic oppression. Thirteen years ago, I was a highly successful artist, making a lot of money, living in my dream house, and getting thousands of fan letters. I was somewhat famous. Overnight, I had atrocious luck, and people suddenly seemed to avoid me. I lost practically everything–my job, my home, my money, relationships, and my health greatly declined. I’ve never been able to get my career back on track, and it seems that everything I do fails. It’s like I’ve been bound, have become invisible, and people don’t appreciate me or my work anymore.

    Even worse, many people in my outer circle of family and friends died–I’m not sure if this is coincidence or if it’s part of the oppression.

    For a long while, I thought I was cursed–that maybe another artist was jealous of my success. I’d even received an anonymous email from someone who claimed they’d cast a curse spell on me. But no matter what remedies I sought, I couldn’t break the curse. After a lot of research into curses, I realized last year that all the bad luck was demonic oppression.

    I’m not sure where it started. There are so many possibilities. I’ve had many supernatural experiences since I was a child. I also live in a Victorian house, which is haunted. Not only have my family and I seen several full-bodied apparitions, but we’ve also seen shadow people. In addition, I could have opened some door when I messed around with Wiccan magic, mirror gazing, Ouija boards, and tarot cards many years ago–I did this unaware that I was doing anything wrong or offensive to God.

    Things calmed down during the past few years, and my life stagnated into endless depression, anxiety, and anguish, but when I started fighting back with prayer last summer, it was like a damn broke. Suddenly the bad luck escalated again. Several beloved pets died, my husband lost his job, and a project I’d put my heart into for many years failed. Again, I felt like I was personally bound. My project didn’t even receive negative reviews. It was as if it was invisible.

    The fact that it viciously fought back proved to me that the bad luck and binding had indeed came from a malevolent force.

    I read that if you pray to the Holy Spirit, he will tell you the name of the demonic force who is attacking you so that you will have greater power against it. So I tried that, and that very same night, I received the name in a dream.

    I’m still fighting back through repentance and prayer. And I believe it’s starting to work. My husband now has a job. My design business is doing better, and I got a fan letter yesterday. I also feel that there has recently been a lot of divine grace in my life. For the first time in a long time, I’m hopeful!

  54. Just an FYI for all……there is an excellent post and audio talk by Fr. Nicholas Federspeil, a priest who studies and deals in deliverance. He just returned from an annual conference for clergy and lay people on exorcism and deliverance. It’s posted on the “News and Faith” website under “The reality of evil the way it infiltrates and how to bind it”. I will post the link if I can figure out how to do it. (lol) I am NOT a tech geek:) but if you go to you will find the link. Highly recommended. It is also on Drew Mariani’s facebook page. (Relevant Radio)

  55. Christine says:

    Had been attacked at night while sleeping, put a Blessed Rosary and Holy Water right next to my bedside and everything STOPPED! Now I have a Blessed Rosary hanging on every wall in my house and a St. Benedict Rosary with a Blessed St. Benedict medal on it too! I bless myself every morning and night with Holy Water with Blessed Salt in it! What a difference! Stay AWAY from bad people!!!Go to Church every week! They hate that & Sacramentals! They will leave, you will HEAR them leave with bangs on the walls! Open a door for them to exit.
    Always Blessed,

  56. josh alexander says:

    I went through the same thing and studied every thing what were the main weapons that worked?

  57. I tried those things and they only work a few times out of many and it didn’t permantely fix it.

  58. Thank you all for your posts. I think that there may be an oppression over my entire family. Last November I found that that my son was sexually abused. I began a decent into madness and helplessness. I was overwhelmed taking care of him and would inexplicably rage at him. In March, he committed a crime and I turned to my family for help. My brother (an active alcoholic) offered help and I accepted. He ended up abusing my son physically and even tried to get custody of him and live with him in a house with 7 men who share one bathroom. My step-father and aunt sided with my brother. My brother became so out of control I had to gay a restraining order. Them I’m May I fell at work and had to have emergency back surgery. Shortly after my son and I moved in with my mother and she then get him. My step-father tried to take our home and my brother continued spreading lies about us. I have begun praying daily and lean in St. Michael often. I also bless pour house weekly with Holy Water and a triple sign of the cross. I feel like the clouds are parting, my mother has a job, my son has begun dealing with his abuse, and I am headed back to work next week. I still deal with fear and anxiety and would love suggestions and prayer.

  59. The legal term is, “beyond a reasonable doubt.” I have no doubt that this has been afflicting me since I was 12. Again, avoiding the pity party, if I went into detail, I think you would all agree that I have had some “outrageous fortune.”

    I don’t know all the whys and wherefores. I can say that I am a far different and better person than I might have been with better fortune. It’s one thing to give food to someone who’s hungry–quite another to have been hungry yourself. It’s one thing to be charitable to the homeless–quite another to have lost everything and understand that it can happen to anyone. All that smug superiority goes right out the window leaving only humility and compassion.

    I made the mistake of getting involved with Freemasonry. I wanted “to know.” There are many good Freemasons, but the system itself is a set-up for sypathetic magic. There is no reason to treat a small group of individuals any differently than the rest of the world. Christ gave us a standard for interaction with our neighbors. We don’t need to change or add to it. When I went through my first initiation, it was like the gloves came off. I had made it very clear that I was a Christian and always would be. My life is not what it might have been had I stayed away from all things masonic. I’m still trying, by the grace of God, to pick up the pieces.

  60. Thank you for this informative Blog… You have helped to answer a lot of things that have been transpiring.

    God Bless

    You! 🙂

  61. Hi Anette
    I do not doubt what you are telling us,like yourself we to have experienced strange phenomena in our home
    Continue to pray and fast
    Also seek the help of a catholic priest to bless your home
    There is a deliverance prayers by father Gabriel Amorth listed under new mess deliverance prayers they are very powerfull when said daily
    May God bless and protect you also call on the guardian angels to guide and protect you

  62. I’m not sure if I am being oppressed, and hopefully someone can tell me if I am and what to do. I got divorced nearly 4 years ago because my wife was having affairs with multiple men. The several years leading up to the divorce were some of the worst years of my life. My wife moved out leaving me with our 2 children and the house. Since then I have progressively gained 10 to 15 pounds a year, lost interest in my friends, hobbies, interests.
    I get up every day feeling exhausted, I go to work everyday, after I am out of the house for a half hour or so I become energized and in a much better mood. At the end of the work day, I feel good. After I get back home, within 15 minutes or so I suddenly don’t feel like doing anything, and all I want to do is sit on the couch, watch tv and eat.
    This has gotten worse and worse, I am now at the point that on weekends I get up at 7 am and sit on the couch watching tv until I go to bed at midnight. My friends have given up and stopped inviting me to do things. I thought it was depression at first over the divorce, but honestly I am ok, I really like who I am and where I am, I just can’t seem to get motivated to do anything. Can someone tell me what this is?

  63. @William
    Dear William, I wanted to ask you if you’ve had anything new brought in to your house? We refinished our floors and it really affected me (the VOC’s). It is 9 mo. that we refinished floor and I’m still having problems unless the air filter is on. Then we recently bought shelving that was modulated cardboard..not realizing it was from formaldehyde. AT any rate, same thing..depressed, exhausted, hungry..unclear thoughts. Only when we left the house did ourthinking and symptoms clear up. I now have removed the shelving and am running two air filters in the floor area (it’s even offgassing 7 months later). I hope this helps. If you’ve had anything new (carpet, flooring, cupboards, furniture) they give off VOC’s for years. May be worth a check in to. God bless and protect you!

  64. Friend…you are in a clinical depression, and need competent treatment, pronto. The difference between a demonic or evil oppression and a depression, or other mental illness, is that an oppression will not respond to medicine.

  65. Danielle says:

    Hi William,
    I agree that what you have is depression.
    I have struggled with bouts of depression
    Quite similar to yours. Often times a loss
    Of a loved one will trigger depression.
    Demonic oppression is something attached
    More to an active spiritual fight againt an
    Evil presence. Furtunately prayer, our Lord.
    The sacrements and church can assist both.
    Getting checked by an MD and Medicine can
    At times be quite helpful for depression . Exercise
    Enough sleep and taking care of your body often
    Help depression as well. I’ll keep you in my prayers .

  66. Patricia says:

    Well after reading your comments. I think I do have oppression I see sometimes and hear telepathically the horror and the rage hate that I know is not comming from me. I was told by a priest I have oppression. He said its mild, I have migraines sometimes can’t sleep on anti depressants and sleep meds. I seem to get attacked the most when I am trying to sleep or when trying to pray even at mass and during confession. I have been abused sexually over and over by different men when I was a child and teen and I was abused physically as an adult. I have been on a lot of meds but nothing works I get desperate I am scared it will reach to appoint it will take over my will. It has tried. I will try praying to the Holy Spirit to find out what is the power behind these symptoms. Blessings and prayers!

  67. I felt the need to try and reply to each comment but then decided to send a comment for all. Please read “The Healing of Families” book by Fr. Yozefu Ssemakula or try reading his website My family has had tremendous help in dealing with all these problems you have mentioned. I have attended his seminar and I highly reccoment it to anyone who needs healing and deliverance from things we have desperately prayed for before to no avail. You will be freed!

    Your sister in Christ,

  68. Hi, My House Has Been Disturbed By Demonic Presences. It Still Is. I Would Ask From You To Keep Me and my Family in Your Prayers.
    God Bless You.

  69. I found your story very informative. I would like to thank you very much for your story which will help me assist my husband in his time of need. I wasn’t searching for a story on Oppression, just a prayer to help him banish whatever demon that i knew in my heart was binding him. God let me to your story and I am on that right path in asking God to help him. Thank you so very much may you be blessed.

  70. Annoymous says:

    God sent demons to possess me just because I was verbally rude to him, which he deserved in my opinion because he predestined the fall man and predestined people to hell. When I complained about the fact that god predestined people to hell, he smiled cruelly and sadistically and told me that he did predestine people to hell. I did not do anything to deserve to be a reprobate and be possessed by demons. I really do try to be a good person. And every possible wrong I did, I reaped what I showed. I really did love god with all my heart and would have done anything to make him happy (as long as it did not hurt anyone). He took the holy spirit away just because I was verbally rude to him and told him I hate him (I did slightly hate him, but didn’t want to, it was against my will). I was just hurt at his chastening. I know it was god because I saw Jesus in the clouds and I felt god’s presence. I did feel bad for disrespecting god, though, because I loved him and just wanted him to be happy. I did things for god to make him happy because I loved him. So the question is, what are some non christian ways to get rid of this demon and keep demons out my dream and far away from me? Because this demon is a vile, horrible thing. I’m desperate. Thank-you for reading.

    • John Light says:

      you need to stop blaming God for this demon it has nothing to do with him the demon wants you to break and you’re giving it exactly what it wants this is a chance for you to better know yourself and to change yourself into a better person believe me I understand I am under pression of a demon myself and I know it is hard I am under physical and mental torment everyday I have had 3 brain surgeries and they are nothing put together compared to this you must be strong and stay positive remove all negativity because any time you are negative it will turn that against you cannot ask someone else to fix this you must help yourself by changing yourself it attacks you when you are weak therefore you must become strong and the biggest part of that is the way you interpret your surroundings by doing so not with anger but seeing the beauty around you by praying and seeing what God has created trust me I know I am going through the same thing please please trust me

  71. I’m tired of rhetoric and false hope. How many more years must I suffer? Don’t placate me and provide self-gained wisdom and your interpretations of reality ! I’ve had enough! Is there anyone capable of understanding torment? Relentless, vile self-loathing that consumes me with my failure to know God. Yes, I want to know Him – but now I’m torn.

  72. There is a difference between diabolical obsession and oppression. One is the attack of the soul/heart/mind the other an attack on the external fortunes.

  73. John Light says:

    I am currently going through this myself and have been going through this since the beginning of july 2015 it honestly felt like a ghost at first chills down my spine and warm patches in the air that was just not, natural but then it started hurting me I’m toying with my mind affecting my emotions mainly negative emotions anytime I felt anger fear doubt Guild pretty much anything negative it would intensify them to a certain point and then switch it over to a feeling of hopelessness and then intensify that to a point to where I felt like I just couldn’t take it anymoreluckily for me I’m not an idiot and I could tell that these feelings were not natural and I could catch myself I honestly didn’t even believe this stuff existed at the time and I didn’t even believe in God I was always looking for a sign just not one of this kind obviously but I truly believe in God now he actually showed himself to me at a point when I was about to break I was on my way to see a priest and all of the sudden right when I was about to break my senses just heightened all of the colors just got bright I could smell everything more intensely hear everything more loud, anyone who has ever doubted the existence of God he is real but unfortunately so is Satanand I’ve been getting attacked physically and mentally everyday since this thing showed up I’ve been researching ways to get rid of it to no avail ever since as well. I’m at war now and I’m a soldier of God and I will never give up for I have the strongest ally God himself I have already had for interactions with God everytime I’m about to break I do not think he will let me break, but at the same time I don’t know what to do I live in Austin Texas I thought my life was hard before being epileptic and having three brain surgeries but the three brain surgeries put together we’re nothing compared to this I’m just wondering if anybody knows what to do I’ve already had my house blessed by a priest to no avail not that I’m giving up because I won’t this thing just follows me everywhere it’s always there waiting for a weak point of attack constantly hurting me and trying to toy with my mind I’m not crazy I’m smart enough to figure that out and I know it has nothing to do with my seizures or my brain surgery I’ve dealt with that my whole life I know the effects of that I just want it gone I want to live my life in peace good has came of it it’s caused me to look into my own life and it is humbled me I finally realized that I have no control and I stop trying to control everything and everyone around me life is just hard for me right now as I’m sure you understand no not at all looking for sympathy or pity I just want answers to try and solve this problem myself if possible and if not I like to know who to go to if anyone has any ideas my number for contact is 5123082522 just send a text message if I don’t answer and tell me what its about

  74. Please pray for me. I am under severe demonic torment for a year after a curse was put on me. I participated in witchcraft unknowingly. I look back now and I can not believe that I didn’t know. Before this I loved Jesus and God and the Blessed Mother. Now my mind tells me they are the enemy, terrible things, arguments against God, leaving me completely confused. I have no feeling left in my heart and I feel these things inside of me move around and claw at me. It doesn’t matter what people say to me about God, it doesn’t sink in. My mind argues against it. I know I’m in trouble. I just want the peace and love of God I used to feel when I prayed. I feel like He can’t help me because my faith is so low now and I feel disappointed in Him that it got this far to the point where it’s inside of me. I really trusted that God would protect me, even though I was scared and terrified and questioning Him, I still thought that He was going to protect me from this. I prayed for hours everyday. Did prayer groups, deliverance, etc. I read Healing of the Families and it didn’t make me feel better. I feel alone, scared, and hopeless. I’m 37 I don’t have family to support me through this and I can barely concentrate to work. Please pray for me that God has more mercy on me and brings me back to faith in Him. My mind is telling me there is no God and that this is just in my imagination. I know that’s not true. I just want peace in Him. I want to learn to trust again. It’s not possible with the devil in and around me. Please pray for me. Angela

    • Angela, we will all pray for you. But you need to seek the help of your local priest or bishop immediately. Have you done that yet? That should be your first step. Please do that and then let me know how things progress for you. You should also have the St. Benedict medal and recite the Rosary on a daily basis, as that is the weapon against evil, according to St. Padre Pio. Also, call upon the intercession of St. Padre Pio. Things may get worse before they get better, but know that if that happens you are on the right track.

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