Demonic Infestation

A few months ago I wrote an article about demonic infestation and how it has been affecting my life.  Yesterday things got so freaky around here that I couldn’t get to sleep last night.  I posted The Missing Peace and today’s post is sort of a follow-up and an expansion on what I talked about in yesterday’s post.  For those of you who may not be familiar with demonic infestation or what I’m talking about, please go to my post titled Turning the Page – Discovering Peace which links back to all of the posts regarding this topic.

First of all, in the midst of all this ridiculous house drama a.k.a demonic infestation a.k.a. the biggest nuisance of my life, I have rediscovered the power of the Holy Rosary.  So before we go any further into this topic, let me again say that I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is in our day and time to be leaning on the Holy Rosary and using it as the spiritual weapon it’s meant to be; praying it regularly with reverence and childlike trust.  Please don’t ever allow the fascination with demonic affliction to ever overshadow the importance of the Rosary and the Virgin Mary’s role in our lives as a protective mother and intercessor.  I’ve seen some loony stuff on the Internet where people seem to be more interested in the Devil and his antics rather than the Blessed Mother’s role in our spiritual journey.  It’s fine to be aware of the evil one’s influence in our lives, but please don’t get overly curious to the point where that gets more of your attention than God.

What Is Demonic Infestation?

I found this article on Zenit in which an author, Marco Tosatti, who spoke to Father Gabriele Amorth is interviewed about a book he wrote called Memoirs of an Exorcist.  This is part of the interview:

ZENIT: How much is there of suggestion and how much of truth in many persons who believe they are possessed by the devil?

Tosatti: From what has been said to me in my research, the real cases of possession, vexation or infestation are very, very rare. Gabriele Amorth — and I believe his colleagues also act in this way — does not receive anyone who has not first sought help from official medicine. And despite this precaution, he sees that in many cases an evil origin is not identified with the disturbances. But, although rare, cases of demonic influence exist, and they are frightening.

I’m not so sure that demonic infestation is such a rare thing.  In my research, conversations and various encounters I’ve discovered that there are plenty of people who have or are experiencing one form or another of demonic infestation.

Demonic Infestation and My House

In my post titled Turning the Page – Discovering Peace I mentioned that I’d let you know how things turned out after I called a priest (the exorcist.)  Well, so far he hasn’t returned my call.  Apparently he is overwhelmed and going in all directions and the woman at the rectory who took my call told me that I just have to keep following up.  Well, I can’t wait for whenever he may finally have a free day; I need something done ASAP.  So, I spoke with my parents about it today and they’ve each agreed with me that I should call the priest (the monsignor who gave me the house blessing a few months ago) and set up an appointment with him for the four of us to meet and talk about what’s been going on.  He is the priest who sent me to a psychiatrist to rule out any sort of mental illness.  Anyway, something has to get done, so I suppose he’s my best bet.

In the meantime, I suppose I just have to live with the annoyance of an unwanted entity that’s been invading my life and figure that it’s some sort of twisted compliment.  After all, it’s always when I’m doing a good thing (prayer, writing in this blog, etc.) that the demonic infestation “attacks” start.  Last night as I was sitting up in bed saying my prayers, the window frame made a huge cracking sound as if it was pulling away from the wall.  That of course was after the cupboard crash, yellow ring removal and flash drive malfunction.  (I just realized, this sounds utterly absurd!  I feel as if I’m talking about some whacked out new video game or something!)  Anyway, the cracking sound was the last straw.  I was holding the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus when that happened and I said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, leave this house.”  And then everything was quiet.  The last sound I heard before I drifted off to sleep was some sort of bump that sounded as if it was coming from outside.  I thought: And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


  1. I dunno if that’s the last of them, Margo, but I hope it is. Keep on writing because I know you’re helping at least one person try to keep their life on track.

  2. I have experienced demonic and ghostly attacks myself, but I do not understand the stand point of Mary having the right of intercession when she was born with the same sin debt as anyone else.

  3. Mary is the mother of Christ chosen by God the Father and therefore she has a special place in the Divine Trinity. And because of this I believe she has the right to intercede ghostly or demonic attacks. Mary is the mother of Christ, I don’t think the devil would dare mess with Christ’s Mummy!! Take it on a real scenario, would you let someone hurt your mum?

  4. @John

    Mary does not have the same sin debt as everyone else. Check the catholic catechism for the theological explanation, or visit a catholic information site that can give you the reason why Mary is venerated as the Immaculate Virgin.

  5. The Blessed Mother is God’s greatest creation….she is the Thoetokos…the God Bearer. The sinless angel Gabriel was in awe being in Her presence, he proclaimed,…Hail Mary Full of Grace…not some grace…FULL of grace…the devil trembles in the sight of Her virtue, humility, tenderness and servitude…the devil is shamed by her goodness and immaculateness!

    Praised Be Jesus Christ…forever

  6. Why don’t people read the bible for themselves ? Mary did not remain a virgin,Jesus had siblings. Many people in both the Old and New testament were chosen or willed by God to varied tasks for His glory.This did not give them any more standing than you or I; God’s favor to do His will ,yes ! Jesus is the ONLY mediator and the Holy Spirit our only intercessor ! It says so in God’s Holy word,The Holy Bible . Please,
    GO TO First Timothy 2:5 , then go to ROMANS 8;26. IT says NOTHING about Mary or Joseph’s death or any special powers after death to either one of them Granted by God our mighty Creator. SEE Luke 9:35 > GOD SAYS> “This is MY Son whom I have chosen, listen to Him !”

    • Robert, we do read the Bible. Mary DID remain a Virgin. Do you think God would’ve allowed his only Son to be born of a woman who had relations with men? That would defeat every Divine Purpose! And when we hear about Jesus’ “brethren” that simply means aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. and is not meant to be taken literally as Jesus’ brothers.

      Mary will crush the head of the serpent, Robert. This is from my post titled True Devotion to Mary – (7):

      51. It is principally of these last and cruel persecutions of the devil, which shall go on increasing daily till the reign of Antichrist, that we ought to understand that first and celebrated prediction and curse of God pronounced in the terrestrial paradise against the serpent. It is to our purpose to explain this here for the glory of the most holy Virgin, for the salvation of her children and for the confusion of the devil: “I will put enmities between thee and the woman and thy seed and her seed; she shall crush they head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” (Gen. 3:15).
      52. God has never made and formed but one enmity; but it is an irreconcilable one, which shall endure and grow even to the end. It is between Mary, His worthy Mother, and the devil – between the children and the servants of the Blessed Virgin, and the children and tools of Lucifer. The most terrible of all the enemies which God has set up against the devil is His holy Mother Mary. He has inspired her, even since the days of the earthly paradise – though she existed then only in His idea – with so much hatred against that cursed enemy of God, with so much ingenuity in unveiling the malice of that ancient serpent, with so much power to conquer, to overthrow and to crush that proud, impious rebel, that he fears her not only more than all angels and men, but in a sense more than God Himself. Not that the anger, the hatred and the power of God are not infinitely greater than those of the Blessed Virgin, for the perfections of Mary are limited; but first, because Satan, being proud, suffers infinitely more from being beaten and punished by a little and humble handmaid of God, and her humility humbles him more than the divine power; and secondly, because God has given Mary such great power against the devils that – as they have often been obliged to confess, in spite of themselves, by the mouths of the possessed – they fear one of her sighs for a soul more than the prayers of all the saints, and one of her threats against them more than all other torments.

      • Larry Lozipone says:

        I am not trying to be insulting, but please realize where your teachings on Mary are coming from…the Vulgate (Catholic) interpretation of scriptures. Their efficacy is considered to potentially be counterfeit….Please read a King James or NKJV version of the Bible, the source documents are considered to be true…in the KJV Bibles and those that followed there is never any Biblical mention or authorization to venerate Mary as an intercessor (nor any of the other saints, angels, etc…The ONLY intercessor between us and God is Jesus Christ……I would need to verify what the Dewey-Rheims (Catholic) version teaches, which is the version that the Catholic church has used for centuries (only recently approving the NIV to be used)…but please understand, I only state this as a Christian and follower of Christ (in love) that much of the doctrine the catholic church teaches is false….just consider the topic of substantiation….the GREAT MYSTERY…I attended a catholic service this year in which the priest stated that faith in the eucharist changing into the actual body and blood of Christ is a Great Mystery, and had to be believed by faith…he gave no scriptural or Biblical references to verify his statements…

      • Larry Lozipone says:

        Here is the KJV of Gen 3:15 –
        Genesis 3:15King James Version (KJV)

        15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

        Your version above:
        “I will put enmities between thee and the woman and thy seed and her seed; she shall crush they head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” (Gen. 3:15).

        I don’t know where your version comes from, maybe it’s the catholic version of the Bible, but you can see there is a GREAT difference…..changing the interpretation greatly…

        Please reconsider your veneration of Mary…I respect her greatly as the mother of Christ Jesus, but I will not venerate her…

        I will only pray to God through His Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit…

        • Larry Lozipone,

          Protestantism is unbiblical, and it is not true Christianity. Protestantism rejects the clear truth of the Bible on the Papacy (Mt. 16:18-20; John 21-15-17), on the Eucharist (John 6), on Confession (Jn. 20:23), on the necessity of Baptism (John 3:5) and much more.

          In order to make room for their man-made religion, the Protestants also kicked seven books they didn’t like out of the Christian Bible – books which had been accepted by the Christian Church for over a millennium. Jesus Christ only founded one Church, and that was the Catholic Church. It’s necessary to hear that Church for salvation (Mt. 18:17).

          Hence, the Catholic Church has taught since the beginning that Outside the Church There is No Salvation. The Eastern Orthodox reject the Papacy, the last 13 councils of the Catholic Church, and allow divorce and remarriage, among other things.

          When you consider that your religion was founded by man starting with Martin Luther around 1520, and you yourself belong to one of the more than 3000 off shoots today, in contrast to the one Church founded in the year 33 by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, true God and true man, and that this one Church, to which people must belong to be saved, will exist until the end of time, your claims against this the Catholic Church’s teachings are in error, are actually blasphemous, for if you claim that the church is in error, it flows that Christ is in error! That’s blasphemy!

          All your statements are easily refuted and are typical arguments Protestants bring forth to justify their incorrect position.

          Why, you very own Bible Proves The Teachings of The Catholic Church! Does that surprise you? … It should.

          Besides the Catholic Church’s teaching on Mary, there are many other misconceptions that people have on a variety of issues regarding the catholic faith and the Bible, but it will suffice to show that praying to Mary and Catholic teachings on Mary are quite Biblical.

          For that purpose I will post a link to the book “The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church” … … with a link to ‘The Biblical Basis for Catholic teaching on Mary’ ….

  7. Larry Lozipone,

    The Biblical Basis for Catholic teaching on Mary…

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