Demonic Force

I wanted to call this post Spring Cleaning rather than Demonic Force but the cutesy tone really doesn’t work here.  I am happy to say that one of these days I am finally going to have a Mass said in my house.  And now, after over two years, I will (hopefully) soon feel at peace.  Some of you have read all or at least some of my previous posts on this topic.  But for those of you who are new readers or just stopping by, I guess it’s best to direct you to this post which will link you back to all the earlier ones.

Before I continue, please read my words from the post I linked to above:

Ever since my first “attack” in early 2009 I’ve been doing extensive research and reading about other people’s experiences and insights regarding the area of demonic activity. What I have come to discover is that there are people out there who are sensationalizing the whole demon thing, almost behaving in such a way as to appear to be intrigued by it rather than averse to it. Does that make any sense? I’m not suggesting that it isn’t an interesting topic for conversation or something that we should all be aware exists. But I do think that there needs to be healthy spiritual perspective when dealing with it personally, or even just reading about someone else’s encounter with it. As I said in my last post on this topic: “In fact, I think that the area of demonic activity in particular needs to be reserved for the few experts there are who have actually either intensely studied demonology and/or who are members of the clergy (such as priests or bishops) who have had experience in the field.”

Is a Demonic Force Present?

I have no idea what exactly happened last week, but if any of you are wondering why I wasn’t writing as much, now you will find out.  Last week I had a terrifying experience in the middle of the night which, by morning, resulted in a migraine type of headache and two or three days of misery.

I went to bed around 11:30 pm on Tuesday, May 3rd.  I had been dreaming and then suddenly awakened to my dog who was standing at the side of my bed closest to my face, wagging and pacing and looking at me.  I glanced at the clock, assuming that it must be close to 4 or 5 am because that’s when I normally wake for a few minutes before catching another hour or two of sleep.  But that night the clock read 12:45 am which meant that I’d only been sleeping for a little over an hour.  I heard this sort of scurrying or flapping sound on the side of the bed where my dog stood.  And then it sounded as if it went right under (or through, or over) my bed, ending up on the other side where I heard it disappear into the wall, making the slow motion sound of glass or plastic or something shattering.  At some point I turned on the nightstand light and my dog continued to pace around the room.  I should add that for whatever reason, he never comes into my bedroom til close to dawn.  He usually spends the night sleeping on the hall floor or in the office room and then makes his way to my room by morning.  That particular night he was thrown off and very disturbed and he ended up settling down on the side of my bed where the whatever-it-was went through the wall.

I had all I could do to get back to sleep.  I said an extra Saint Michael Prayer and then a few others and eventually I guess I finally drifted off.  I remember feeling proud of myself (if “proud” is even the right word here) that I didn’t need to leave the nightstand light on.  Well, I wanted to, but I decided that because of past experience over the last couple of years, leaving the light on would only result in tossing and turning all night.  I figured that I may not sleep well anyway, but I refused to have this light shining in my face while I tried to sleep, regardless of how scared I was.

To be continued..

Since it’s almost 10 pm now I’m going to finish where I left off tomorrow.  I really don’t feel comfortable writing about this sort of thing at night, alone in the house and especially given the events of last week which I still need to expand upon.

Please stop back tomorrow, as I’m going to continue when I have the daylight and am not so easily “spooked.”  I’ll finish talking about what happened that night and on into the following days and also tell you about the follow-up phone call from that exorcist priest that came just in time, on Wednesday the 4th.

Thank you for understanding and I’ll be back tomorrow.




  1. Don’t worry, Margo. I know it seems scary now, but you’re being looked after and we’re all praying for you.

  2. Each day I pray that the “activity” will stop in your home. Sorry it hasn’t. I hate that the activity has an unfriendly feel to it. Some don’t. The nerve of you not sharing the whole story in one post 🙂 Okay, I will wait. Your dog seems to protect you, knowing something isn’t quite right. There’s a series on Bio channel on Sat. evenings beginning at 8 PM EST you might find interesting. Hugs, dear Margo. N

  3. @Megan – Megan – Thank you. That means so much to me and please know that you are all in my prayers as well!

  4. @Nanette – Nanette – I will certainly take a look at that series you mentioned. It sounds interesting!

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