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So many people email me, asking for help in adverse situations within their homes (and lives in general) that they suspect to be connected to some type of demonic attack. Below is a link to a talk given a few years ago by a Jesuit priest, Father Herbert J. Ryan, S.J., now deceased. Father Ryan tells people that the first thing they need to do if they suspect some type of spiritual foul play is to go directly to their local priest.

In the countless emails I’ve received and continue to receive from people who seem to feel they have nowhere to turn for help, I am always left wondering why they seem to bypass the priest step? It is true that there are some priests who do not feel comfortable with this topic, and instead of lending a hand they will shy away. But it is also true that these same priests have access to their local bishop, … [Read More...]

A few days ago a family member emailed me this partial talk by Malachi Martin. You may know that he wrote a book back in the 1970s called Hostage to the Devil, which to this day continues to receive great praise from readers worldwide. In this 10-minute talk, Malachi Martin discusses the dangers of addiction, the difference between possession and obsession, and touches on other issues concerning exorcism and the rise of satanism in our world today. Malachi Martin died in 1999, so I would assume this talk was given at some point in the 90s, though I can’t find the date. But it’s kind of scary to hear him speak about the rise of satanism in a talk given over 15 years ago. I can only imagine what he would say about it if he were alive today.

P.S. – You can link to the full talk by clicking through the video below, which I hadn’t realized … [Read More...]

the weaponThe other day a comment was posted by an anonymous person who shares his story of being freed from the bondage of pornography and sexual sins by praying the Holy Rosary. I thought it would be worth posting here for anyone who may not already have read it.

Comment by an anonymous reader:

You speak the truth here… “Satan is terrified of Our Lady and when we pray the Holy Rosary we are destroying vice and conquering the evils around us. It may not seem like anything is changing or that evil is fleeing, but we have to give it time! The priest who blessed my house a year ago told me that prayer takes time; the answers don’t necessarily come overnight. In fact, in my experience, they never come overnight!”

i have first hand experience in this and it was very convincing that the rosary really does work (it’s the closest thing i have come to witnessing a [Read More...]

Digital SlaveI have a professor friend in New York City whom I type and edit papers for from time to time. His latest paper in the works is titled “Internet Captivity: America’s Willful Totalitarianism.” He believes that technology is becoming (or has become) the new god, and as a society, our worship of gadgets is causing massive decline, both economically, socially, physically, and spiritually.

My friend is not a practicing Catholic, although he was baptized and raised Catholic. He has spent the greater part of his life in a non-faith state, unsure of whether or not there even is a God. But I think he may be starting to change his views, and I hope and pray that one day he will come around. In the meantime, he has exposed some uncomfortable truths about the dangers of the Internet and technology as a whole. Back in 2010 I wrote a post titled Technology Abuse, and there is some synergy between … [Read More...]

Happy New Year

by Margo

Lilium_candidum_1I hope everyone has enjoyed a blessed Christmas season and a very healthy and happy new year so far.

I have been sick. Since just after Thanksgiving. Three things in a row that have completely wiped me out. I never get sick, and this really hit me hard. This third thing I’ve been dealing with is the flu. So if anyone has been wondering where I’ve been, now you know.

I probably should’ve made an attempt to write sooner, but I didn’t have it in me. My energy was drained and I had all I could do just to conquer the simple daily tasks that seemed monumental. My father was wonderful, in that he came to visit me during snowstorms and high fevers. And thankfully, he didn’t catch this nasty thing in the process. Anyway…

Thanks for hanging in there!

On another note, I do have a bit of good news. My youngest brother has joined the Jesuit formation. I … [Read More...]

I meant to do this sooner, but things have been hectic these days and this was my first chance to say we have a winner of the Mystic Monk Giveaway contest! The person wishes to remain anonymous, but is delighted to have won. Thank you to everyone who played!

On another note..

Here is a YouTube video of Father Barron commenting on Pope Francis having received Time magazine’s Person of the Year. Many of you may have already seen this, but for those of you who haven’t, I thought you might enjoy it.

[Read More...]

prayer requests

Please read the following prayer requests, and remember to keep these people and their petitions in your prayers. If I’ve forgotten to include someone’s request, please be sure to let me know and I’ll include it next time. Thank you for your prayers and for sharing your time.

Prayer Request from anonymous:

Lord I need you my family needs you. My husband is struggling and can’t beat his drug addiction only you can help break his bondage. Please break the bondage all the evil people have on him please let them get out of his life so he can be the husband and father you want him to be. Please go to him and show him the right way. We are hurting and need your help. Please help. He left and didn’t contact me after a month. Now again he has stop contacting me. Whatever it takes even if he needs to go to jail. We need you please forgive [Read More...]

About a month ago a person named Jean emailed me regarding her Catholic husband’s attachment to Freemasonry. She is concerned this may adversely affect her marriage. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions they would like to offer her? This is her question:

I have already reached out some for some help with this. My Catholic husband will not give up his Freemasonry. I have been praying the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet in front of the building, not so that anyone would notice. I feel like it is literally tearing this marriage apart. I get very distraught over it and things just keep getting worse. Do you have any insight in this sort of thing? I can relate to most of the other things you have experienced. Agreed, the 70′s were a pretty dismal experience!

Also about a month ago I received an email from someone named Teresa who is wondering about satanic rosaries, hoping to get some … [Read More...]


Selin is one of our readers from El Salvador who also occasionally writes for this blog. Recently he wrote this piece which is inspired by the movie, Gravity. I have also included a video by Father Robert Barron who shares his thoughts on the movie. But please note there is a spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t yet seen it!

Grave is when you can’t say thanks.

“I’m the sort of character who’s got to have an anchor. I want to be around immovable objects.” That was part of the answers of the Irish singer Paul David Hewson, known worldwide as Bono, in the very extensive interview by Jann S. Wenner, one of the founders of Rolling Stone, which is published in the issue 986 November 3, 2005. (Also in the official site of this award-winning journalist

I suspect that like this lead singer, many of us like to know where we are stand, knowing the … [Read More...]


I had the pleasure of meeting Boaz Wildcat through my Twitter network. Boaz Wildcat is a recent graduate of Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA. He majored in Philosophy, and is in the process of applying to graduate schools. He is a Byzantine Eastern Catholic. He is currently helping to create a book on virtue in the Philokalia and Plato’s Dialogues. He writes at the GRK WILDCAT blog ( & his Twitter is @WCDanceFreedom. His interests include bioethics, religious philosophy, and dance. 

If interested, please leave a comment for Boaz here or connect with him on his blog or Twitter. I hope you will enjoy reading his article as much as I have!

Introduction by Boaz Wildcat

I wanted to write something that y’all at The Rosary Trail would find relevant and useful. I picked up that spiritual warfare is an important topic for y’all, so I figured it’d be good to spend my guest post on an … [Read More...]

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